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Charity Church

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Charity Southern Baptist Church of Macoupin Co Illinois originated June 1849 with 8 charter members. It is located in Bird township about 5 miles NW of Carlinville.
The first building was a log cabin and it was used about 8 years, after which a small frame building was erected on the present site. In 1904 a new building was erected and used until fire destroyed it in 1959.
Charity Baptist Church is considered a landmark in the area and the community around it is known as "Charity Community."
Samuel Love first child born to the settlers of Macoupin County is buried in this cemetery, he was born March 7 1824 the son of John and Cynthis (Seymour) Love, he died September 29 1891. Samuel's tombstone resembles a small log cabin.
The first church was dedicated by Elders Zachariah Waters & S.D. Spain. Rev. Zachariah Waters was pastor of the church for over 30 years.
The 8 original members were: Zachariah and Elizabeth Waters, Milton and Elizabeth Moore, David and Polly Ann Moore, Elizabeth Moore, John G Chiles.

The Cemetery

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The cemetery is the property of Charity Church and originated at the time of the dreaded cholera epidemic. The plot was used as the burial place of the victims of the community. They were buried in the old part of the cemetery and do not have markers, no records were keep so the date it started has been established as 1851, the year the cholera epidemic spread through Nilwood township.

Some of our family buried in Charity Cemetery

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  • Frank F. Coffey b. 1888 d 1967 w. Leta E. Coffey b 1891 d 1932
  • Josephine J. Coffey 1888 d 1948
  • Edward Eaird Coffey b May 31 1944 d Sept 14, 1966
  • Eileen (Coffey) Thompson b March 25, 1921 d April 19, 1986
  • Margaret J. Kemp Coffey Bragg, Mother of Isabelle Coffey
  • Parnell, Frank F. Coffey, and possibley Josephine J. Coffey
  • Margaret was the wife of Martin Alexander Coffey, and her second marriage was to G.M. Bragg
  • G.M. Bragg, husband of Margaret J. Kemp Coffey


  • William Henry Parnell 1867-1926-Son of Andrew and Martha Kemp Parnell
  • Isabelle (Coffey) Parnell 1869-1941-Daughter of Margaret J. (Kemp) Coffey Bragg
  • Elmer R. Parnell 1893-1919-name is Raymond Elmer Parnell Son of William Henry & Isabelle Coffey Parnell

Coffey Clearing House

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