November / December 2014


Brothers and Sisters,


     Well 2014 is almost over.  Thanks to all those members who helped put on and run the Kentucky State Fall FOP Conference here in Owensboro.  It went flawlessly and was a huge hit.  Our lodge received numerous compliments from our peers and from members at the State and National levels of the FOP.  Good job FOP 16!! Way to come together and make it awesome!!


      I would like to take a moment and talk of the passing of Brother Mike Hettich from the State E-Board.  Brother Hettich was respected and loved by all.  It is truly a tragedy of his passing because he was so full of life and was always there for anyone who needed his assistance.  I personally called on Mike several times during issues facing the FOP at a local level and Mike was always there to assist in any way possible. I will never forget the last time speaking with Mike on that Saturday of the conference and him telling me what a great time he had in Owensboro and that FOP 16 did a great job. After a bear hug he left to attend a family function.  I will truly miss our friend, Mike.  Please remember his family and co-workers with the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office.  

    Attendance is up at the meetings and it is nice to see new and fresh faces along with some older faces that we haven't seen in a while!  Welcome and welcome back!!


    We have started our new membership / attendance boosting efforts with the introduction of a year end drawing for prizes that will include a weekend getaway for 2.  The way it works is for every meeting or lodge sponsored event an active member in good standing attends, they will receive one ticket with their name on it that will go into the pot for drawings that will be held the first meeting in December (December 11, 2014)


    We are STILL looking for police memorabilia and law enforcement patches from around the world if you would like to donate them to have them framed and displayed.


    If you are interested in reserving the lodge you can go to the FOP 16 Website: and click on the lodge availability link to see if the date you are interested in is available. If you want to reserve a date, please email the lodge at : with the date and times. A few changes have been made to the rental of the lodge for events: (1) A member has to reserve the lodge and must be present for the event. (2) The event has to be a family type or member gathering function. No side or personal gain business meetings will be allowed. (3) An event can be reserved up to a 6 hour block. (4) $50.00 deposit is required to reserve the lodge (via check made out to FOP 16) and $25.00 will be returned if requested and once the lodge is inspected and all is in order. (5) The member reserving the lodge is responsible for all damages & happenings at the lodge during the reserved event. (6) Trash shall be taken out after the event and if non-disposable dishes owned by the lodge were used then they shall be cleaned before leaving. (7) Reserving the lodge is a privilege and not a right. It is not open to the public to reserve. Misuse of the lodge or damaging the lodge will not be tolerated and could be grounds for dismissal from the lodge and requested to pay for all damages done.


    A lot of information is being sent out via emails and on Facebook. If you are not receiving information other than the newsletter and want to, please email the lodge at .  If you have noticed our email address has changed to from the old address of   We are officially "gone green" and are communicating via email, Facebook and website. 

    Your local FOP Executive Board wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Blest Christmas Season for you and your families. 


As always, If it’s not for the Good of the Order, then it’s not good! 

Also remember we are badges of many with a purpose of one!


Fraternally your Brother and President,


Jeff Payne