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01-17-00 Full Circle [Last airing]

Hercules episodes on SCI-FI channel

6pm EST/3pm PST.

Day of: Time: Title:

Mon 05/29/00 2pm PRE-EMPTED

Tue 05/30/00 2pm The Lost City

Tue 05/30/00 5pm/11pm Two Men and a Baby

Tue 05/30/00 7pm Medea Culpa

Wed 05/31/00 2pm Les Contemptibles

Thu 06/01/00 2pm Reign of Terror

Fri 06/02/00 2pm The End of the Beginning

Mon 06/05/00 2pm War Bride

Tues06/06/00 2pm A Rock and a Hard Place

Tue 06/06/00 5pm/11pm For Those of You Just Joining Us

Tue 06/06/00 7pm Genies & Grecian & Greeks,Oh My!

Wed 06/07/00 2pm Atlantis

Thu 06/08/00 2pm Beanstalks and Bad Eggs

Fri 06/09/00 2pm Hero's Heart

Mon 06/12/00 2pm Regrets...I've Had a Few

Tue 06/13/00 2pm Web of Desire

Tue 06/06/00 5pm/11pm Stranger in a Strange World

Tue 06/06/00 7pm ...And Fancy Free

Wed 06/14/00 2pm Two Men and a Baby

Thu 06/15/00 2pm Prodigal Sister

Fri 06/16/00 2pm If I Had a Hammer

Mon 06/19/00 2pm Hercules on Trial

Tue 06/20/00 2pm Medea Culpa

Tue 06/06/00 5pm/11pm Highway to Heaven

Tue 06/06/00 7pm Centaur Menotr Journey

Wed 06/21/00 2pm Men in Pink

Thu 06/22/00 2pm Yes Virgina, There is a Hercules

Fri 06/23/00 2pm Porkules

Mon 06/26/00 2pm One Fowl Day

Tue 06/27/00 2pm My Fair Cupcake

Tue 06/06/00 5pm/11pm Redemption

Tue 06/06/00 7pm Well Always Have Cyprus

Wed 06/28/00 2pm War Wounds

Thu 06/29/00 2pm Twilight

Fri 06/30/00 2pm PRE-EMPTED

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