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Some Truly interesting nautical yarns which people spun!!! - Remember - the latest additions are right at the end!

Hold 1-Lost at Sea
Hold 2-Captains Table - A prank played on the Old Man!
Hold 3- The Ghost of the Kane - A Haunted Bow thruster room??!!
Hold 4 - Silly Puddy and Styrofoam cups
Hold 5-Han's Incredible Voyage - Absolutely Unbelievably True!!
Hold 6-Shorty - The Mooner with Twin Screws
Hold 7-Gratuities - A Chicken from Albania
8) Boiler Platform - Keys to the chain locker, Grease the relative bearing and other Practical Jokes
9) Main Deck - Why is a ship called
10) Forepeak store - The Anatomy of a Sea Story!!
11) Chain Locker - Death at sea
12) No.1 Double Bottom Tank - Have a Seat
13) No.2 Double Bottom Tank - A Force 8 Gale at the Hospital
14) No.3 Double Bottom Tank - The Lighthouse Joke
15) Dragging Anchor !
16) Sea Monsters Strike - A Fishy Tale
17) Snip Snap! A Barber on the ship.
18) A Cadet and A Flag
19) Old Man Gomez - A Really Old Pirate!!!
20) Spectacular damage - Pun intended!!
21) Love Letter from a Navigator

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Welcome to a collection of Nautical tales, sea stories, sailors yarns, and cartoons looking at the interesting / unbelievably funny aspect of sea life....all by fellow seafarers of the Merchant marine / navy! Go ahead, click any of the pictures below (Remember - the latest submissions are right at the end!), and .....Bon Voyage....
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All Sea stories have either been submitted to Sriram Rajagopal or have been reproduced with permission from the owner. Ditto for the photos. If you feel that something here is yours, Please let me know - Sriram
People and websites who have helped me with the lil' thingees on these pages

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-Sriram Rajagopal

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