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Never have I felt a love like this before
No brighter Light than Heaven's Door
Never having seen your face but knowing,
safety and warmth in your everlasting embrace
running through lifes pain and despair
Floating on your Wings of Mercy through the Midnight air
Putting my Faith in Jesus Christ
Through his Blood,
For Me he paid the price
Many tears have I cried and everyone you tenderly dried
Many times I was at death's door
but through your Mercy,
You cried NO MORE
No more Pain,
No more Hurt,
No more Sorrow
Because I'm destined for Greatness
For All My Tomorrows
Steph Blair

In Loving Memory of Timmy Barcellos
Thank you for letting me the
apple of your eye. I'm sorry I had to die
I hold our time closet to my heart
My life hear has to start
My love for you fills me with such joy
God made me your first Grandboy
He gave me eyes black as yours,
this is true He wanted me to look like you
I look at you while you are sleeping
It looks as though you are weeping
Grandma, I say "Please don't cry
I'm sorry I had to die"
So close your eyes, be peaceful now
We"ll be together again someday, somehow
As I touch your face I think
of you as my Angel full of grace
In 17 years you taught me how to love
I say this to you from Heaven above
I sit on my tractor, Oh so blue
I am the man I am because of you.

Submitted by Kimberly Barcellos 2000




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