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Xena Airdates

Xena airdates

week of..........Episode....

07/31/00 Repeat

08/07/00 Lifeblood

08/14/00 Kindred Spirits

08/21/00 Antony and Cleopatra

08/28/00 Looking Death in the Eye

09/04/00 Livia

09/11/00 Eve

09/18/00 Motherhood

09/25/00 DSeason Premire Coming Home

10/02/00 The Haunting Of Amphipolis

10/09/00 Heart of Darkness

10/16/00 Who's Gurkhan?

10/23/00 Legacy

10/30/00 The Rhinngold

11/06/00 The Ring

11/13/99 Return of the Valkyrie

11/20/00 Coming Home

11/27/00 The Haunting of Amphipolis

12/04/00 Heart of Darkness

Xena airdates for USA channel, it is no longer on the SCI-FI network

Sun 07/30/00 7am The Reckoning

Sun 08/06/00 7am The Titans

Sun 08/13/00 7am Promethus

Sun 08/20/00 7am Death in chains

Sun 08/27/00 7am Hooves and harlots

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