Lao Ma

Lao ma is played by Jacqueline Kim.

She was in two episodes, "The Debt" Season 3, episode 6. And "The Debt II" season 3, episode 7.

Lao Ma is another great influence on Xena. Xena probally learned her discipline from Lao Ma, in addition to a few fighting moves. Maybe even her ablity to be able to do embroidery. Who knows how much Xena learned from Lao Ma. It is endless. Unfortauntly Xena took a lot of time to learn from Lao Ma.

Lao Ma was Ming Tzu's courtesan. He sold her into marriage with the other ruler of Chin, Lao Tzu. I'm wondering why, scince Lao Tzu and Ming Tzu are such enemies why would Ming Tzu sell him his courtesan? Well thats what happened. Before she was sold, she gave birth to Ming Tzu's only child. Ming T'ien. Ming T'ien hates Lao Ma. I don't know why, she is very nice to him. Anyway, she rules Lao Tzu's part of Chin. She keeps him in a coma using pressure points. If he were dead, then his cousin would take over and rule. This way she gets to rule wisly and well. She lets Lao Tzu have all the credit, thouh. He will be the most loved of all rulers because of her. Without her he would be remebered as a visious tyrant. She also writes down words of wisdom in his book. In her words:

Lao Ma: "This wisdom comes from Heaven. What difference does it make who gets credit for it-- Lao Ma or Lao Tzu?"

Borias wants to ally with one of the dynastys of Chin, when Lao Ma comes to his camp, they ally together. Then Xena tries to kill her, and Lao Ma calls off the alliance. This makes Borias really mad. I understand that. He orders Xena to leave his camp. So, in turn, Xena instead kidnaps Ming T'ien, and holds him for ransom. She cuts borias in, if he sets up the exchange. This he does, but with a slight modification. He turns Xena over to Ming Tzu, once they have the kid back, and Borias gets all of the ransom. Ming Tzu and Ming T'ien decide to hunt Xena. Literally, with dogs and stuff. On their way to the "hunting grounds" they run into Lao Ma. She makes some observations about their hunting Xena. She tries to give Ming T'ien a gift she made herself. Ming T'ien throws it onto the ground without even looking at it. You can tell this hurts Lao Ma beyond words. When Xena is being hunted by Ming Tzu and T'ien, Lao Ma appears and offers Xena her freedom. Xena accepts, and they go to Lao Ma's place. Lao Ma hids her from Ming Tzu when he comes looking for Xena. Once he is gone, Lao Ma tidies Xena up, brusing her hair, and getting her clothes to wear.

Lao Ma shows Xena that she does have powers. She breaks vases without ever touching them, just using her mind, or lack of will. This intruigues Xena, and she is immediatly captivated. She wants to learn how to do that. Lao Ma tells her she must slilence her will.

Lao Ma has set up a dinner with the Mings. She wants Xena to serve them. Xena doesn't like this idea, but plays along. Even this early into the episode you can tell how much Xena respects, and even loves, Lao Ma. Xena has a hard time not killing Ming Tzu, but does silence her will. Lao Ma tells her that this is a start. She takes Xena into a room, and heals her legs. If you remember, Caesar broke Xena's legs, and ever since, Xena hasn't been able to walk well. Lao Ma starts to float, and so does Xena. It is a really nice calm scene. Until Borias arrives. Xena falls to the ground and starts to kick Borias's ass. Lao Ma breaks it apart, and tells them either to make up or kill each other. They make up. Lao Ma tells them she wants to make a three-way alliance between them and Ming Tzu. She had set up a meeting. But Ming Tzu wanted no part, and said that Xena was his. Everyone claimed that Xena belong to each of them, and they decided to paly for her in a game. Ming Tzu suggested that they play for something more tahn just "a worthless whore". Xena suggested that the winner gets a body part from each of the losers. Everyone agreees to this except for Lao Ma, ho says she doesn't want anyone's body part. But of course Xena wins and kills Ming Tzu with Borias. They are about to kill Ming T'ien, but Lao Ma stops them and flings them around and into walls, her hopes for peace broken.

When Ming T'ien is ruling he gets Lao Ma and captures her. He then kills her, and in order to make sure she wouldn't use her powers to escape, he killed her himself. And I'm sure he got some personal satisfaction from it as well. Normally I would say that that is the end of Lao Ma, but I don't think so. She still plays an important part in the world through Xena.


The wood thing that Lao Ma was killed on, and that Xena was about to be killed on, is the Chinese symbol for wood. In Chinese astrology, there are five elements - metal, water, wood, fire and earth.

Xena got the title "warrior princess" from Lao Ma

Just like M'Lila's shirt is the pattern of Xena's breast plate, in Lao Ma's house, one of the designs on the wall is the same as the design on one side of the chakram.

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