Najara is played by Kathryn Morris. Najara is in two episodes, "Crusader", season 4, episode 8. "The Convert", season 4, episode 18.

In Crusader we see a mighty warrior dedicated to helping people. Najara fights just as well as Xena, she can even do that nifty cathing-a-flying-arrow trick. She evens has a horse like Argo, called Bonacar, who comes when she whistles and is calm during battle and everything. She almosts kills Gab but then stops as she is about to plunge the sword into Gab.

Najara hears voices who have been with her since childhood, they are called the Djinn. They tell her that Gab and Xena are not enimes as well as other things, such as the death vision Xena had seen. Xena and Gab team up with Najara and her army to rescue some villagers who are about to be sold as slaves, then move on the slave trader, and the leader of the whole thing eventually. Gab falls in love with Najara's view of things. Najara belongs to the "Light". Sort of a cult, but they don't know that yet. It is a whole thing about peace and love and so Gab id drawn like a magnet. Xena helps free the would-be-slaves and goes to get the leader of the slave trade. Najara talks about opening a hospice (hospital), and Gab seems very intrested in it. Xena asks Najara to open the hospice and take care of Gab, Xena wants to leave Gab, so she won't die along with Xena. Najara agrees and inducts Gab into the light. Meanwhile Xena finds out that any prisoners Najra takes are given three days to join the Light or they will be killed. And if Najara doesn't believe they are sincere they will be killed also. Xena goes back for Gab and gets her ass kicked by Najara. Gab stops Najara from killing Xena but goes with Najara. Xena eventually gets Najara and gives her to a local prison. Najara says that she forgives Gab.

In "The Convert", many things have changed. This is after the India Arc, so Gab has her whole new Way and everything. Najara escaped out of prison by hiding in the laundry cart. Before she escaped she met a person who had just come from India. Guess who she met? Eli! He convinced her to turn to the Way of non-violence. Of course the Djinn, who hadn't been talking to her since around the time she had been in prison, they started talking to her again. That convinces her that this new Way is right. Gab and Xena find her badly beaten and tie her up and start their way to return Najara to the prison. Joxer has just made his first kill, and iusn't coping with it all to well. He killed a vicous warlord and goes to do the right hing, tell the warlord's son that his father is dead and that Joxer killed him. Turns out that the kid, fully grown, thought his father was a great hero. He is crushed to hear that he is dead, and Joxer doesn't tell him who killed his father and that his father wasn't a hero. Najara hears all that is going on and tells the kid everything. Gab in the mean time is falkling for all that Najara says about turning to the Way of peace and Love. Xena is not convinced, she says a little thing that about sums up her feelings about how Najara has changed, "New outfit, new religion, same old wacko underneath." Najara trys to get Gab to come with her, and go away from Xena. Saying that they have a bond that Gab and Xena will never have. because they both share the same Way. When Gab says she will not go with Najara, Najara flips out andd hurts Gab and starts another fight with Xena. Xena wins again, and Najara is left unconcious/in a coma at a hospice. That is the last we see of her.

There is this little poem/song that I got off of Whoosh that I want to put in here about how Gab belives all those cult people.

I'm Gabby the First I am,

Gabby the First I am I am,

I got duped by the zealot next door,

She's tricked us seven times before...

By: Beth Gaynor

Now back to Najara. I'm thinking that it wasn't a divine voice that Najara heard. And that she has major problems with jealosy and getting her own way wih things and people. I don't know if we will ever see Najara again, a lot of people didn't seem to like her. I am not one of them. I like her a lot, she's very, how shall I put this, wacko. I like that every now and then. PRAISE THE LIGHT!!!!

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