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If you have an interesting, spooky story to tell, email it to me, and I will consider adding it to this section. These stories should be believed to be true or at least be a good urban legend and be identified as such. Your ghost story doesn't have to have happened in Kentucky to be posted here (I have one email on here that was sent from Australia) so please specify the state or country. The emails will be posted as they were sent to me, with no attempt to correct punctuation or spelling. To me it gives the emails more of their own personality to leave them original. I try to answer all my email, but occasionally I may overlook an email due to it landing in my Bulk email. I've learned to keep a check on my Bulk email in case that happens. Thanks again for visiting my site, and I hope that the shadowy figure that follows you at night never catches up to you.

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Great site! Pictures add a lot to your stories. While I was reading your stories of the dead, I was reminded of one that I have heard. My sister in law's mother is from Phelps, and she has told us about a young mother who died in childbirth around the turn of the century. A few days later, the baby died as well. The griefstricken father wanted the baby buried with the mother, and had her coffin dug up. When the coffin was opened, they found that she had pulled her hair out by the handsfull, had torn her nails from her fingers, and had gouged deep grooves in the lid of the coffin. Apparently, she had lost enough blood during delivery to have slipped into a coma, appearing dead. The father is reputed to have either committed suicide or died of grief soon after this happened. --Stephania Pikeville, KY

I have been deer hunting with a guy from work son on one of these old knobs by the interstate. I asked Eddie (the guy I work with) who lived in the house just about 50 or so yards away from the tree I have been hunting from. He looked at me kind of puzzled and said, what? I said the house just down the hill from where I am hunting. He said what are you talking about David? I said I heard a girl screaming like someone was aggravating her coming from that house. He said Shut up David. So, I said well I really don't care who lives in the house I was just striking up a conversation. He said David I am not trying to be hateful but there is not a house within a half mile from where you are. I said yes there is I heard a little girl screaming. Then he told me the story.... His grandfather lived there many years ago and when he was coming down that road there was a little red headed girl about maybe 7 or 8 years old that came out of a small cave by the road. She was wearing a solid white dress. So, he reach down picked her up and put her on his mule with him. He said she was holding on to his sides really tight and her hands were cold. When they got to the barn he turned around to get her off the mule and she was gone. Eddie said his grandfather probably told that story a thousand times in his life. Never once cracking a smile or changing a single word in the story. And he was not the kind of man that carries on a bunch of sh-t. There have been many people that lived around there years ago that said they saw her or heard her. I think if I had heard the story before hand I would have always thought I was trying to hear it and would not be for sure about it but since I heard her first and the story after it has scared the hell out of me. - David Cave City, KY

Hi Martin love your kentucky ghost site. I am originally from Somerset Kentucky (dh in Navy) and I thought I would share some more Ky superstitions my Mamaw told me. !1.If you dream of muddy water someone will die 2.if you dream of snakes someone will betray you. 3.A raven is a bringer of bad news.4.if a preganat woman eats wild meat her child will have mental problems or go crazy.5.for every brith there will be a death in the family.^.6.if you peel a potatoe and the peel does not break throw it over your shoulder and it form the initial of the one you will marry.7.if you spill salt always throw it over your shoulder too ward off bad luck. *8.never let a cat near a baby because it will steal the baby;s breath.9. if you prick a wart and rub the blood on a penny and give that penny too a another they will get the wart and my favorite if you are preganant and you put your wedding ring on a string and hold it over your belly if it swings too the right it;s a girl too the left ot;s a boy. Thought you might enjoy these. I can personally attest that I did the potatoe peel one on my Mamaw's backporch when I was 12 and it formed a perfectA since I didn't know but one guy with that initial and I sure didn;t care for him I dismissed it. But 11 years later i married aAlbert and I have two boys and we did the wedding ring thing and it swung to the left both times. Am I superstitious? Yeah probably,it blows my mind how my people can be such Strong southern Baptists and believe in these things. By the way we never covered water witches and I have seen one of those guys in action and believe me he's right on the money. superstious me? Nah! Vixen

As I was reading the superstitions on your website I remembered a couple more that I always have heard and decided to share them with you. Here they are: 1-If you drop a knife a uninspected man will be coming soon. ( I can honestly say I've saw this one work before) 2-If you see a black bird and it screams at you then there will be a wreck. DitzyLilAngel

I also live in Kentucky. My family history is with the Adams and we also go back to the late 1700's but we are in the northern Kentucky area around Pendleton and Boone Counties. We have had our own share of ghost stories.My grandmother would go to work each day. On one particular day she was returning from work and found three owls on a fence. The next day on her way home she saw two. On the third day she saw only one but the next day none. On that very day her mother died. She had been ill with cancer so the death was expected but still the owls on the fence to me was very strange.My grandmother was apparently very sensitive to this sort of thing. My daughter is also and sees ghosts around this area all the time. Mostly civil war era people. She once saw three women in our home. She was just laying on the couch watching tv. Suddenly three figures appeared in the corner of the room. It was a mother and teenage daughter and a younger daughter. They were in colonial period dress with the youngest being in what looked like a night gown. They stayed in the same spot looking around as if looking for something with the youngest playing on the floor. After 15 minutes or so they just disappeared. This happened only a few years ago.She was going into the bathroom one day and saw a young boy of about 12 years standing in front of our bathroom sink. He looked at her and said "Go away". She was so frightened she left and after she could no long wait to go to the bathroom got me and asked me if I saw anything. When I told her I did not - I thought she saw a spider or something - she went in.She was going into our utility room one day and saw a young girl of about 2 or younger standing there with wet hair and a towel around her. She giggled at Krista and then disappeared. Krista often hears noises and breathing in her bedroom - also located at the back of our home. Our home is over 80 years old. The ground in this area was once a location of part of the civil war. Slaves were smuggled from Kentucky to Ohio to freedom but she has never seen anything of slaves in her ghost stories. My grandmother used to see a woman in white walk across a graveyard near their home shortly before anyone died.These things often scare me and I wonder how this can be when, if anyone really reads the bible, it says that the dead are as if in sleep and will rise after Armageddon. These spirits must be either angels or demons and are most likely demons so it really can scare one.I did enjoy your stores. You have done a wonderful job with your webpage. - Karen

Middle Bridge Ghost - During the fifties two teen-age lovers were coming home from their usual Saturday night date. It was getting late and the boy- friend knew he must get his beloved home before her curfew, as not to anger her parents. Glancing nervously at his watch, he drove faster, faster. Time was running out! As he guided old clunker across (what was known as) the "Middle Bridge", fog began to rise from the moist ground below, reducing his visibility. Suddenly, the old car hit the guard rail, sending the car... and the two lovers into the river below! The girl was killed in this horrible accident. A few years later people starting talking of "strange" happenings over the bridge. It is said that at night, as you drove across the bridge, just as you get to the middle, your car would die. No headlights, no nothing! Peering out your car window, looking down below, you could see a faint fog rising slowly from the bottoms. The fog would suddenly take the shape of a young woman. The fog would slowly, ever so slowly "float" up to your car windows. The misty-faced teen would peer in at you with glowing eyes to see if you were her beloved she had lost so many years before. As soon as the apparition was content that you were not her beloved, satisfied, she would drift back to the river below. Your engine once again roars to life, headlights and all, as if you are free to go on about your business. The Middle Bridge has been closed for a long time now. The only thing left is weeds that cling to this old haunt... and maybe, just maybe a ghost! I believe the Middle Bridge is located around the Cemetery Road area. - L. Clark

I was reading your emails from your Kentucky ghost site, and it was talking about superstitions. The two that I remember from my Grandmother was, If company comes on Monday you will have company every day that week. And that has happened to me too many times to count. Also, if you drop silverware you will have hungry company. A few years ago I was in a readers shop, she had Indian sweat grass braided in bunches, she said if you put it by the doorway that everyone comes in, that only sweetness will come in. I had bunches of kids come to the house at that time because my children where teenagers some of whom I didn't like. After putting the sweet grass by the back door most the "friends" went by the way side. Thanks for the web site. interesting. - Jenny M

great site.if you want a haunted site to visit,the old miners memorial hospital in hazard kentucky is for you.built in the 1950s it was the only hospital for many counties around perry county. arh bought the hospital out early 1980s.the building was sold to the hazard collage after the new hospital opened a clinic is on the 2nd floor,and many offices are in the old hospital.1989 as the old building that sit two years un used.was beeing re-modeled for the colage.strang things started.workers heard foot steps in the stair well,and a man in a gray suit has been seen walking up the steps,and then just vanishes.a light that was burned out in a elevader lite-up as they tried to chang the bulb was intacked at the time.a emt teacher that had class on the basement floor saw some man in a suit walking on the stairs on the end of the vocies call your name to no one there.pepole was attacked by a black thing around the psycho ward. some report a woman looking out of the window of the 2nd floor room facing the parking lot.thought to be a old patient.a balloon is some times seen floating like it was at a sick persons gift from a time gone bye.others say you can hear typing like when you check in to the emergency told me you can hear a doctor being called over a intercom.many night watchmen quite this job vary quite just a couple nights after he started.he said he did not need a job,or money that bad. - Tim

Well, I visited your website today (October 10) because I love ghost stories and history, and your site is great. I live in Crestwood, Kentucky not too creepy but creepy enough. My friends and I have witnessed things here that I still to this day have never been able to explain. My friend and her mom were sleeping in her home in Orchard Grass on night, and late at night they herd the stack of dishes they had on top of the oven come crashing to the floor in the kitchen. When they went downstairs to see what happened, they found that the dishes were still stacked on top of the oven. On the other side of highway 22, I was living in a big house about years ago, I was outside in the back by our barn. (My house at the time was 11 years old, and used to be a farm house, and the people that lived there owned the surrounding farm land, which has since been turned into a nice little neighborhood). There was a garden back by the barn, next to a small patch of woods, and in the barn, in one of the stalls we turned it into a play room for me and my sister to go and play in. I was home by myself and decided to go out to the barn and play by myself. I was out there for a couple hours, before I decided to go back inside and get something to eat. I looked back at the barn as I shut the big sliding door on the front side, and I noticed something out of the corner of my eye. There was a white face staring at me from the woods. It took me a second to realize what it was and as soon as I did I took off running like a bat out of hell. I reached the creek we had that separated the barn and grazing area, from the normal back yard, and I stopped and looked back again, the white face was now by the barn. I ran as fast as my little legs could carry me, and I ran up the stairs to the deck, and right before I shut the house door behind me I looked once again, and the white face was just sitting there at the tree line, then disappeared. Needless to say I didn't go back there again without someone else with me. I have had some creepy dreams too. I am afraid of snakes, I always have been. I have always thought that snakes were nothing but evil slimy things. It gives me chills just thinking about them. One night I fell asleep in my bed after a long day at school, and I started to dream. It seamed as if I woke up, back in my house. I herd my friend Heather's voice calling to me from downstairs (this is a two story house). Heather was my best friend at the time so I wanted to make sure she was okay, and I went downstairs to see if she was okay. When I reached the bottom of the stairs, there were snakes covering the floor, covering the walls, and there was Heather, standing in the middle of it calling for my help. Without even thinking twice I took off after her, the closer I got to her, the further the snakes seemed to carry her away. Then I got with in arms length of her, she fell into a snake hole, then I woke up. The dream scared the hell out of me. The next day I went to school to tell her all about my dream, and she wouldn't talk to me. she got mad about something, I donít even remember what, and she hasn't talked to me since. This was when I was in rd grade, I am a senior in High school now. I had the same dream again in 8th grade, but this time it was my best friend Kara. The exact same thing happened in the dream. Kara is just now starting to talk to me a little bit. Every time I have a dream about snakes I loose one of my friends. Something super creepy happened to me today while I was printing pages off your site for my collection of horror/scary stories, it was the pages about the Octagon Hall. When it got down to the picture of the persons imprint in the feather bed, my printer stopped half way through it. It pushed the rest of the paper out, then started shooting out paper, until I turned it off. It printed the rest of the pages just fine. It still wont print that picture. Well sorry if I bored you, I just wanted to say your site was really cool! - Michelle

My Grandmother knew the spell you wrote about. She took Maggie's & my Mothers warts away. She told both of them if they ever told any one how it was done their worts would return 3 times over. Mom told me she would ask her how to do it, And after telling me just that Grandma could do this. She got a really big one on the back of her leg, and one on her back. Grandma told her they had come back to follow her for the rest of her life. So I asked Grandma my self. She told me that she couldn't pass it on she had no one to pass it to. But she had five boys and three girls. She told me that I needed to stop asking about spells until it was my time to play, And until then "Stay out of witches way or I would get marked. With in two months. I got a wart on the right side of my chin and my eyes turned yellow. What did I do? Well, write me back and let me know. Thanks! - Kelly

Me and my family had just moved into a house in Prestonsburg, Ky it was a brick house (one of those made out of the grey bricks) well I hadn't lived there not even 3 months and being the oldest of three kids I got the largest room after the master bedroom. Well this house is pretty old not exactly sure how old it is but I was lying in my bed trying to go to asleep one night keep in mind I am PETRIFIED of ghost and spirits and just about to doze off i was awakened by someone knocking on my wall. I knew it wasnt any of my brothers because they were gone for the weekend and i covered myself from head to toe with a blanket hoping it would go away. Just when i thought it would end the knocking started moving all around my room wall to wall non-stop hard and loud it never ended. it was even knocking beside my bed my bed was right up against the wall i was scared to death too scared to move, to breathe almost, afraid to speak i lay there covered up head to toe crying silently until i cried myself to sleep and the knocking never subsided. but the odd thing was after that i never heard it again in that house. it wasnt the last unusual thing to happen but i never heard the knocking. - Crystal

Hey. Love the site. There are many stories about the Wavery Hills Sanitarium in Louisville. But here's one from my personal experience: A group of about 7 friends and I snuck up the hill one night to go running through the building like we'd done many times before. I, personally had never seen anything up there and passed all the stories off as fiction. This night was different. We were one the third floor beginning to head down to explore the 2nd. Now, most of my friends enjoy running off by themselves to try and spook everyone else so it was the first thing we thought after seeing this. We were rounding the corner on the landing between the second and third floors when I seen a dark human-shaped figure bolt passed the door and round the corner, headed down to the first floor. We all stopped dead in our tracks for a second before laughing it off, saying "Alright Matt(my cousin), get back up here." Thats when Matt peaked his head back through the door to the second floor. We all stopped again and looked around. Everyone was accounted for and no one or thing had come back up those steps. I'd never seen anything there before or after that, but I'm convinced that some of Waverly's guests have never checked out. - Scott Louisville

When I was four years old we moved out of a large and old house on Callaway St. In Winchester. Of course I donít remember much about my life at that time however I do remember more than some might expect. Now as I said this was a very large house and we where a family of 4. My parents would often rent out the upstairs portion of the house since it had its own small kitchen. It was then that I made a friend that I will never forget. Nothing seemed strange about my friend Until much later in life, when I was 10 to be exact. My mother and I were driving down a country road just passing the time of day talking about the past and the different homes we had lived in over the years. when I asked my mom what ever happed to my friend on Callaway? My mother didnít know what friend meant so I explained that when we lived there I would go Upstairs and Spent time With and Old lady that was upstairs. I would Sit on a rug in her one room apartment and listen to her tell stories like brier rabbit , We would sit quietly while she knit and I played with metal trucks and other toys she had on hand. My moms look was not something I could Identify at the ripe old age of ten but I knew it wasnít good. I told mom I understand she was very old and probably isnít around so she didnít have to be so concerned if the poor old lady was dead I could handle it. Just spit it out and stop looking like that. My mom explained to me that that she didnít know if the lady was dead because she never knew of an old lady. Mom did remember always haveing to stop me from pestering the renters. And that when there where no renters they were always catching me going up stairs the 3írd floor attic, but there was no old lady, or furniture, toys, or anything but dust boxes, and a slightly dangerous floor up in the attic. However she had heard that many years ago that house was some kind of home for the elderly - Jon

first, great web page. i thought i would tell of a haunting in hazard kentucky. the old miners memorial/arh hospital on Combs Road in was built in the 1950s and was a hospital till 1987.was then in 1989 used as offices and class rooms by the collage.with a clinic on the 2nd floor.the clinic is moving to a new building now.wird things are seen and heard here.something will attack in the old psycho ward. voices heard in the halls.and then a man in a gray suit is seen in the stair well. many guards left the job over this told me in the after hours on patroll. walking is heard around the halls,and rooms.when checking nothing is found. and the elevators will follow the guards from floor to floor.doors heard shuting.face seen in the windows. thanks - Tim N. Dwarf ky.

First off i would just love to say, your site is great!!! I have always been interested in ghost ever since the first time i saw one.... I was only 7 0r 8 years old, i was in my house, in our back shop with my uncle, i was playing and running around and then my uncle Shawn who was the same age as me had said, "Lisa come here, look at the girl..." I asked my uncle, what girl and he pointed over to the wall, i had looked and saw a little girl, she looked like she was wearing a dress that was really old, it looked to be a dress from about the early 1900's or so, she had long blonde hair about down to her lower back, and she had a bright glow around her. She was sitting down up against the wall she was crouched up and was crying, like a weep. I look at her and said, "whats wrong?" And she looked at me, she had pale blue beautiful eyes, and she replied, "My mommy doesn't love me or my brother." And I said why, but she didn't answer, so i went to get my mother and oldest uncle, the was standing in the door way about 5 feet away from us, and i said, mommie, there's a little girl, and she is crying," My mom and uncle looked at me and started laughing and looked away then my uncle Shawn told me to look at her,and when i did said she was gone... Now i have told people about this many of times before i got the same reply ever time,"It was just your imagination," but i know different. And tell me, how would anything in there take the shape and form of a girl? There was absolutely nothing in that room at all... But it gets weirder, about 6 years ago, i was watching, "unsolved Solved Mysteries," and they had on there a episode of a mother than had lived in Kentucky about 1925 in, "Plantation Park." She had two children, a boy and a girl. It was said on the show that the mother pushed her daughter in the creek, submerging her and drowning her. Then she did the same to her son. The little girl's brother. It is said that the little girl is haunting around here, looking for her brother. By the way, I live in that very neighborhood. People say that Plantation park used to be a plantation for the slaves, and it is cursed. I know for a fact, that my families' "Hill" or lot, is cursed. There has been some awful and strange things to occur here. Another incident that happened was, one night when my mother had company. She went into her bed room for something and was there for about 5 minutes. At this time, her bedroom used to be the way to get in side our back shop. Where the little girl was. But any ways, she was in her room and she felt a breeze that felt like someone swept passed her. And then touched her but she ignored it. Then her curling iron somehow, flew off her dresser and hit the other side of the wall. She thought she had some how caught the cord on something and pulled it. Then her door to the back shop flew open and slammed shut. She said that it shook the whole room because this door weighs about 40 pounds, it is pure medal. It takes a lot to pull it shut, and there is no wind that gets circulated through there. She ran out into the living room crying and told everyone what had happened. My dad told her the same thing has happened to him also. The last most recent incident that has happened was when my uncle was drinking one afternoon. He was very upset, yelling and cursing out my 80 year old great grandmother, and God himself. He said that God wasn't real and that he could go to hell. Then out of nowhere a big bolt of lightning hit his garage right where he was standing and struck it. There on the top was a big ball of fire spinning in a clockwise motion. Now this was on a bright,sunny day. These are only a few of the stories of horrible things that have happened. As a child, I used to have dreams about the devil killing my whole family. EVERY, SINGLE, night and it got so bad that i had to get baptized, after i did that my dreams stopped. I believe those dreams are coming back.... By the way, all of this occurred on the Dipietro Hill in plantain park. Well thanks for letting me share with you information about Plantation parks' ghost stories. - Lisa J.

hello my name is Ronnie S. i am a young gost hunter from kentucky. I have lived in kentucky all my life. in a littel town called crittenden. there is a haunted bridge in this littel town i never got to no the hole story behinded it but this bridge is on a road calld shadylane my grandparents lived on this road for many year an my aunts an uncles always told me the store of the headless woman under the bridge but i wood get scared an never wanna here the rest of it but if u go down to this bridge at midnight an park your car an it turn light an car off an u will see here she has no head an walks right up to the car i have seen it an i am scared to death to go there i toke a long time for me to see this ghost but i seen here. it was about a year ago i was 17 me an 4 friends went down there an was sitting on the bridge an nothing was happening but i looked over an i seen a bright light an i told them that there was a car coming so we went to start the car up an drive off the bridge but the car woodent start it was like the battery went died the light got closer an it was coming up the creek bed we tryed to run but we were frozen in the car then i looked to my right an the light was gone all of a suden there she was in a long white dressan she had no head she put her hands on the glass then she slowly floted away an vaniched then we stated the car up an drove off that was the scarist moment in my life i have never been able to go back down there ever sence that night i hunger for ghost stories an when i here one i go to the place an se if the stories are true if u ever here any thing of this bridge please e-mail me. good bye - Ronald S.

I'm 13 and I live in Jackson, Kentucky. There are many ghost stories and legends, but the one that I know from personal experience is the legend of the Lopez. The older generations tell the story like this: There is a creature so horrible that the devil is afraid to cross it's path. It's made up of every creature that strikes fear in the heart of people. The place where it's most seen is the cornfields at night. The Lopez lures its victims form their safe warm beds at night by howling, its cry sounds like that of a new born baby. Even though the creature doesn't physically touch you it tries to scare you to death by following your every move and staying one step behind you breathing down your neck.- Now, being 13 I believed it, but never really took it to heart until I heard it. The first night that I heard the Lopez was with my 12 year old cousin. It was around 10 o' clock in the night and we were sitting on the front porch of our older cousin's house waiting for her to come back from the kitchen with our snacks (for some reason we like to hang out on the front porch and talk). Well, everything got real quiet then this abnormal howl broke the silence. We ran into the house and told my cousin what we heard for the rest of the night we stayed indoors. The next night my older cousin and her boyfriend (both in their early twenties) were sitting on the porch swing talking. Then out of this darkness came this scream it was somewhere between that of a woman and a dying animal. Believe it or not the boyfriend was more scared then us, he knew the stories and he knew that we should get into the house as soon as possible. From then on my cousin and I stay inside with the doors and windows lock we're afraid to take any chances with the Lopez.

Hear are my experiances, We live in a basement and on top off it is an old antique shop, when I was younger we all used to hear footsteps up there and we heard somebody riding the old tri-cycle back and forth up there when no one was there not only that but me my sister and my cousin where able to describe a little boy to the T that we saw up there on different occassions. He had blond hair a stripped shirt blue jeans and little cowboy boots on. We all had seen this boy during the day hours by the front door to the side while we walked out we would see this child out of the corner of our eyes and we all described him the same so it wasn't a figment of our imagination. We had moved out of the house due to a fire and a couple of years age we moved back in and the basement was under repair but still had power I slept alone in there one night and woke up with a jolt and sat up in my bed and heard a voice right in front of me whispering I DIED RIGHT HERE I DIED RIGHT HERE....Other times I would wake up paralized with fear and would not be able to move or call for help, I hate it when that happens by the way .The activity has since died down and nothing has happened in the last 4 years.......I don't know who that boy was, no history or identity.....for the most part I beleave that ghosts are either demons or angles and tend to haunt people rather that houses..... GOD BLESS.......REMEMER, JESUS IS THE SON OF LOVE. - Simba

i saw your site and had a few things to tell you over your chapter about tales of the dead. in kentucky lore, as this is the place of my birth, my life, my home, and the majority of my superstitions; a cat can steal the soul out of the mouth of the dead. traditionally, (an excuse for if you will ) this is why the mouth was sewn up, so that no one, or nothing could steal the stream of the soul escaping from the bodies of the dead. also, cats or kittens were not allowed around babies or their cribs for fear that they would suck the souls (or the life forces) out of the child before they were strong enough to live. a more "modern" explanation of this superstition was offered to me recently, old folk were afraid that a feline would lay across the babe and suffocate them. cats were not always the bad guys here; they are able, according to kentucky lore, to predict wealth, *the cat lays at the masters shoes and dips into them repeatedly with their paws* death, *by staring into a mirror you are looking into at the same time* ,births * by jumping on the dining table* , unexpected monies *by going to the cubbards and laying down repeatedly and not being able to be moved* and cheating husbands * if the cat goes to his suit coat and refuses to leave it you know that he loves another.* thanks for the great site - Jenn T.

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