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Egyptian Lesson Ideas
                Teaching Egypt can be very entertaining.  It is always amazing to me that the students enjoy the material so much.  In the junior highs and middle schools, students can really get the most out of these hands on projects.  Choose any of the following:

Egyptian Gods Posters
Materials Needed:
    Colored Pencils
    Poster board (each large sheet cut in half)
    Books with tomb paintings from Egypt
    A visit to the gods section of this website!

 Student Directions:
      On the Front:
            Pick a god or goddess from Ancient Egypt
            Find many pictures of the god or goddess
            Look for characteristics of each
            Draw a picture of your chosen god or goddess
            Color them in Egyptian colors
      On the back:
            The duties or powers of each god or goddess
            Any mythological stories found and summarized
            Explanation of symbols carried in hands (if any)
            Gods name in hieroglyphics

Egyptian Stories with Vocabulary
        Students will write a story with all necessary elements to demonstrate their knowledge of ancient Egypt.  Conflict, plot, characterization, and conflict resolution are part of the project.  This integrated curriculum approach works very well.
            Develop a vocabulary list from your text book (or use mine on egypt)
            Deliver information on Egyptian afterlife (see notes on this site)
            Have students write a story from an Egyptian point of view
                    Students pick their role
                            Nobleman Warrior
              Students will use 90% of vocabulary words in the story
              Students will underline all vocabulary words for you to count
              Students will read their stories and share with class

Egyptian Travel Brochures
        Students will create a poster advertising a trip to Egypt.
               Materials Needed:
                        Poster Board
                        Colored Pencils
                        Tape, Glue, or Rubber Cement
                        Students will research Egyptian Monuments and Artifacts
                        Students will draw or photocopy pictures (I demand both)
                        Students will provide captions for each scene
                        Students will have a minimum of 8 artifacts or places to visit
                        Students will have an advertising slogan and a title

Personalized Cartouches
          Students will learn the difficulty of writing in a pictogram system.  Students should also be told that the Egyptian system is also alphabetical in nature.  Symbols can mean different things.  Students should also realize what the cartouche is for, a magical circle of protection for the name of pharaoh.  They should learn how the symbols were arranged and how they could be read in many different directions.  See my page on Egyptian Writing for information.
        Materials Needed:
                White Photocopier Paper
                Colored Pencils
                Black felt tip ink pens
                List of alphabetic hieroglyphics (see my page on writing)
                Pencil and Eraser

                    Using pencil, lightly draw symbols for your name
                How it sounds is more important than how it is spelled
                Color the Cartouche around the name gold
                The tie at the end should be black
                Use the Black felt tip pen to outline all colors
                Display these in class