Amarice is played by Jennifer Sky. She was in several episodes, "Endgame" season 4, episode 20. "Ides of March" season 4, episode 21. "Fallen Angel" season 5, episode 1. "Chakram" season 5, episode 2. "Animal Attractions" season 5, episode 4. "Them Bones, Them Bones" season 5, episode 5.

In Endgame, Amarice is close to Ephiny, literally. While moving into battle they were pretty much side by side. When Amarice got into a fight with Brutus, and almost got killed, Ephiny protected her. But Brutus did kill Ephiny. So with the queen dead, Amarice found Gab. At first she thought that Xena was attaking Gab and told Gab to run while she held Xena off. But everything got straightend out, and Gab learned of Ephany's death. She and Xena went back with Amarice to the amazon village to win the war against the romans. When they capture Brutus, Amarice tries to kill him, and fails. She is put in the prison, her cell is right across from Brutus'. She tells him that in her tribe he would have begun a long and painful death. She says that she watched the life drain out of people and gave the impression it didn't bother her at all. Brutus says she is stupid and naive. After Amarice is let out, she goes to help Xena free some enslaved amazons. She pretends to get caught by gaurds as part of the plan. Everything works out more or less. And the amazons win the war. Gab just hands the mask of queen to anyone to will take it(I sound a bit bitter, don't I?), and is off with Xena. Amarice invites herself along.

In "Ides" the trio are off to vist Eli. While traveling they are attacked. Caesar has placed a reward on Xena's head, and Xena goes off to fight him. Amarice is left babysitting Gab and pretty much Eli and his followers, too. She doesn't do a very good job. They all get captured by roman soliders. When they are in the prison they see crosses being made. They all know what is in store for them. Amarice tries one last time to free all of them, but without help, she fails. When Eli and Gab were doing their 'thing", and Gab says that she finally got empty, and was able to be filled with love etc etc. Amarice remarks that she will be able to love the people who crucify all of them.

But alas, Xena comes to the rescue and frees Eli, Amarice, and Eli's followers. That is the last we see of Amarice, her running away with Eli and co. I thought that was very out of character for her. She would have stayed with Xena, she is loyal after all. And always goes where the fighting is.

SW for "Fallen Angel", "Chakram", "Animal Attractions", "Them Bones, Them Bones", and "Life Blood"

Amarice meets Joxer in "Fallen Angel" and they get Xena's and Gab's bodys from the crosses. Amarice says a nice speech about how she will do good deeds in the name of Xena, so Xena will live on. She also yells at Eli. And I mean she makes him feel BAD! She says that Xena nd Gab's deaths are all his fault. But then he brings 'em back to life, and all is well.....

"Chakram": Amarice was nice and saved Xena's chakram pieces for her, but other than that, and fighting, Amarice doesn't have much of a "presence" in this ep. In "Animal Attraction": Amaraice finally hooks up with a guy. A new generation of red shirts? No. He lives. In fact he's Arman from "The Convert"(season 4, episode 18). You know, that son of the first guy Joxer ever killed? Ring a bell? Anyway, they have a really weird hate-love relationship. They scream at each other, then make out. And at the end, go their seperate ways. However, Amarice learns to trust her feelings and be open to love instead of hiding from it. Also, Amarice finds out Xena is pregnant, along with everyone else. She was shocked, but happy.

The end of Amarice: "Them Bones, them Bones" and "Life Blood". In "Them Bones" Xena has a vision of her child being killed oe whatever and they go to the Siberian amazons to find out whats happening. Amarice totally doesn't believe in all the Shamanistic stuff and expresses that clearly. Blah blah blah, Alti has been "released" and is coming after Xena's kid. Xena and Yakut go to get Alti's skeleton while Gab and Amarice get some Amber stuff to trap Alti's spirit. The Amber junk is guarded by an Amazon Spirit who knows all and sees all. When Amarice enters the cave to get the Amber stuff with Gab, the spirit says that Amarice isn't a real amazon and cannot go any further into the cave. Amarice runs out embarassed. Gab is shocked. Blah balh blah, they trap Alti's spirit, Xena's kid is safe, ect. At the end, Amarice tells Gab that she never had an idenity. She had always admired Amazons, so she just decided to make belive she was one. Gab tells Amarice that she has added a bead to her amazon necklace. Each bead represents someone in her tribe. The new Bead represents Amarice. Amarice is overjoyed. Amarice tells Gab she wants to stay with the Siberian Amazons so she can learn new things. In "Life Blood": We find that Amarice has died in a battle. An amazon returns Gab's necklace, with one extra bead that Amarice had added. To represent Eve.

Her other tribe. I wonder if we'll ever meet them. Ephany and others mentioned that there were many tribes scattered about. But I thought, you picked one and stayed there. I wonder why Amarice seems to be going from one to the other. And why didn't she try to get her tribe to unite with the amazon nation that is left? I was thinking maybe her tribe was one of the renagade ones like in the herc ep "Prodigal Sister". It would make sense from what Amarice told us about her tribe. If what she told us was true. PS) this little question of mine was awnsered in "Life Blood".

Does Jennifer Sky seem familair? If you recognised her, it was most likely from her stint on General Hospital, playing Sarah Webber, from 1997-98. She was also in the TV series Emerald Cove, and the TV feature Our Son, The Matchmaker. Or perhaps you recognised her from the Buffy The Vampire Slayer episode "The Pack", in which she guested as Heidi. She has also appeared in episodes of Sins Of The City and Out Of The Blue. She is now playing Cleopatra in the half hours series "Cleopatra 2525".

Again, TPTB kills off a character I didn't even like in the beginning, but had grown to love. I seriously hate when they do that. At least I get to see Jen and Vicky in "Cleopatra 2525".

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