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Parnell Genealogy/Avondale

Home of Charles Stewart Parnell

This page created 29 Aug 2001
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In 1999 Sharon and I had the privilege of taking a trip to Ireland. One thing we did was visit Avondale, home of Charles Stewart Parnell. All the photos on this page are from that visit.
Although Sharon and my branch of Parnells are probably not related to the Charles Stewart branch, I did think you would enjoy reading a little about and seeing Avondale.

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The Parnells of Avondale Co. Wicklow, Ireland, were descended from an English merchant family which came to prominence in the town of Congleton in Cheshire early in the seventeenth century. The Irish branch of the family was established soon after the restoration of Charles II in 1660, When Thomas Parnell purchased an estate at Rathleague in Queen's County, now Co. Laois.

The Avondale estate came into the family through Sir John Parnell who inherited it from his cousin and political ally Samuel Hayes, MP (Member of Parlament). Upon the death of Sir John Parnell Avondale passed not to his elder son but to a younger son, William, grandfather of Charles Stewart.
In tribute to Samuel Hayes, William adopted the surname Parnell-Hayes, the style was dropped in the following generation.
Upon William's death in 1821, his son John Henry Parnell, father of Charles Stewart, inherited the Avondale estate. When John died in 1859 Charles was 13 years old and inherited Avondale. His brothers John Howard and Henry Tudor inherited estates in Co. Armagh and Co. Carlow. As minors, the children were made wards of court, Charles and his brothers would not take control of their inheritance until Charles became of age. Avondale was rented and the family went to live in Dublin.
In 1867, while he was still at Cambridge, Charles became of age and assumed control of the estate at Avondale. He adopted it as his residence but only spent the holidays there until he left Cambridge.

(compiled from PARNELL A Documentary History, National Library of Ireland 1991)

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Entrance to Avondale
Back of Gate House
Avondale House
View when entering house
Dining room.jpg
Dining room
sitting room.jpg
Setting room
Second floor view.jpg
View from second floor
Baby room
I will be adding more photos at a later time.

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