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There are a lot of differant amazons in the amazon nation besides Gab, Ephiny, Velasca, and Cyane. Sure, most of them are dead. But they created the amazon natipon we all loved. Its pretty much dead now, but there is always hope that one day it will be revived. These amazons are very important in a cruicale way. They may not have been queen, we may have not seen them in more than one episode. But they are, and always will be important. Hint: If I list the episodes that the character is in, there are spoilers for those episodes, so if you haven't seem them, go own to the next character, or go back to the main page.


Melosa, played by Alison Bruce, was only in one episode. "Hooves & Harlots. She was the Queen of the Greek amazons. She had one sister, Terreis. She also had an adopted daughter, Velasca. Melosa gave the Right of Caste to Terreis. Velasca contested it, but was defeated by Melosa and left the village. When Terreis, was killed it seemed to affect Melosa. Understandably. When the suspected killer was brought to her, she ordered his execution. She was in control of her amazons, and you could see that they respected her. When Xena fought Melosa, Melsoa put up a great fight. When she lost, Xena became Queen for a few minutes. She ordered the exectution to stop, and began an attack on the real killer. Melosa fought the real killer, but did not kill him, showing she has great will-power. She was killed by Velasca in a scene not shown.

Terreis and Eponin

Terreis played by:Rebekah Mercer.

Terreis was the soon-to-be Queen of the Greek amazons. She didn't believe that men or centaurs were evil, as did most amazons. She just belived that they were misguided. She wanted to work with them one day to create a better nation and peace for all. When a hail of arrows came down on her, Gab, Xena, Ephiny, and a pack of other amazons, ahe and the others retreated to the trees. But, Terreis was hit anyway. She fell from the tree, and to the ground. Gab rushed over and covered Terreis' body with her own, protecting her from other arrows that might hit. Terreis says that only another amazon would do this and gives Gab her "Right of Caste", making her an amazon princess. She dies right after. The picture to the side is of Terreis. In the front you can see Xena's shoulder, and in the back is Ephiny.

Eponin played by:Tanya Dignan

Eponin was with Gab when she was dressed in Terreis' old clothes. She is very loyal, commenting that Terreis would have made a great leader. She teaches Gab to use the staff. Eponin has great patience with this. She even copliments Gab, saying that she is just "a little rough on the edges". And it is Eponin who makes Gab get up and dance. I don't remember ever seeing Eponin after Hooves & Harlots. I don't know what happened to her.

Solari, Otere, and Yakut

Solari played by Jodie Dorday

Solari was in three episodes. "The Quest", "A necessary evil", and "Endgame" (SW for endgame) Solari was a very loyal amazon. When Gabrielle was Queen, and left with Auto, Velasca called her a traitor to the amazon nation. There were only a few amazons who stood up for Gab, Solari was one of them. In fact, it was her *ahem* outfit that got them out of prison. If you have ever seen "The Quest" you know what I'm talking about. If you haven't, Auto needed a tool to pick the prison door lock, and the only piece of metal that would work was a pice in the middle of Solari's bra-type-shirt-thing. In "A neccessary evil" Solari was once again very important. She attacked Velasca with no hesitation, and was very convincing when they set up a trap to slow down Velasca. Here's where the spoilers come in, so divert your eyes for a second. Solari was killed by romans in Endgame :( The picture of her should be to the side and above this sentance somewhere.

Otere played by Sheeri Rappaport Otere was in two episodes, "Adventures in the Sin Trade", and "Adventures in the Sin trade II" Otere is an orphan. We don't know what happened to her mother, but her father was killed protecting his village from Borias' and Xena's army. Xena almost killed Otere twice whgen she was a child. Both times, Borias stopped her. Alti predicted that Otere would one day take Xena's power away from her. Which in fact she did. Once Xena had defeated Alti, she left Otere in command. Otere is the Queen of the Siberian amazons. At least she was when Xena left. When Xena returned to see the northern amazons, Otere was gone, and Xena didn't ask, or even mention her.

Yakut played by Kate Elliott

Yakut was in the same episodes as Otere and also "Them Bones, them Bones" and "Life Blood". She was choosen by Xena to become the new Shamaness. When Otere thought Xena might be dead, and her powers had been passed on to her, Yakut swiftly punched Otere in the face. Yakut declared "Nope-- that couldn’t have been it. If you had her powers-- I’d never have got that punch in" Yakut was also the one to give the new holy word (love) to the dead amazons. Then she became Queen and almost got Xena's baby's soul taken away when a spell she cast backfired and unleashed Alti. In "Life Blood", we find that Yakut was killed in a battle against some amazon enemies. Yakut does return in ghost form to warn Xena about some evil that is plagueing the amazons. She helps Xena out and shows Xena the origin of amazons and amazon customs. Then, at the end, Yakut leaves for her final resting place. In the picture, the one holding her face is Otere, the other is Yakut.

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