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I live in Australia and there's a place here called Quarantine Station. I have been there myself but experienced no visual sitings of anything paranormal but felt throughout the tour a continuous building of pressure in my chest and very cold. My friend who came with me experienced doors slamming and other strange noises when she and other members of our tour group went further into the hospice where there have been reports of the head nurse getting angry with alive human visitors and warning them off. Quarantine is a place in Manly (beach area of sydney) that was set up as quarantine in the 1820's to assist in processing immigrants and convicts that had signs of disease and illness. In the 140 years that it was in action the station it saw many nasty diseases that killed hundreds of people. These diseases consisted of : small pox, cholera, typhoid fever, and bubonic plague. Our tour guide also reported that she and another guide once saw a pair of legs walking along the driveway and then disappeared. Below are some other reports that I heard about on my tour. One tour experienced a loud humming noise, a "humming" or "buzzing" noise is quite often associated with paranormal events. The air was thick and heavy with the noise but nothing could be seen to be causing such a disturbance. Tour members shone their torches around and the guide looked about but nothing was found. The two guides later that night both experienced difficulties with their cars whilst trying to leave the station to go home. Another tour group who were overly skeptical saw a white 2D image whilst looking out at the view over Manly, it appeared to be a white shimmering shadow down the hill from them. It then started to move up the hill towards the group but stopped when it was approx. 20 meters away from them. The group shone torches at the apparition and went to move forward to investigate further but the apparition vanished into thin air. A small ghost child (who is a common resident ghost) with thick plaits is a common resident ghost. It is not uncommon for her to join a tour or grab someones hand or tug at their sleeve. One psychic who had never heard the stories of the young girl commented on seeing a girl passing though the tour group looking up into the faces of all the women, searching for someone. A worker wrote a testimonial that as he was leaving one of the buildings in his car at sunset a face suddenly appeared out of nowhere in front of his windscreen. He said that he "immediately tried to rationalize the situation" but gave in to the fact that it was simply one of the ghosts. A staff member who used to reside in the Isolation Wards often reported of a white figure walking past her window along the verandah. She would play her flute outside at night and always spy a man in an old fashioned sailor's uniform out of the corner of her eye. If she turned her head to look at him directly he would dissappear. A caretaker would often complain of the lights in one of the offices switching on and off with no one else there but himself. He would quite often call upon someone else to go inside the office with him as he felt there was "someone after him". The lighting in the office was rewired due to his complaints but the strange occurances of the lights turning on and off still happened. From the wharves ghostly noises of people disenbarking from ships can quite often be heard. The Wharf has mysteriously been burnt down 3 times. A ghostly man of Asian appearance complete with the long plait down his back appears quite regularly in the Asiatic quarters. In 1992 a television crew were filming for a children's program. Being a very wet and windy night no one else was around. Filming in a cemetery the Production Manager was watching the filming when she turned around to look behind her at the expanse of the cemetery. There were three figures standing above the cemetery on the hill a man, a woman and a child, all were wearing plain clothes similar to collared nightshirts. She returned the wave that they gave her and looked away for a second, when she looked back they had disappeared into thin air. Locked doors quite often cannot be unlocked or opened. When tried again by another person the doors open with ease. Lights are seen in some of the buildings that contain no electricity and have no one in them. Floating white figures are spotted around the verandas and compound. A staff member who was living in the Quarantine Station compounds went out onto the rocky ledge overlooking the sea one night, she felt an unseen force attempting to push her over the cliff and end her life. She managed to break free and apparently ran straight out of the Station, not even returning to collect her things. Relatives had to collect everything of hers. Both tourists and staff members have reported of witnessing smoky or white apparitions floating across the front of their cars at night when driving home down the long dark road that leads out of the Station. - Marni F., Sydney, Australia.

My cousin told me this story. I'm not sure if it's true or believed to be true but I would like to find out. My cousin once lived in a trailor park in Hanson, KY. The trailor she lived in was bought by a man the may have been an ex-police officer because he left a German Shephard with her that she was told was once in police training. The man told my cousin a story about the previous owners of the trailor and the swing set left in the yard. The story goes that on a stormy night the man that used to live there and his daughter were driving to met the rest of the family at some event when he lost control of the car and turned over into a ditch full of water. The man was able to excape his seat belt but was unable to unbuckle his daughter. The man drowned trying to save his daughter. The rest of the family was devistated and moved away living all their belongings behind including the little girls swing set. It is said that on really rainy days you can hear and see the little girl playing on the swing set. My cousin said that the police officer had seen the girl and asked the trailor park owner who the girl was and he was shocked because at the time there were no kids living in the trailor park. My cousin has also seen and heard the girl. I never did but I would like to know if it is true or if anyone else has heard this story. - UofLMama

My name is Kenneth C. and I live in Floyd county of Eastern Kentucky. First off I don't believe in "Ghosts". I am a Christian and I do believe that there are two sides in the spirit world, that is always around us. I don't think there are any ports for "ghosts" to move back and forth between. There are just some people that are more sensitive to the spirits. God is in control of the angels and Satan is in control of the fallen angels or "demons". I myself have never seen either (that I am aware of). Going on what I believe I must say that I do understand that when people tell their "Ghost" stories that they are telling the truth. I just see that these are either demons playing around with the mind of the one witnessing it (90% of the time). Other time I feel that it is an Angel of God sent as a guardian to manifest in a way that would be easier on the person. That being said, I have a story of my own. This has happened more than once to me. The most recent account was right after my wife and I moved into the house we now live in. (This is not something that is part of any house just something I have experienced in different houses.) My wife and I laid down in the living room floor on a blow-up mattress (no bed at the time, just moving in). I felt as though I was dreaming about what was going on but I wasn't. I started feeling as though something very heavy was on top of me trying to crush the air out of my lungs. I then began to wake and realized the I couldn't move my hands or legs to do anything about this. It was as though I was being held down by invisible hands and being sat on. Being a Christian I realized what was going on so I started praying and commanding them to loose me and to leave my home in the name of Jesus Christ. I felt rather than saw them release me and the room got a little lighter as this happened. Like I had said before, I don't believe in "ghosts" so I don't feel that this was anything more than demons trying to either kill or just to scare me. Either way it's still a story of the Spirit world and may be interesting for other readers. No need to mention names if you so choose, doesn't matter to me. Cool site. I enjoy reading the stories. - Kenneth C.

I live in Bowling Green and this happened when I was 14. Some friends and I were hanging out at the old mall. We walked to the back of the mall, and went outside. There was a lot of grafitti on the walls. Supposedly, that's where the gangs of Bowling green hung out. We looked back at the door, and there was a guy standing there watching us. We ignored him, but he just stood there staring. We finally got upset and went toward the door, but as we did, he started walking away. We went in ,and were a few feet behind him. He turned the corner, then we turned the corner, and he was gone. There was nowhere that he could have hidden. Not even a minute later, a bunch of cars pulled in behind the mall. They were throwing bottles everywhere. If we hadn't followed that guy inside, we could've gotten hurt. We looked for him everywhere. He just vanished. I feel that he was a guardian angel protecting us. It's as if he knew we would follow him, and in doing so, we were guided to safety. I can't describe the feeling I had that night. I am a believer now. - Seashell

I used to live in Russellville Ky. I was very young then. I saw the house you were talking about. In fact I sat on the porch and talked to the person who lived there at that time. We sat on the porch and talked about the incident. Actually the girl was supposed to be going to the prom and it started storming and she began cursing God. In fact I remember when the Courier Journal came out with the article and they gave the same story as she did. She told me that they had changed windows and that didn't work the image was always there. So painting them was the only way they could cover it up. She said that the girl was buried in the cemetery by the house. Also at that time the bank that Jesse James robbed was a library and I used to go there and get books to read. I lived across the street from it. They took me back and showed me the hole in the wall that they said that Jesse put there with a bullet. I just thought I would share this with you. I hope the information is helpful. - Mona

Hi! I really enjoyed your website...I grew up in a little town in central Ky. Big Spring. It is about 50 miles Southwest of Louisville, very near Ft. Knox. I'd love to share some of my personal experiences with viewers. Big Spring is a very historic little place. The town was thriving with a racetrack, motels, and a spa as late as the early 1900's. When the railroad (L&N) came through they went too far east of Big Spring and the town eventually died. Nothing left but a couple of churches and a general store by the time I was growing up there. The home I grew up in had a lot of strange activity. There was the grave of a baby in our field. The story was told to me by a neighbor that a young woman had died giving birth. In order to save the cost of two graves the family buried the baby on the farm and her out in the church cemetary. I saw her in the dining room of our home when I was about 14. I told my mother who dismissed it as teenage imagination. After my mother passed my oldest brother lived in the house alone for several years. He married a lady who had two daughters (whom he adopted). Both of my neices and a visiting cousin say they saw the young woman in the dining room, even though I never told them my story. I also have strange dreams. I have very real conversations with people who have passed. I have even had a conversation with my Mother In Law who passed when my husband was only 12 years old. However one of my most interesting dreams involves a friend who died when he was 21 from a brain tumor. I was 18 at the time. In 2003 my foster sister had to have brain surgery to decompress blood vessels pressing on nerves. In the summer of 2002 my oldest son had a brain tumor removed. Our family seemed to be getting well aquainted with neurosurgons. Two nights before my sister's operation my friend came to me in a dream. He told me that he knew I was worried and that he was there to let me know that she would be fine, then he said I'll be with you and I want you to know that I was with you with Nathan (my son) had his operation. I knew then that everything was going to turn out fine. When I went over to my sister's that night I told her about my dream. She bawled like a baby...but her operatiion came off without a hitch. She amazed everyone, even her doctor. Just like my son had done the year before.Dreams are awesome. Check out what the bible has to say about them. I come from a large family 7 natural siblings and the foster sister I mentioned earlier. All of my siblings have visions and dreams like I do. Our mother had the same ability. She dreamed of a cross of colored lights the night my paternal grandmother passed. She even woke my father to come to the window and see the cross. When he got up to look it was gone. A few hours later my uncle came to tell them my grandmother had passed. My sister closest to me in age has a daughter who is 35 years old. She had been trying for years to concieve. After two etopic pregnancies her chances were looking poor. One night my sister had dream that the Lord told her her daughter would have a baby...On September 16 my neice had a beautiful baby girl...she was concieved shortly after my sister had the dream! I would love to share more of my experiences growing up in Big Spring...Ghost hunters love to hang out at an old cemetary near there. Lots of paranormal stuff happens. We even had our own resident "witch" in Big Spring. She was also the town midwife. It's really a neat place! I miss it very much. Live in Florida most of the year now. IN A HAUNTED MOBILE HOME!!! - Sandra S.

On December 11,1965 a Lewisburg, Ky. banker and his daughter were kidnapped. Their bodies were found almost 4 months later on Peach Orchard Road. Both had been beaten and shot. I live in the next county and tales about the particular site where the bodies were found tell of ghostly screams and hearing the motor of a car running. - MommyX3

This is one story I heard from my grandmother. Many years ago when Appalachia was cut off from the world, men in the hills had to ride mules or walk great distances when going to look for work. My great-grandfather worked in construction, and was gone often for days at a time. There was one time he was walking home in the pitch black Kentucky mountains, he was walking along trying to hurry because at the time bears were still known to roam around. He had a small oil lamp that brought small comfort. That night he was coming up on a small clearing where the trees had parted enough that one could see the sky. He heard voices behind him, as though two people were engaged in conversation. He did not bother to turn around and decided to walk faster. The voices kept getting closer and just as he was about to run, he turned around to see what was behind him. Just at the treetop level, he clearly saw two angels walking in the air and was talking together. They passed over his head never even acknowledging him and walked in front of him all the way to his yard. It was nearly early morning when he arrived, and his face told the story to my great-grandmother who came out to see why he was still in the yard. I guess that is what a praying wife will do for a man going to work. He swore to the day he died that it happened.
Another story not quite so pleasant, he was also victim to the ghost on the mule behind him. Another night he had to go home from work, he had bought a mule by that time. He was going his usual route when he passed under a low lying tree branch. He felt the thing behind him on the mule pressed against him. He jumped off the mule and let it walk away. I don't ever remember him talking about owning another mule, even though he still had to walk the same way home. The mountains are sure dark at night even to this day and I guess you had to be a brave person to live there.
My great-grandparents had made sure they were on not on haunted property, they were devout Christians who even built a church on their property. They had followed the same custom of burying the dead on the tops of the mountains. My great-grandfather had a brother that was not so nice however. As a young man he often tormented small animals by poking their eyes out. When he was about 21 he went blind. The man's family has a small family graveyard across from my great-grandfather's place. Any time of the day or night you can see things walking around in it and up and down the old hollow road, but on my great-grandparents property that is now divided among their heirs, there is peace.
My cousin told me about staying one night at his in-laws right after him and his wife were married. The mother-in-law had died several years earlier, and she was reputed to be an indian witch. As my cousin was trying to sleep, he was trying to get used to being in another house. His wife was asleep as this had been the house she had just left. While they were lying there, he felt the blanket being pulled off of him and a cold arm layed on his chest. Being the macho man he was at the time, he never made a sound until his wife woke up several hours later to see him paralyzed with fear. The cold sensation was still on him and she felt it. All these happened on Old Buck Road in Breathitt County , just off Highway 11. There are many more I know but too numerous to put here. My great-grandparents were Jim and Cindy Gross, my cousin was Jimmy Barrett whose mother-in-law was Elvira Spicer, the indian witch.
If anyone wants to do an investigation there, I am sure that they will let you do it from the road and not on their property, they are still wary of people they don't know as they have managed to avoid feuds through the years, but know people involved. - Kara K.

You have a great site! I wanted to tell you a story about my ghostly ventures. A couple of years ago, me and a friend of mine were staying at my aunt's house alone, we had been watching TV in the family room when my friend left to go to the restroom. She returned shook up and said, "I don't want to scare you, but there is a man in a black suit and a top hat in the hallway." I dismissed her reaction to the situation, and told her to take a seat and that everything would be okay. Several minutes later I heard my cell phone ring from the bedroom in the back of the house, I walked to the end of the hallway and grabbed the phone off the bedside table and made my way backtowards the living room. Walking down the hallway, I noticed that there was no 'missed calls' on my cell phone, and as I looked up I could clearly see the appriation of tall man with long gray hair wearing a black suit and a top hat in the mirror (that was hung at the oppsite end of the hallway) behind me. Shocked and absolutely frightened I ran into the living room crying and screaming. My friend and I were too scared to stay and too scared to leave, we simply waited on the couch until my cousin came home late that night. Several months later, I told the story to my aunt's daughter, and she was petrified with horror. She told me, "When we lived in Jetson (Butler County), when I was a young girl, I would see that man standing at the foot of my bed at night." She continued to tell me even after moving back to Edmonson County she continued to see the man until she was a teenager. I haven't actually "seen" man since that night, several years ago, but every now and then I will catch a glimpse of him standing behind me or walking through my house. I did read somewhere, that this type of "appriation" represented death, but I honestly have no idea. Who or whatever he is... I don't know! - Courtney

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