NZ Kinder Surprise Collectors Contacts List


(Last Updated: 11 October 2008)


This page is to help Kiwi Kinder Surprise collectors to get in touch with each other. Also, if I am unable to assist you, maybe someone on this page will! Please note that this page is currently open to Kinder Surprise collectors in New Zealand only. Collectors in other countries either have their own Web sites (and can be contacted through them) or can access several sites in their own country. New Zealand collectors, on the other hand, have very few opportunities to meet fellow-collectors. There are no Kinder Surprise collectors clubs in this country that I am aware of, and very few swapmeets seem to be held, at least in Wellington (though there is the one in Naenae, held three times a year, but thatís not just for Kinder toys).


The minimum information I require from you is your name (or nickname if you prefer, but nothing rude, please!), town or city and e-mail address. Additional information, such as mailing address and contact phone number, is optional. It is entirely up to you how much additional info (if any) you want me to post. If you ever decide you want to be removed, that can be arranged. I will also remove anyone who proves to be a bad trader. Rip-off artists are not welcome here! Lastly, I will remove anyone who appears to no longer be active in Kinder Surprise collecting or swapping. An asterisk appears next to the name of anyone I've swapped with personally.


Name: John Bettridge *

Town/City: New Plymouth


Mailing Address:

32 Simons Street


Contact Phone No.: (06) 751 1084

Mobile Phone No.: (025) 210 8956


Name: Mark Bradshaw

Town/City: Dunedin

Mailing Address:

25 Turnbull Street



Comments: Mark does not have e-mail, but if you live in Dunedin, he could be a good person to try out.


Name: Paula Brough *

Town/City: Auckland



Name: Heather Knowles *

Town/City: Otane, Central Hawke's Bay


Mailing Address:

1490 Elsthorpe Road

Otane, Central Hawke's Bay

Contact Phone No.: (06) 858 4997 (if outside NZ, add 64 at the front and omit the 0 in front of the 6)


Name: "Lizard-Bones" *

Town/City: Hamilton



Name: Warren McConachy *

Town/City: Taihape


Comments: Warren is particularly keen on ball toys, German toys generally, hand-painted figurines and papers.


Name: Rowan Morrell

City: Wellington


ICQ No.: 36904620

Comments: Very highly recommended! :-)


Name: Sarah Powell *

City: Hastings



Name: Robin Wilson (Mrs) *

City: Otaki

Mailing Address:

1A Aotaki Street


Contact Phone No.: (06) 364 8525 (if outside NZ, add 64 at the front and omit the 0 in front of the 6)

Comments: Robin does not have the Internet, but is very pleasant to deal with on the phone. Also collects Yowies and Smurfs.


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