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When A Man Loves A Woman

Love. Is it when someone special catches
your eye? Or maybe someone shows you some
special attention.I have searched my heart
the past few days and have to say that it is
neither if these. Love is something that
initiates within two hearts and grows through
careful caring and nurturing of each others souls.

What does it really mean when a man loves
a woman? I am not talking about feelings
or a fascination. I am talking about a deep
heartfelt true love that comes from down deep
in your heart and the very thought of that
person stirs the foundations of your soul.

When a man loves a woman, what would he do
for her? Would he give his all? Would he
allow her to become his life and his breath?
Worship her? Cherish her? Kiss the ground that
she walks on? All things to really think of
when a man says he truly loves a woman.

When a man loves a woman, he really has a
desire to get to know her. To uncover her
cares and needs that she tries so hard to
hide and cover up. All of those things that
are just ripping away at her soul and being,
the so many things that she tries so very
hard to hide and cover up. He wants to know
everything about her, so he watches her,
studies her, and wants to know her as he
knows himself.

When a man loves a woman he gives his all
to her. When she hurts, he hurts. When she
is happy, even over the smalest things, he
is extatic for her. When is down, he is
there, doing whatever he can to support her
and turn those frowns into smiles.

When a man truly loves a woman, he gives
everything he has within him to keep the
relationship filled with love. He wants
h her to feel his love. He fights to keep
their love they share alive and burning.
When she appears to want to give up, he
gently takes her by the hand and reminds her
that she is the most special person in the
world to him. He does not quit nor does
he allow her to quit.

When a man truly loves a woman, he reminds
her daily,that she is the most important
thing in his life. He makes sacrafices for
her. He reminds her that she is his one
and only and he never turns his back on
her. She is no longer just a one of many,
but she is his everything, his all. He
longs to spend his days and nights romancing
her and making her feel that she is that
very special someone!

When a man truly, truly loves a woman, he
gives her all of his love, unconditionally,
forever and ever! I love you, becomes more
than just words! It becomes life and
happiness! He gives her his heart for keeps!

When a man truly loves a woman!

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