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Hi there and welcome to my little byte of the world wide web.  Please have make yourself comfortable and have a look around, I have some links on this page that, like the rest of the web, will lead you to other interesting (well to me anyway) spots to check out.  The only thing I ask, is that you sign the guestbook and let me know what you think.

If you hadn't already guessed, my name is Linda.   I am 5'1', auburn/brown shoulder length hair and blue eyes.  I am married to the most wonderful husband, who I just happened to meet online.  Hang in there, it can and does work !!
If you want to see us, then you will have to look *lol*.  There are some pictures around here somewhere!!
(want a clue ?? it is on a linked page, but not telling you which one !!!)

On the 23rd of January 1999, my boyfriend Randy proposed to me, I said yes and our wedding was on the 29th of April 2000 (there are some more pics around somewhere).  As I have already mentioned, we met online, which in itself is not that unusal anymore (hell by the time our kids are old enough to understand how Mummy and Daddy met, it will be probably considered the "normal" way of meeting your soulmate).  The other interesting aspect is that I am an Aussie girl, and my husband is Canadian.  He moved here, so that all of my family could be at the wedding. We had planned on settling in Brisbane, but I'm sure you know what can happen to plans.
His parents and some of his longtime friends made the trek here for the wedding.  You can read more about how we met and see pics on the page link below.  By the way if anyone tells you that online relationships are dead ends, you can confidently tell them they are not !!!  They are equal to, or better in some ways than ordinary relationships.

But who is counting huh *lol*

To those of you who say you can't find love on the internet, all I have to say is that you don't find love anywhere, it finds you, and it can be in the most unexpected places and times !!!!

So you are still with me and I haven't put you to sleep yet, that is good !! *l*

We moved to Calgary, Alberta in April 2001.  It is a long way from Brisbane, and the climates are way different, but for now this is home.  We both miss my family and Australia in general, but be afraid, WE WILL BE BACK !!!

I have 2 sisters, Tracey and Kymberley, who are my best friends, they were both bridesmaids at our wedding along with 2 of my very good friends who travelled all the way from England, thank you so much Mandy and Ashlie.

This is just about everyone who came to our wedding. We had guests from England, Canada, U.S.A., and of course Australia.  A truly international wedding.

These were sent to me by my romantic boyfriend, now husband, Randy to celebrate our six month anniversary as a couple(a month early, he couldn't wait the extra month *big smile*).
Aren't they beautiful !!!

Want to know who our 2 favorite teams are ??? The Brisbane Broncos, and whoever is beating on Manly !!! *LOL*

Randy and I are huge Brisbane Broncos fans (rugby league for the unitiated).

BRISBANE BRONCOS......PREMIERS IN 1992, 1993, 1997, 1998 and 2000 !!!!


Dedicated to the man I love !!

Some pictures of us !!

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