JUNE / JULY 2015   


Brothers and Sisters,


     Happy 100th Birthday to the Fraternal Order of Police!!!! 1915 ~ 2015


    In this day and age it saddens me to see the social norm to villianize the noble profession of Law Enforcement. Every time you turn on the TV, click on YouTube, scroll through Facebook, you see something about law enforcement portraying the courageous men and women who wear the badge as "the bad guy".   Are there some people out there who do not deserve to wear the badge ... absolutely.  Is the overwhelming majority very deserving to wear that badge of honor....ABSOLUTELY!!   These men and women answered a calling to help others and protect those who cannot protect themselves.  NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER! 

   After spending 20 years in the profession I saw several who came through the agencies I served in thinking they could do the job only to quit a short time after starting citing this is not what they bargained for.   This is not saying anything to belittle them or bad mouth them.  They were smart enough not to waste everyone's time including their own doing something they could not do.  I talked with a few of them while training them or shortly after their quitting.  It ranged from the judicial circus, the city/county good ol' boy politics, the hours worked, the horror and tragedy they saw people doing to other people but most of them would say they could not believe the amount of disrespect officers had to put up with.  People thinking they could cuss, spit and strike officers and were screaming police brutality when officers would defend themselves or react with their training to the threat before the officer was injured.   I am certainly proud to be an American and nowhere does it say in the Constitution that you have the right to assault law enforcement officers and they do not have the right to defend themselves.  Social media loves to edit clips to make law enforcement out to be the bad guys by showing a 3-5 second video clip of an officer striking someone, but fails to show what leads up to that point that justifies the officers hands on actions.  Now I am not making excuses for the "bad apples" in law enforcement.  We have them just like every profession.  I once worked a case where a plumber was stealing from houses he was doing service at .. does that make every plumber a scum-sucking thief? Absolutely not!! He was a bad apple.  I worked a case where a nurse was stealing patient's medication at a nursing home.  Does this make all nurses a drug addict?? Absolutely not!! She was a bad apple.  I know it is so much easier to follow the pack mentality and pass judgement and hate all cops for one cop's actions.  I used to interview people when I was a detective and immediately it would come out in the interview that they hated all cops / pigs / etcs.  When asked why, many never really had a reason other than their friends and family doesn't like them.  Ironically while talking about those same friends and family, they would have records a mile long and prison sentences where like their badges of honor.  A child growing up in that environment doesn't have a chance to be a productive member of society with those odds against them! 

      As I think about where things went wrong in the grand scope of things and how the good guys became the bad guys, I can't help but wonder how and why those that are given the credence as "knowing what is going on" is the same ones who are race baiters, they usually are the ones with criminal records, that don't want to work, have no problem taking and more times than not abusing government hand outs only to be the ones to pass judgement on what is "right and wrong".  I know this sounds judgmental and it is not meant to be that way, but look at Ferguson, look at Baltimore, while some were legitimately upset, it was turned into a circus by the media before the facts were in and before you know it, fools were running around burning down their own town, stealing and looting from their own stores and injuring each other! Yet no one was calling them the bad guys, they wanted to know why the police wasn't doing anything and condemning them for making them torch things and making them loot! 

      Brothers and sisters, I know I am preaching to the choir! I know you have a difficult job and more times than not a thankless job. I know that you all see this day in and day out.  Everyone thinks it's funny to say" I didn't do it" raising their hands or "he did it" when you walk into a room.  Oh how I wish I had a dime every time I heard that - if so I would be writing this on a beach in Hawaii! The true travesty is the sheer disrespect some people have by legitimately scaring their kids by telling them if they did not behave the cops were going to take them to jail! Why would they scare the hell out of the kids about the good guys!! This is where I think society in general started taking us from the Andy Griffith and C.H.i.P.s. days to where we are today! The breakdown in family dynamics and the respect taught by parents to the media playing a huge part in it trying to sell newspapers and news stories.  Finally, I think simple ignorance plays part in it!! Believe it or not, cops do not like dirty cops! Some slip through the cracks, but sooner or later get caught by other cops!  

      Brothers and sisters I call upon you to do the right thing, be the honorable law enforcement officers that I know you are and continue serving and protecting the community you have taken an oath to do so! The same people who say they hate you are the same people who will dial 911 in a heartbeat because deep down they know you have honor, integrity and loyalty and will be there for them even though they may not be there for you! 

     "Blessed are the peacemakers".  You have been called to walk amongst the Hell on Earth to enjoy the riches of Heaven. ~

       We are continuing our new membership/attendance boosting efforts with the introduction of a year end drawing for prizes that will include a weekend getaway for 2.  The way it works is for every meeting or lodge sponsored event an active member in good standing attends, they will receive one ticket with their name on it that will go into the pot for the year end drawing!


    We are STILL looking for police memorabilia and law enforcement patches from around the world if you would like to donate them to have them framed and displayed.


    If you are interested in reserving the lodge you can go to the FOP 16 Website: www.fop16.com and click on the lodge availability link to see if the date you are interested in is available. If you want to reserve a date, please email the lodge at : kyfop16@gmail.com with the date and times. A few changes have been made to the rental of the lodge for events: (1) A member has to reserve the lodge and must be present for the event. (2) The event has to be a family type or member gathering function. No side or personal gain business meetings will be allowed. (3) An event can be reserved up to a 6 hour block. (4) $50.00 fee is required to reserve the lodge (via check made out to FOP 16). (5) The $50.00 fee must be paid one week before the date of the lodge rental. (6) The member reserving the lodge is responsible for all damages & happenings at the lodge during the reserved event. (7) Trash shall be taken out after the event and if non-disposable dishes owned by the lodge were used then they shall be cleaned before leaving. (8) Reserving the lodge is a privilege and not a right. It is not open to the public to reserve. Misuse of the lodge or damaging the lodge will not be tolerated and could be grounds for dismissal from the lodge and requested to pay for all damages done.


    A lot of information is being sent out via emails and on Facebook. If you are not receiving information other than the newsletter and want to, please email the lodge at kyfop16@gmail.com.  We have officially "gone green" and are communicating via email, Facebook Twitter and our website. 


As always, If it’s not for the Good of the Order, then it’s not good! 

Also remember we are badges of many with a purpose of one!


Fraternally your Brother and President,


Jeff Payne