Borias is in several Xena episodes: “The Debt” season 3, episode 6. “The Debt II” season 3, episode 7. “Adventures in the Sin Trade” season 4, episode 1. “Adventures in the Sin Trade II” season 4, episode 2. “Past Imperfect” season 4, episode 9. He is played by Marton Csokas. He also played Khrafastar in “The Deliverer” season 3, episode 4. He also played Talus in a Hercules episode, “Promises” season 2, episode 18. Borias was the father of Xena’s son Solan. We first heard about him in “Orphan of War” season 2, episode 1 We knew he was a friend of the centaurs and had been killed by a member of xena's old army, Dagnine. We never actually see Borias until the third season. Xena met him sometime after she escaped from Caesar. She couldn't walk well, because she had her legs broken by Caesar. She was also full of hate. Borias was a warlord. Together they made their way to the Kingdom of Chin, with their army. Borias wanted to make an alliance with one of the leaders of Chin. There were two, Lao or Ming. Borias made a kind of deal with Ming Tzu, but set up a meeting with Lao, to make a better deal. He indeed made a better deal with Lao's wife, Lao Ma. But he and Lao Ma hit it off, in a way, and Xena got jealous. After she tried to kill Lao Ma, Lao Ma told Borias to call off the alliance between them. Borias got mad and told Xena to get out of the camp, and never come back. Instead, Xena kidnapped Ming Tzu's kid. Both the houses of Chin believed Borias was in on the kidnapping. He helped Xena set up the ransom, but then betrayed her. He handed Xena over to Ming Tzu, to be killed. She was rescued by Lao Ma, and after some time, Lao Ma sent for Borias.

When Xena saw Borias, she flipped out, understanably. She fought with him, her legs had been healed by Lao Ma. After Xena started attacking Borias, Lao Ma stopped the fight, and told them either to make up, or kill each other. Borias and Xena made up. Then they killed Ming Tzu. When they tried to kill his kid, Lao Ma, "fought" them, and they left Chin. In Adventures in the Sin Trade, Borias tells Xena he wants to ally with the amazon. At that moment an ex-amazon(Alti) shamaness is thrown into their tent. She tells Borias that Xena is pregnant. Borias is shocked by this, and becomes more protective of Xena as time goes by. He hates Alti, and practically forbids Xena to see her, or do shaman things with her. Borias is basically absent in part two, he does make an alliance with the amazons (xena breaks it when she kills all the amazons), and he did save Xena from Cyane in the begining of the episode.

The next Borias ep, is after Xena and Borias had split the army. She is still pregnant, but has seemingly lost interest in Borias. Borias still loves her though, or seems to love her. He tries to do what is best for her and the child within her. Xena doesn't care though. Borias wants to send the child away when it is born, because he doesn't want his son growing up as a warlord's son. The child would see things and hear things a child should never hear. And evenntually will become a bloodthirsty warlord himself. Xena opposes this, and it drives the wedge between them even greater. When Xena is about to kill some centaurs, Borias stops her, and leaves the camp to help the centaurs.

Borias returns in the night, while centuars attack Xena's camp. She is drugged out, because she is in labor, and the pain would be to great. When he is getting a wagon ready, he is threatend by Xena's "maid", and she gets Dagnine to fight Borias. While Xena is in labor, she screams out "Borias" so I think she really did love him. But it is too late, Dagnine throws a kinfe into Borias' back, and twists it until Borias is dying. He does not die until Xena comes out of the hut while retreating from the camp. Borias takes one look at his son (in Xena's arms), and then dies.

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