Xena Look Alikes

I define a Xena look alike by this: If she is not Xena, or she is Xena but from an alternate world or alternate time line, she is a Xena look alike.


Diana is in two episodes "Warrior...Princess" season one, episode 15. "Warrior...Princess...Tramp" season 2, episode 6.

Diana is a Princess. Her father had summoned Xena because someone was trying to kill Diana. Xena and Diana switched places until Xena found out who was behind the assasination attempts. When Diana's father was dying, Xena was again summoned. While there she found out about another look alike(Meg), and a plot to take the kingdom away from Diana. Meg would act as Diana when the King died, and take over as Queen, then hand over the kingdom to the man behind all of the scam(Agis). Once everything was figured out, Meg became cook in the Place and Diana's father got better, and everything worked out great.


Meg is in three episodes of Xena. "Warrior...Princess...Tramp" season 2, episode 6. "Warrior...Priestess...Tramp" season 3, episode 9. "Key to the Kingdom" season 4, episode 10.

Meg's father died in childbirth. He fell of a roof while she was being born. Her mother wasn't a good mother, according to Meg, she was "fun". But Meg ran away, because one of her mother's boyfriends liked her too much, in her words. She was in a plot to take the kingdom away from Diana, because Agis threatened to kill her if she didn't do as he said. She is really a good person at heart. Though a bit of a lush and thief. She is used again for her look alike qualities. When a Hestian-Virgin-Hater plans to wipe out all of the hestian virgins, he has to get rid of the head hestian priestess. Leah, a xena look alike. He sends her off to get killed and puts Meg (who doesn't know what he plans to do) in her place. Leah finds Xena, and of course Xena figures out what is going on and starts to put a stop to it. Meanwhile Leah is at the bordello Meg owns and works at. That makes for some funny scenes. Meg does things at the temple like: drinking all the wine in the place, and stealing from the donation box. In Key to the kingdom, Meg poses as Xena and works with Autoylcus and Joxer to steal a baby. She wants to be a mother really bad and is a good one to the baby she calls "Punkin". But the baby is actually a full grown man under a spell/curse put on him by Athena. When he turns back into a man, Meg is pretty much crushed. At the end of the ep, we learn that Meg can't have children. Its a sad scene.


Leah is in "Warrior...Priestess...Tramp" season 3, episode 9.

Leah is the head priestess at a Hestian temple. She can read, talk, and understand the Hestian language. A great gift. She is narrow-minded at the begining of the epsode, calling Xena and Gabrielle both harlots becuase they are not virgins. Though at the end of the ep, she is more liberal. She is a good actress, posing as Meg. That can't be easy. She is fairly naive though, to say the least. I don't think we will ever see her again though :( I kinda liked her.

Lysia is not in any Hercules or Xena episodes. She was in the first Hercules movie thing. "Hercules and the Amazon Women"

Lysia is the second in command. She obeys orders quickly and without question from her Queen, Hippolyta. She captures Hercules and brings him to the amazon village, to show Hippolyta. When the amazons go to the men's village, to mate, Lysia ends up with Zeus. But when Hipolyta becomes possessed by Hera, and orders all in the mens village to be killed, Lysia objects for a second, but then follows orders. I'm not sure if this is a good or bad thing.


Lyla was in two Hercules episodes. "As Darkness Falls" season 1, episode 6. "The Outcast" season 2, episode 5.

Lyla is a good friend of the centaurs. She is around them more than humans, and she gets grief because of it. Most people stay away from her. She is the girlfriend of Deric, a centaur. His friend wants to kill Hercules, so she poisned Hercules for him. The poison only blinded Hercules. She eventually aplogized to Herc, and then went away with Deric. They got married and had a child, Keifer (also a centaur). The village in which they all lived in, pepople were prejudiced against them. They burned down Lyla's house with her inside, killing her. She reappeared to Keifer, as a spirit, and at the end of the episode, Zeus gave her life back and she is again living as of this moment.

Xena the Conqueror

This Xena was in one Herc ep. "Armageddon Now II" season 4, episode 14.

This Xena is from an alternate time line. This was a world without Hercules. So Hercules never changed Xena into good, and Xena remains evil. She has taken all of the known world, Gaul, the Roman empire, everything. She rules fiercly. Anyone who opposes her is put on a cross and their legs are broken. And they are left to die. Even Gabrielle, who was a speaker against Xena. This Xena enjoys watching two people fight and kill each other. But, alas, the regular time line is restored, and this Xena does not exsist anymore. Personal note: She may of been a tyrant and a bad person in general, but I love her taste in clothes. I would kill for that outfit.

Alternate World Xena

This Xena is also in one Hercules episode. "Stranger in a Strange World" season 4, episode 5.

In this world, the alternate world, Hercules is evil, and Xena is sort of his concubine. She is also evil, but not in a kill, kill, kill way. She is how sall I say, a bimbo. She has Hind's blood though. And that means she is important. She helps Hercules poison Zeus with the hind's blood, but then the regular Iolaus stops that, and well, I don't know what happened to her. She was last seen running away from the Queen of the Gods, and the God of love. Aphrodite and Ares.

How many Xena look alikes are there? In this world alone there are 6 (including Xena) that exsist right at this moment. And if there is a double from the alternate world for each.. That means there are 12 Xena look alikes that we know about. I'm going to put decendants of Xena on another page.

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