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Our Vicner/Vicknair Ancestors

Johann Nicolas Wichner (Germany to Louisiana)

The Wichner's were of German origin, but the spelling of the surname has undergone frequent changes and variations based on the perception of the person writing the name. The changing governments of the Louisiana German Coast also confused the issue. German, French, Spanish and Americanizations of the name have resulted in people in the same generation spelling the name Vicner, Wichner, Vickner or Vicknair. The last is the most common in south Louisiana today.

Page created 20 March 2001; links checked 12 November 2006. There are many people who contributed information to this page and I wish to thank each of them. We all go with the best information available, but please use this only as a guide to further research. Bold indicates our direct line; + means there is another generation on this page.

+1. Johann Nikolaus WICHNER (Rothenberg, Germany-15 Jul 1772, St. John the Baptist Parish, LA) m. c1730, Anne Barbe FRIDERICH/FREDERIC (c18 Jul 1708, Rotenburg, Baden-Wurtenburg, Germany-25 Jan 1773, SJTB, LA), daughter of Johann Conrad FRIEDRICH and Ursula FREY/Freyen

+2. Johannes/Jean Adam VICNER (1736, German Coast (now St. Charles Parish), LA-6 Jan 1819, SJTB) m. 1 May 1760, German Coast, LA, Anne Barbre TREGRE/Dreger (cNov 1742, St. Charles Par, LA-24 Nov 1816, Edgard, SJTB, LA), daughter of Andreas TREGRE and Catherine CALLENDER
+2-Jean Baltazar VICNER (c1738, German Coast (now St. Charles Parish), LA-2 Oct 1816, Edgard, LA) m. Marie Magdelaine TRICHE (1750, SJTB, LA-24 May 1845, SJTB)
+2. Jean Nicolas VICNER (c1740-22 Jan 1792, Galveztown, LA) m. c1762, Apollonie HELFER
2. Marie Marguerite VICNER (c1749-bef. 1751)
2. Andre VICNER (15 Nov 1743, St. Charles Parish, LA-1749) +2. Antoine VICNER (cNov 1745, St. Charles Parish, LA-26 Nov 1816, SJTB, LA) m. 28 Apr 1772, Pointe Coupee, LA, Perine CUVILLIER (18 Aug 1755, Pointe Coupee, LA-25 Jul 1824, Edgard, SJTB, LA), daughter of Jean Pierre CUVILLIER
+2. David VICNER (c5 Nov 1745, St. Charles Parish, LA-8 Jan 1791, Baton Rouge, LA)
m1. c1772, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Marie Marguerite FOLTZ (31 Dec 1754, Edgard, SJTB, LA-1 Oct 1775, SJTB, LA)
m2. 2 Apr 1777, St. Francis Church, Pointe Coupee, LA, Marguerite CUVILLIER, daughter of Jean Pierre CUVILLIER
2. Jean Jacob VICNER (27 Apr 1747, St. Charles Parish, LA-1772) m. Marguerite CUVILLIER, another child of Jean Pierre CUVILLIER
2. Guillaume VICNER (22 Nov 1748, St. Charles Parish, LA-1749)
2. Marie Marguerite VICNER (1751, New Orleans, LA-8 Jan 1791) m. Pierre NORMAND

Children of Anne Barbe Tregre and Jean Adam VICNER
3. Marie Marguerite/Margarethe Vicner (c1765, German Coast, LA-10 Sep 1851, SJTB, LA)
m1. 22 Feb 1791, St. John Church, SJTB, LA, Louis ORY (1763, Frederick Co, MD-10 Jan 1800, SJTB), son of Nikolas ORY and Cristine MICHEL

m2. 26 Apr 1802, SJTB, Francois ROQUIGNY (12 Dec 1758-bef. 1833), son of Francois ROQUIGNEY and Cecilia BARRE
3. Jean Baptiste Vicner (c1768, German Coast, LA-29 Dec 1823, St. Helena Par, LA) m. 14 Oct 1794, Marie Therese GIRARD (b. 10 Nov 1777), daughter of Francois GIRARD and Marie Josephe PICOU
+3. Antoine Augustin Vicner (c1770, German Coast, LA-19 Oct 1859, SJTB, LA)
m1. 10 Nov 1792, Magdelena DUPONT (d. 5 Sep 1793, St. James Parish, LA)
m2. 30 May 1797, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Dorothe Scolastique CUVILLIER (4 Apr 1781, Edgard, SJTB, LA-23 Aug 1844, St. James Parish, LA), daughter of Jean Pierre CUVILLIER and Marie Josephe PICOU
3. Marie Catherine Vicner (c1771, SJTB, LA-21 Jul 1810, SJTB, LA) m. 22 Feb 1791, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Vincent MARCHAND (Vig, Catalonia, Spain-20 Dec 1797, SJTB, LA); one known child: Jean Baptiste MARCHAND m. 9 Feb 1802, Eugenia VICKNAIR, daughter of Antoine VICNER and Perine CUVILLIER
3. Veronique Vicner (30 Aug 1773, SJTB, LA-27 Jul 1829, St. James Parish, LA)
m1. Jacques POCHE (c1763, SJTB, LA-9 Sep 1814, St. James Par, LA), son of Francois POCHE, Sr. and Agnes Clause MAYER
m2. 11 Feb 1818, St. Michael Church, Convent, St. James Parish, LA, Jean Baptiste PICOU (b. c1777, LA), son of Jean Baptiste PICOU and Marie Magdelaine LAUROT
3. Marie Marianna Wikner (15 Jan 1776, German Coast (now St. James Parish), LA-21 Jul 1824, SJTB, LA)
m1. 5 Jan 1799, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Jean Baptiste PICOU (2 Jul 1773, SJTB, LA-25 Oct 1814, SJTB, LA), son of Urbain PICOU and Marie Josephe ANDRE
m2. 16 Dec 1817, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Jorge Jacques CONRAD (c1768-19 Jan 1823, SJTB, LA), son of Philippe CONRAD and Christine Barbe BEAUVIZ
3. Jean Jacques Vicner (22 Feb 1778, German Coast, LA-6 Jan 1835, SJTB, LA)
m1. 4 Feb 1799, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Marguerite CLEMENT (25 Sep 1780, St. James Parish, LA-18 Oct 1827), daughter of Francois CLEMENT and Marie Anne BARBAY
m2. 2 Jan 1829, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Emerante RODRIGUE (24 Nov 1790, SJTB, LA-24 Jun 1854, SJTB, LA), daughter of Jean Charles RODRIGUE and Pelagie HELFER
3. Agathe Vicner (b. 3 Feb 1780, SJTB, LA)
3. Anastasie Vicner (2 Jun 1782, SJTB, LA-18 Oct 1867, SJTB)
m1. Pierre ROBEAU (23 Oct 1775, SJTB, LA-14 Oct 1814, SJTB, LA)
m2. 7 Jan 1818, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, George CHAUFFE (6 Feb 1790, SJTB, LA-20 Aug 1828, SJTB, LA), son of Georges SCHOFF and Marguerite Urbain PICOU
3. Madeleine Celeste Vicner (b. 2 Nov 1784, SJTB, LA) m. 9 Nov 1808, SJTB, LA, Laurent VICKNAIR (21 Oct 1783, Edgard, LA-27 Jun 1844, Edgard, SJTB), son of Antoine VICNER and Perine CUVILLIER
3. Honore Michel Justin Vicner (25 Sep 1787, SJTB, LA-20 Sep 1862, New Orleans, LA) m. 15 Nov 1808, Adelaide BORN
Why are there two direct lines in this generation? The families on the German Coast basically stayed in the same area for almost 200 years, cousins married and the families intertwined through several generations.

Children of Jean Baltazar and M. Magdeleine Triche VICNER
3. Nicolas Vicknair (c1780-1847) m. 22 Feb 1802, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Marie Celeste CUVILLIER (b. 29 Aug 1782, Edgard, SJTB, LA)
3. Rosalie Vicknair (d. 27 Sep 1777, SJTB, LA)
3. Marie Anne Vicknair (c15 Dec 1770-24 May 1845, SJTB, LA) m. 1 Feb 1791, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Andre LASSEIGNE
3. Marie Madeleine Vicknair (14 Sep 1773, SJTB, LA-7 Jun 1860, SJTB, LA) m. 24 Nov 1789, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Jean Jacques BORNE, (b. c1769), son of Jacques Antoine BORNE and Anna Marie HAYDEL
3. Marie Genevieve Vicknair (11 Jan 1776, SJTB, LA-4 Jan 1862, SJTB, LA) m. 2 Oct 1802, SJTB, LA, Andre MADERE (15 Jan 1780, SJTB, LA-25 Apr 1846, SJTB, LA), son of Francois Daniel MADERE and Ana Marie Marguerite PERILLOUX
3. Marguerite Vicnair (23 Sep 1778, SJTB, LA- 8 Jan 1869, St. James Parish, LA) m. 12 Apr 1796, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Thomas ALEXANDRO (b. Naples, Italy)
3. Jean Baptiste Vicknair (15 Feb 1781, SJTB, LA-6 Aug 1848, SJTB) m. 1 Jan 1801, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Charlotte LECHE, daughter of Michel LECHE and Charlotte PERILLOUX
3. Phillippe Vicknair (b. 1 May 1783, SJTB, LA)
3. Marie Josephine Vicknair (25 Jul 1789, SJTB-c1816 when she drowned in the Mississippi River) m. 2 Apr 1807, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Pierre LEBEAU
3. Charles Vicknair (12 Jun 1792, SJTB-24 Aug 1811, SJTB)

Children of Jean Nicolas and Apollonie Helfer Vicner
3. Marguerite Vicknair (b. c1768) m. 7 Nov 1793, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Mathieu BRIGNAC (b. c1765, Fort Toulouse, AL)
3. Nicolas Vicner (b. c1780) m. 17 Apr 1809, Rosalie PICOU (b. 15 Nov 1787, LA), daughter of Alexis PICOU and Marie Ann CUVILLIER

Children of Antoine and Perine Cuvillier Vicner
+3. Antoine Vicknair (2 Apr 1773, Pointe Coupee Parish, LA-24 Oct 1822, Edgard, SJTB) m. 27 Nov 1798, Edgard, SJTB, Marguerite Agathe DEROCHES (1777-1818)
3. Jean Adam Vicknair (b. 19 Nov 1774, Pointe Coupee, LA)
3. Marie Ortense Vicknair (b. c23 Mar 1777, PC, LA) m. 22 Nov 1792, LA, Francisco DUPONT (4 Jun 1767, ?Belgium-8 Oct 1827, LA)
3. Theotiste Vicknair (12 Dec 1782, Edgard, SJTB-3 May 1804, SJTB)
3. Laurent Vicknair (21 Oct 1783, Edgard, LA-27 Jun 1844, Edgard, LA) m. 9 Nov 1808, SJTB, LA, Madeleine Celeste VICKNAIR (b. 2 Nov 1784), daughter of Johann/Jean Adam VICKNER and Anne Barbe TREGRE
+3. Leon Vicknair (9 Nov 1785, SJTB-21 Sep 1853, SJTB) m. 9 Feb 1808, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Catherine RICHE (15 Aug 1788, SJTB-23 Jan 1867, SJTB)
3. Victoire Vicknair (4 Apr 1787, Edgard, LA-24 Jul 1844, Edgard, LA) m. 4 Nov 1805, Edgard, LA, Urbain TREGRE (b. May 1787), son of Jean Adam DRAGER and Marie Joseph PICOU
3. Joseph Vicknair (4 Jan 1789, Edgard, SJTB-7 Jul 1833, Edgard, SJTB) m. 31 Jan 1809, Marguerite TREGRE (b. 9 Oct 1789, Edgard, SJTB), daughter of Theodore Antoine TREGRE and Marie Celeste PICOU
3. Miguel Vicknair (b. May 1790, Edgard, SJTB)
3. Celestine Vicknair (18 Apr 1791, Edgard, LA-2 Feb 1817, Edgard, LA) m. Marie Catherine MARCHAND (b. 1795)
3. Marie Eugenia Vickanir (b. 18 Feb 1794, Edgard, LA) m. 1812, St. John Church, Edgard, LA, Jean Baptiste MARCHAND (1794, SJTB-1868, Ascension Parish, LA), son of Vincent MARCHAND and Marie Catherine VICNER
3. Veronica Vicknair (b. 1 Mar 1794, Edgard, LA)
3. Juan Vicknair (b. 6 Nov 1796, Edgard, LA)

Children of David and M. Marguerite Foltz VICNER
3. Jean Baptiste Vicner (b. c1773) m. 5 Aug 1793, SJTB, Marie Rose PICOU (b. 15 Nov 1777, SJTB), another daughter of Urbain PICOU and Marie Josephe ANDRE
3. Marie Hortense Vicner (b. c9 Feb 1773) m. Jean Francois DUPONT

Child of Antoine Augustin and Dorothe S. Cuvillier VICKNER
+4. Jean Vicknair (18 Sept 1812, SJTB-29 Nov 1853, SJTB) m. 18 Jul 1832, SJTB, LA, Euphrosine MADERE (b. 1 Nov 1815, SJTB), daughter of Andre MADERE and Marie Genevieve VICKNAIR

Chilren of Jean Jacques and Marguerite Clement VICKNAIR
4. Melanie Vicknair (9 Dec 1817, SJTB-10 Jan 1898, SJTB) m. 1 Feb 1831, Edgard, LA, Louis PERILLOUX (14 Apr 1811, SJTB-5 Oct 1853, SJTB), son of Louis PERILLOUX and Marie Magdeleine PERILLOUX (These two were first cousins).
4. Eugene Vicknair (c1821-29 Apr 1847) m. 9 Jan 1840, Genevieve PERILLOUX (23 Jan 1823-10 Oct 1853, SJTB), daughter of Louis PERILLOUX and Marie Magdeleine PERILLOUX

Children of Antoine and Marguerite A. Desroches VICKNAIR
4. Eulalie Vicknair (b. 20 May 1801, SJTB) m. 15 Jun 1819, Michel CONRAD (b. 1798), son of Michel CONRAD and Margarita JACOB
4. Pierre Vicknair (b. 13 Oct 1805)
4. Louis Vicknair (b. 28 Jan 1811)

Children of Leon and Catherine Riche VICKNAIR
4. Catherine Vicknair
4. Pedro Leon Vicknair (b. 31 July 1810)
4. Leon Vicknair (b. 25 Sep 1812, SJTB)
4. Cyprien Vicknair (b. 13 Aug 1815, SJTB)
4. Marie Vicknair (b. 21 Oct 1817, SJTB)
+4. Eugene James Vicknair (2 Oct 1823, SJTB-12 Sep 1853, SJTB) m. 29 Apr 1848, St. Peter's Church, Reserve, LA, Marie Celeste MADERE (19 Jul 1833, SJTB-16 Jun 1894, SJTB), daughter of Louis Nicaisse MADERE and Marie Josette QUARTREVINGT
4. Delphine/Adele Vicknair (d. 20 Sep 1866, SJTB) m. 3 May 1829, St. John's Church, Edgard, LA, Marcellin PERILLOUX (24 Oct 1809, SJTB-6 Nov 1868, SJTB), son of Leonard PERILLOUX and Eve JACOB

Child of Joseph and Marguerite Tregre VICKNAIR
+4. Joseph Vicknair (22 Mar 1811-31 Aug 1849) m. 21 Sep 1831, Edgard, SJTB, LA, Marie Felicite PERILLOUX (11 Oct 1812-26 May 1837), daughter of Louis PERILLOUX and Marie Magdeleine PERILLOUX

Children of Jean and Euphrosine Madere VICKNAIR
5. Louis Vicknair (17 Aug 1853, SJTB-3 Nov 1871, LA) m. Jean Leonard PERILLOUX (15 Nov 1844, SJTB-17 Apr 1875), son of Louis Zepherin PERILLOUX and Marie Honorine RODRIGUE
5. Seraphin Justin Vicknair (8 Aug 1833, SJTB-3 Nov 1853, SJTB) m. Marie Ernestine PERILLOUX (23 Jul 1832, Garyville, SJTB-16 Sept 1866, SJTB), daughter of Marcellin PERILLOUX and Delphine (Adele) VICKNAIR

Children of Eugene J. and Celeste Madere VICKNAIR
5. Noemie Vicknair
5. Marie Eujenie Berthilde Vicknair (30 Jan 1849, SJTB-7 Sep 1908, St. James Parish, LA) m. 14 Nov 1868, St. Peter's Church, SJTB Parish, LA, Adam Adolphe DELANEUVILLE (10 Sep 1844, LA-26 May 1899, Reserve, SJTB, LA), son of Adam Coufbert dit DELANEUVILLE and Genevieve MADERE

Child of Joseph and Marie Basilide Cambre VICKNAIR
5. Fremance Vicknair (b. 27 Oct 1839) m. 15 Nov 1866, Felicite CHAUFF (b. 14 Aug 1843), daughter of Theodule CHAUFF and Clara CAMBRE ; one son: Joseph Fernand Vicknair (9 Mar 1869-7 Jun 1955) m. Marie Nemia ORY (17 Feb 1879-18 Apr 1969), daughter of Theodule ORY and Eliza TREGRE

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