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Ephiny was in: "Hooves and Harlots" season 1 episode 10. "Is There a Doctor in the House?" season 1 episode 24. "The Quest" season 2 episode 13. "A Necessary Evil" season 2 episode 14. "Maternal Instincts" season 3 episode 11. "The Bitter Suite" season 3 episode 12. And finally in "Endgame" season 4 episode 20. She was also in three Hercules episodes: "Les Contemptibles" Season 3, episode 17(as Lady Marie, Marie DeValle). "Prodigal Sister" season 4 episode 7."Sky High" season 5 episode 12. She is played by Danielle Cormack.

When we first saw Ephiny, she was ambushing Xena and Gabrielle. They had walked into amazon territory. When Terries was struck down by an arrow and gave her "Right of Caste" to Gab, Ephiny was the only witness. She at first didn't seem to like Gab, but she grew close after a while. In "Hooves & Harlots" a warlord is trying to start a war between the centaurs and the amazons. He was the one who ordered Terries killed. When Ephiny found and caught a centuar(armed with arrows)who was named Phantes, he was thought to be the killer. After Xena convinced Ephiny otherwise, both she and Ephiny put a stop to Phantes exucution, and the war that was going to happen. The amazons caught the warlord, and Xena and Gab left. The next time we see Ephiny she is pregnant with Phantes' child. He had just been killed trying to protect her. She gives birth (a c-section, none-the-less) and names her centaur son "Xenan".

When Xena is "killed" Ephiny catches up with Gab. She helps her through the pain of Xena's death by making her relize that Xena is gone, and Gab must start a new life. She tells Gab about Melosa"s death, and how if Gab doesn't become Queen, Velasca will. Ephiny also tells her that if/when Velasca becomes Queen, she will start a war with the centaurs. This would mean Ephiny and her son would have to leave the amazon village. She convinces Gab to stay. When Gabrielle goes with Autolycus to get Xena back to life, Ephiny is one of the few amazons who does not belive Gab betayed the amazon nation. She is put in prison, with a few others, and when she breaks out, she helps Gabrielle bring Xena back to life. Gab, of course, decides to leave with Xena, and gives Ephiny the right to be Queen. Ephiny accepts, but insists she is only queen in when Gab is not around.

Ephiny isn't a very important part in Maternal instincts, she listened to Gab's story, of how Hope had "died in her sleep". And when Callisto was trying to kill the children in the village, Ephiny got them to safty. When Hope's body and Solan's body were being buried, Ephiny sang the funeral song. In "The bitter suite" we see Ephiny argueing with Joxer, about Gab. And when Xena comes for Gabrielle, Ephiny orders the amazons to attack. Ephiny's arm is broken by Xena. We don't see her again until the hercules episode where she helps Hercules stop an expolding volcano from spilling its lava into a village. Then we see her in "Endgame". She looks at a fallen amazon, and identifys her as Solari(she is in the "Other amazons" web page). We see Ephiny rush into a battle, ordering another amazon, Amarice, to stay put. When Amarice is about to be killed, Ephiny defends her. Then she is killed. In battle, killed by Brutus. We do not know what happened to Xenan at this time. Brutus was set free by Gabrielle. And that is, sadly, the end of Ephiny.

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