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hello, my name is Cory H. i am a full-time student at western kentucky university. earlier tonite, a friend of mine told me about a bridge that is supposed to be haunted between here and richardsville. she began telling me the story behind it, so we all decided to go check it out for ourselves. once we got there, she told us that we had to drive down to the other end of the bridge and turn around, stopping our car at the beginning of the bridge. we were then told to turn the car off and put it in neutral and see if we began to move. Before we did this, she told us last time she did this, their car moved about 15 feet down the bridge. we then put the car in neutral and sat there waiting...all of a sudden we began moving. only this time, we kept a steady pace all the way to the other end of the bridge. it was probably on of the scariest things that i have ever seen. as soon as i got back into my dorm, i searched for haunted areas in southern kentucky. i found a picture of that same bridge on your website. i am just writing you to tell you that it is very real. - Cory H.

I lived in KY briefly for about a year back in 96 and 97. I went to the Job Corps center in Greenville but they have changed the name of the center to something else. Now a lot of things have happened on the campas. First of all we found out the center is built on Indian burial ground. There was many ghostly encounters on that center. Some in the girls dorm and some in the guys. Since I left they added to the center and redid a few things here and there. It wouldn't matter not to me and not to anyone that goes there. It is built on Indian burial ground for starters so that right there says a lot.
I myself seen a medican man who visited me one night. He was talking to me as I laid on my top bunk and then suddenly started laughing at me and spun around turning into a devil. We seen a old Indian woman who rocked in a rocking chair and we had no rocking chairs in the dorm rooms. I swear to this day that while we were there on that center it felt like there was a big bubble or something surrounding the entire center. Its hard to describe the feeling unless you are there. There was times I heard small growls when I would look towards this one hill top and I had awhile dreams while I lived there.
It was a place that I would not want to go back to unless I had my camera or protection spells on me. I believe in magic and I feel that is why I felt a little safe there that year I was there. Anyway I thought I let you know. If you ever go there or know anyone that went there or is going there warn them about the Indians that are most likely still there. There was other strange things that happened while we were there. One was there was a tornado that touched the ground just outside of our campas. They sounded the alarms off and told everyone to get inside. The tornado just lifted up into the air right before the campas and then fell back down just outside the front of the campas. Now the campas wasn't that big and tornadoes been known to do that but like I said I always felt like some bubble or orb was over that campas. It felt like you were in a snow globe almost. Also once there was a crow in the middle of the baseball field. We went over to it because we didn't want the other kids to hurt it. It couldn't fly because its wings were wet.
I picked it up and it put its feet on my finger and anytime my boyfriend at the time now husband tried to pet it or my best friend that was with me tried to touch it, it would squawk at them and try to bite them. It let me put it down in the woods and then hopped along its way. I don't know what that meant but it could of meant anything. Anyway all I am saying is anything built on Indian burial grounds is bound to be haunted. This is one place I'll never forget. The name of the center was Earle C. Clemens satellite center but now they changed the name to something else. I can't remember what right now. Thanks for letting me share. I have a few pictures of me and some friends at the center but none with spirits in them but you might get a feeling of what I'm talking about. If you like let me know and I'll email them to you in a separate email. - Rebecca C.

Hi, I just came across your website about old Kentucky ghosts tonight and really enjoyed it. I have a story that I'm trying to get more information on and I thought possibly you might be able to help. All I have are the sketchiest details, so I realize this is a shot in the dark, but anyways....Sometime in the early 30's, around Franklin, KY, in Simpson County lived a man. A "hermit" type for lack of a better term. Anyway, the story went that the man came into "town" once a month for supplies and always paid with a 20 dollar gold piece. Evidently his bill only came to a few dollars, he took his change and left. He never came back for his supplies and used his change, always another 20 dollar gold piece. One spring people noticed he hadn't been back into town for his usual trip. The Sheriff went to call on him and is said to have found him dead. Rumor has it that several people went out to his place in the woods and started digging for his gold. So far, no one seems to have found it. My friend that related this story to me said his father was a child when this happened but he remembered the event. He went back to KY in 1999 for Christmas to visit some relatives. He decided to see if he could remember where this man lived. I guess he found the place, told his son about it when he came home and they made plans to go back in the spring and try metal dectecting this site. Unfortunately, that January, my friends father passed. None of his aunts (who still reside in the area) have any idea where this place was. They remember the story but didn't know anything else. My friend and I are really into metal detecting and thought this would make an interesting trip. Unfortunately, we have no idea where in Simpson County this place may be. I thought maybe you may have heard about this story or could direct me where to go in this area to find out more information. Seems to me the kind of story someone may have invented a ghost to go with to protect his gold. Anyway, I know this is a huge longshot, but it never hurts to ask. If you have any idea what I'm talking about, or perhaps know where I should look I would really appreciate it. Thanks for taking the time to read this. Again, I really did enjoy your site. I always love a good ghost story! Thanks again! - Amy S.

My dad and I went rabbit hunting with his friends when I was six or seven yrs old. His friends was fixing to leave and he ask them to drop me by our house since I was tired. When I got home nobody was there, I walked in the house ( nobody locked their doors back then ) and I stood there looking down the hallway. The house was real quiet, I mean not a sound. As I looked down the hallway I saw a blob like thing, ( the only way I know how to describe it ) crossed from one bedroom to the other across the hall. It was low to the ground and couldn't have been more than two feet in height. People have called me crazy, but this has been stuck in my mind for thirty yrs now. I went to the bedroom and searched for whatever it was I saw. I remember lifting the blanket to look underneath the bed, and checking the closet. Nothing. I don't care what people say I know what I saw. Since then I have been interested in the paranormal. There is a cemetery by our house and I would like to check it out. It's very small and I would like a few suggestions for something like that. If you have time email me back. Thanks - Butch

I have never told anyone this story, except for my best friend at the time and my parents. My senior year of high school, in May, I left my house around 5:00 pm and went to the park to hang out with some friends. I had made plans to spend the night with my best friend who lived in Big Creek, which is a hollow in Hazard. There are two different ways to get in the hollow, East Old 80 off Exit 56, or across South 15 and turn left onto Fourseam Rd. From the park, South 15 was much closer so that was the way that I chose to go. Going that way I had to cross a large mountain where coal is hauled from.
Around dusk, I turned onto Fourseam Road (Big Creek is at the bottom of the mountain) and passed the church and a little bridge. Standing on the left side of the road was a boy around the age of 16-23. He look distraught, and I was a little weary of him. He looked like he was in trouble, so I stopped and rolled down my window. He said, "You've got to help me." And he started to stick his head inside of my window. I started to pull away and he screamed, "HELP ME!" I floored it and looked in my rear view mirror and he was gone. I kept driving and the hair on the back of my neck was on end. He was dressed in bell bottoms; like he was from the 70s. When I arrived to my friends house I ran in and up to her room. I started to call 911 because I thought maybe he had had an accident, but her step-father told me that people had seen him there before and had had the same experience that I had.
I swear he came from no where and I still don't no where he went to. I have done numerous searches over the years trying to gain some insight on who or more appropriately, what he was.
I guess I was hoping you had some info on this area, and thought maybe you had heard something about him.
Any information you could give me I would appreciate it. I have always wondered who and what had happened that night.
Thanks. I love your website! - Sheena H.

I have two unusual dreams that stick out in my mind. I have had both of them multiple times.
The first dream I am getting ready to go with a couple of my friends somewhere. It is never clear where we are going, but We are in a hurry. WE get into a large car, a 70's Monte Carlo I think, and start down a two lane road. Ad we a driving the road suddenly give way and we fall into a pit. I always wake up before we hit bottom. I had always heard if you die in your dream, you die in real life. I finally found out as the last time I had the dream i saw the car go over the crash into the water. As you can see I have survived and have never had the dream again.
My second dream was scarier. I am being held down. What makes it scary is as I wake up I am still being held down, even though no one is there. I have to get full awake and my body still fills after effects like I am being held down. - Lynn G.

I was reading your spooky emails and the first one I saw was about a girl in Pikeville, KY who they thought had died in child birth and was apparently buried alive. Well the girl happens to be one of my cousins and her name is Olivia N. and the story is true its not just a campfire tale. Just thought you would like to know that. Plus, I have seen and talked to many of spirits throughout my life but one event that happened to me I will never forget because this was my first experience wit ha ghost. I was at my friends birthday party and we fell asleep on the couch watching TV (this was before the great invention of a DVD player) so I was woke up to the snowy static noise that comes on when the tape runs out. Well I got up to turn it off and laid back down (this is like at 4 in the morning) but when I laid back down something unusual caught my attention, a black shadow figure came walking down the stairs, stopped halfway down looked over at me then walked the rest of the way into the basement and into a wall. I was a little scared and so the next morning I asked my friend if her house was haunted and her response was "technically? well my grandpa is still here" I believe what I saw that night was my friends Grandpa just checking on us. - Thanks, Kayla M.

I have a story for you. I'm from southern California by the way. The story takes place in Mexico outside of Tijuana where its rural, my cousin was sent to pick up a new shipment because he's one of the best and most trustworthy drivers of the company. When he had arrived it was late and real dark so he had to wait at what is similar to a truck stop with no gas/diesel or restaurant till they opened up the wearhouse the next morn. In Mexico truckers will actually sleep in their trucks no matter how bad the weather is or heat and they usually dont stay at a hotel or truck stop to sleep inside a nice building. So as he parked at any old spot, little did he realize he parked right on top of an old grave that was sort of left behind. He said he couldn't sleep, that paranormal activity was going on and that someone was inside his Peterbilt truck trying to get his attention and scarring him. He woke up several times and could not figure out why the hell he kept having horrible nightmares beyond believable. The next day he talked to the owner of the pension and the owner asked how he slept and everything and my cousin told him what had happened. The owner said you didn't by any chance park on top of the grave now? Of course my cousin had no idea or had even seen the small mini crucifix that marked a dead mans grave. He immediately told him to move his truck away from the site and that everything would be okay. My cousin was in shock when he went to go see if there was a grave and He didn't realize that the front grill of his truck was hitting the small wooden cross. So he immediately moved it and received a new shipment and stayed again at the truckstop but far away from the grave and that night he didn't have any nightmares ever again. My cousin said he never goes to that truckstop anymore. By the way I must say your website is awesome and interesting. - Christian M.

As a child i was born in Hazard Ky, and as a kid i experinced something that just dosnt seem real. My brother an my sister and I were walking down a holler going to the creek to go night swiming. As we started across the rocks to get to the creek, we saw a lady dressed in what seemed to be an old machnics jump suite. She was standing under this old oak tree that had a rope tied from the branch. All the kids would climb this tree and jump from the rope. The next morning when we went to breakfest, we told our mom what happend. Our mother was shocked when we told her this. She told us that when she was a little girl there was a lady who had broke out of an insane aslyum and killed an old man while he was walking home from his job as a mecanic. She had robbed the old man of his jumpsuit. The next day the police were doing normal rounds and just driving down the hollers to check on the people since what happend to the old man. As they drove by the creek they saw something hanging from a tree. As they went to investigate it turned out to be the escaped woman. She had hung herself from the oak tree over the creek. My mother said that no one ever cut down the rope. When my mother told me this, i was in shock. And i havent been back to that creek since. -Shanna N.

I live in Bowling green, Ky. My mother has been having nightmares since my dad passed June 2012. She hates sleeping in their room so she sleeps on the living room couch. She told me about her dreams of a angel with dark wings, well I've never believed her until a week after her last nightmare. I was asleep in my old room until I heard my mother moan my name. I get up and tiptoe into the hall. I get to the end of the hall and look into the living room and I froze, standing by the couch in a black trench coat is a pale man with pitch black wings. A lamppost across the street was the only light but his wings were darker than any black I've seen my whole life!! His skin was as white as paper!! I run to the kitchen and grab a knife out of the sink and run into the living room. When I get there the man is gone and my mom wakes up. She tells me she had a dream of the site I just saw. I tell her It wasn't a dream for me, because I really just saw a dark angel over her! From then we talked to a friend of mine who knows a shaman and she gave my mom a piece of iron with a indentation of the angel Michael in it, and told her to put this in the bottom of her pillow case and say a prayer before going to bed, that the dark angels or anything evil is driven away by iron and Michael helps too. We went home that night and she did as the shaman told her to do and she hasn't had a nightmare since.
- Stacy E.P.

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