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In December I had major problems with my webbie and that caused several links to be added later than usual. If your you submitted a site, or requested a ribbon memorial and it isn't here, please let me know and I will add it asap.

I have also been a little behind because after 2 miscarriage and 30+ months of trying to concieve following my last miscarriage in 1998, I am pregnant a 3rd time. Everything is going well now, but for a while things were iffy and I was having lots of complications. But Praise God and Thank You to all who prayed, we are 4 months pregnant as of last week. This update is being typed on 1/17/01. The baby is due 6/28/01. I will periodically update this and will eventually add an update page to the site. Thanks for all your support!

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blue pink for infant loss
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