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Post Secondary Plans
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Nain Noriega

Chula Vista, Ca. 91911


Objective: To graduate high school and further my education by going to a university and majoring in Liberal Studies to become an alementary school teacher.

Castle Park High School: 2000- Present

Honors Classes: Honors English, AP US History, AP Spanish, AP Government, AP English

Community Service Experience: Help out incoming Freshmen get accquainted with the school was a job I had in Link Crew. I also delivered food and presents to the needy families around Christmas time last year with Octagon Club.
Skills & Abilities:

* Bilingual, English/ Spanish

* Get along well with others

* Responsible, Reliable and Prompt

* Good typing skills

* Knowledge on how to design websites


Vocational Training: Web Design at Castle Park High School. Currenlty enrolled.

Assistant Tribune of Activities in my schools A.S.B.

Dance Company & Cheer