Julius Caesar

Caesar is played by Karl Urban (he also plays Cupid). Caesar is in "Destiny" season 2, episdode 12. "The Deliverer" season 3, espisode 4. "When in Rome..." season 3, episode 16. "A Good Day" season 4, episode 5. And "Ides of March" season 4, episode 21. Gee, I wonder what happens in that episode :)

In "Destiny" we see Xena attacking a village, this is a flashback episode, so Xena was not the hero we all know and love. She captures a roman officer and holds him for ransom. You'll never guess who the officer is. Caesar. He tells her to double the ransom, and also tells her that he is fated to rule the world. When Xena meets a stowaway on her ship, he is able to talk her language. Xena sleeps with him (kids today have no morals J/K :) and still ransoms him off for 100,000 dinars. He comes back to her and captures her and her crew. He crucifys (sp) her and her crew along a beach and breaks Xena's legs. The stow away hid from Caesar and then rescued Xena. When Caesar heard that Xena was lose, he sent officers after her and they ended up killing the stow away, M'Lila, and with that actr Xena became evil and started her hatred for Caesar. A hatred that would cause much suffering.

"The Deliverer". When Caesar attacks Britannia, and Bodicea, the ruler of Caesar, Xena goes to help her. Mostly cause she hates Caesar. Caesar captures Gab and a cult friend of hers. He puts them on a hill, on crosses and is about to break their legs when Xena attacks. She just rescues Gab and her little friend, and gives Caesar a BIG splinter. She doesn't get to actually defeat him in a battle in this ep (Bodicea does however) cause Xena had to rush off and save Gab from cult peoples.

"When in Rome": Caesar has set his sights on conquerering Gaul. There are armies defending Gaul, of course, and Caesar captures their leader, Vercinix. Caesar plans for Vercinix's exuction. Xena wants to help Vercinix. His wife asked her to. So Xena goes and gets Crassus, an ally of Caesar's. Caesar has an alliance with two people, Crassus and Pompey. They all help balance each other out, and without one, the balance of power would shift and there would be fighting and so on. So Caesar agrees to switch Vercinix for Crassus. That way Xena gets Vercinix, and Caesar gets Crassus. Only Caesar insteads captures Xena and throws her into jail, and sets out looking for Gabrielle. He thinks that Gabrielle has some sort of power over Xena, and will be the key to bringing her down. But being captured as part of Xena's plan. And she switiches Vercinix and Crassus in the jail and Caesr has to exucte Crassus to save face. Xena, Gab, and Vercinix get away.

A Good Day: Like I said, without Crassus to balance out Pompey and Caesar there will be fighting and so on. Well, Caesar and Pompey start to fight and bring the fighting into Greek land. They will drain the country side for years, so Xena decides to interfere. But she doesn't try to stop the fighting. She wants to get Caesar and Pompey to have one or two huge battles that wipe out their armies. She gathers her own armies, and a spy in Caesar's army, and starts her plan. She starts a small skirmish and in that fight both Cesar and Pompey realize she is there. Pompey sets a meeting to ally with her, and Caesar crashes their little party, which is all in her plan. She attacks and draws both of them with her into a cave underground where they stay until after both their armies have fought and wiped each other out. Then they head back to Rome. Caesar remarks that this is just a small setback, and Xena could never stop his destiny. Which is to rule the world.

In Ides of March: Caesar is dreaming about Xena. She is about to stab him when Caesar wakes up and finds Callisto sitting by his bed. She tells him to offer a great reward for Xena's head, 6 million dinars. This gets Xena to attempt to kill Caesar in Rome. She gets away, but Caesar captures Gab, Americe, Eli, and several of Eli's followers. Caesar makes plans to crucify all of them. He also makes plands to announce himself dictator of Rome. For Life. Xena and Gab are crucified and killed just as Caesar makes his announcement. He is stabbed to death by the members of the Roman Senate. He utters, "And You, Brutus?" Brutus stabs him, and Caesar collapses, and dies.

Now if Xena and Gab HAD to die, I wish I could have seen Caesar's face as he watched his greatest enemy die. You know? It would have been nice, then he could have gotten stabbed to death. I did like how he is just as obssessed with Xena as she is with him. In the episodes, we see that she is consumed by anger over Caesar, but he never seems to be as obssessed with her. In IoM, we see that he is afraid of Xena. And of death. In "Destiny" he wasn't afraid to die. I really liked Caesar, and will miss him.


The real Caesar was in fact once captured by pirates, I belive he was captured off the coast of Turkey, but I'm not sure. He told the pirates that he was worth more money than they were asking for his ransom. Once he was ransomed back to his troops, he crucified all of the pirates. BTW, how come he never mentioned his full name, Gaius Julius Caesar?

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