Velasca was only in two episodes of Xena: The Quest, season 2/episode 13, and in A Necessary Evil, season 2/episode 14. She was played my Melinda(Mindy)Clarke. Velasca was the adopted daughter of Melosa(Hooves and Harlots) The Queen of the Amazons. Velasca's real mother was killed in the "first war of the centaurs". When Melosa named Terreis, Melsoa's real sister, heir to the throne, Velasca got mad. She challenged that desicion, but lost. Embarassed, she left the amazon nation for a while. Terries died in Hooves & Harlots, and gave Gabrielle the Right of Caste. Making Gabrielle next in the royal line. Of course Gabrielle left with Xena. In the time Gab was gone, Velasca returned and again challenged Melosa. This time Velasca defeated Melosa(by killing her). Melosa's death was said to be in fair combat, and Velasca took over as queen of the amazons. Until Gabrielle returned after Xena's appearant death.

Gabrielle had the right of caste, and there was no way Velasca could contest it. So Velasca had a talk with Gab. She said that she was the only one who could return the Amazons to their rightful destiny. Unfortuantly for Velasca, Gab had a talk with Ephiny also. Gab knew if Velasca became Queen, that she would start a war with the centaurs, to get the amazon's land back. Now that doesn't sound too bad, but Gab always was so peaceful. So when she was offered the Mask that would make here queen, Gab accepted it. Velasca tried to delay this by saying Gab wasn't a true amazon. And it is true that Gab wasn't born an amazon, and she won't even kill. And Velasca pointed out that the only proof that the amazons had, that Gab had even gotten the right of caste, was that Ephiny said she had. Velasca claimed that Ephiny wasn't very reliable. But even that wasn't enough, and Gab became queen.

When Auto told Gab that Xena was not exactly dead, Gab belived him and went with him, to get the ambrosia that would bring Xena back to life. Velasca took this oppertunity to say Gab was a "traitor to the amazon nation". Velasca ordered Gab and Auto brought back to her, and jailed all who opposed her. Ephiny and Solari were among the jailed. After finding Gab and Auto in the halls of ambrosia, she brings them back. After a lovely little scene where Velasca beats up Auto, she finds the key to the ambrosia. When she is about to hget the ambrosia, Gab(possessed by xena) stops her. After Velasca falls to her death, we see a hand rise up and grab ambrosia. This goes unnoticed by Xena(nowe alive), Gab, Auto, and the rest present.

When Velasca shows up at the amazon camp, very much alive, everyone is surprised. More so when she pulls out ambrosia and becomes a goddess in front of them. She attacks the amazons, who retreat. Velasca is set on killing Gab. Xena and Gab go to find another immortal to fight Velasca. They go get Callisto. Meanwhile Velasca goes to the temple of Artmis and delivers a speech, which I got from whoosh, word for word, because this speech is one of my favorite parts of this episode: "Artemis, you fake! Where were you when our nation died?! Where were you when the many Amazon tribes were scattered and destroyed?! Where were you when the word ĎAmazoní became a joke told by old men in taverns?! I was once your subject. Now, Iím your equal, and your enemy!" After that, she blows up Artemis's temple, and kills a gaurd. She then resumes her search to find Gab. Once she finds Gab, Callisto and xena, she attacks them. For her troubles, she is buried under lots of rocks. She gets out, and turning herself into a tornado, catches up with the trio. Gab steals her ambrosia, and Callisto eats it, Velasca and Callisto fight on a rope bridge over lava. Xena cuts the bridge and both Velasca and Callisto go plunging in, trapping them for eternity. Callisto is later freed by Hope, so maybe Velasca can also be freed. Or maybe she already is out and roaming the Earth.

INTERESTING FACT: Melinda Clarke was offered the role of Xena, she turned it down.

DISCLAIMER:All the photos on this page are from Tom's Xena page, except for the trading card picture, which is from the "Melinda Clarke Zone"

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