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Late Spring Issue
Hidden In Dandelions

Vol.3, Issue 2
Date of Issue, June 1, 2004

Tangled weeds, jangled reeds, and what
you can barely see, but part them: up ahead
there is a house~ a patch of blue
where words are air.


Vasile Baghiu
Karen Corcoran Dabkowski
Dan Gallik
Gwendoline Karas
Marie Lecrivain
Laura A. Lionello
Wayne Noone
Dave Nordling
Tyler Ott
Doug Richardson

June's issue returns to traditional art, but
art so profoundly quiet and powerful, these
scenes evoke a whole history of the rural way
of life that speaks of a quiet forbearance, and
a simple dignity. Colors brooding and
dark-- the wonderful watercolors of

Ray Hendershot

are as close to earth as art can define.
This is masterful, remarkable work.
I simply love them.


June's Editorial
Left-Handed Scissors

The Passive-Aggressiveness of Critique

The Unkindest Cut Of All
by ruffledpanties

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