Draco is played by Jay Laga'aia. Draco is in two episodes. "Sins of the Past" season 1, episode 1. "A Comedy of Eros" season 2, episode 22.

In "Sins" Xena is just becoming good, she has just turned away from her evil side. She comes across a village, Poteidaia, that is being robbed, of all its women. She fights the plunderers, and notices that they are Draco's men. They run away from her.

We see Draco determing who will be in his army by having three canadites shoot at him with arrows, he catches all but one, a green arrow. The archer who has the green arrow is let into the army. Xena visits him in his tent, where you can actually see the sexual tension. We find out that Draco had tried to "force thing between them", and for his troubles he got a nice little scar. She asks for a favor, for him to leave Poteidaia alone. He agrees for old times sake. He does say that he wants Xena, either in love, or to fight against her in battle. She wants to be part of neither. She sauys she is going home. Draco tells her he tried to leave his warlord ways and go home once, and his father tried to kill him. When Xena leaves, he orders his army to prepare to attack Xena's home village. Xena gets ahold of his plans and rushes to tell her village to prepare. They want her out. Even her mother. But when dDraco does come, Xena agrees to fight him. They have a spectacular fight, hich Xena wins. She doesn't kill him though. And he kills an a solider from stabbing her in the back.

In "A comedy of Eros", Cupid's son gets loose with Cupid's arrows. He makes Xena fall in love with Draco. Draco wants to take a group of Hestian Virgins and sell them to a slave trader, who is already on his way. Draco declines Xena's invitaion to travel with her and Gabrielle, to do good. He tells her to stay out of his way. Like she would ever listen. Xena hids the Hestians. But Draco finds them eventually. When he is taking them, he is hit bey another of Cupids arrows, and falls in love with Gab(who is in love with Joxer). He captures Joxer and Gabrielle. Gab does not like him at all, and accidentally tells him she loves Joxer. Draco goes to kill Joxer, and gets knocked unconcious by Xena. She frees Joxer and Gab, and takes them to the Hestian Temple. Her plan was simple. She dressed Gab in her amazon outfit, and then sent a note to the slave trader saying Draco was adding an amazon rincess to the group of Hestian Virgins. When the slave trader arrived, and was about to take Gab, Draco and the slave trader started to fight. Xena got Cupid to come and fix everything. But she told him to keep Draco in love with Gab. Draco decided that Gab wouldn't love him if he was killing innocent people.

Draco: "I've tried to make you love me every way I cann. But nothingís worked. So now Iíll-- Iíll try it your way."

Gab: "My way?"

Draco: "Instead of hurting people, Iíll try and he-- Iíll try and help them. From now on, whenever I loot a town or raid a village, Iíll only kill the old people (Gab gives him a look)-- or-- maybe just the men over 50(Gab gives him another look). Livestock? (Yet another look from Gab) OK, all right, all right-- Iíll only kill--other looters and raiders. Look, the point is-- everything I do will be for you. So, donít forget me, Gabrielle. The gods know, I wonít forget you"

And that is the last we've seen, or heard of Draco.

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