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The Poetry Of.
Dave Nordling......................................


where the wind blows
that's where I was going
on the trail of woman or a job
the thoughts of what could be

I found myself in the noon-day
at a Barstow restaurant
pulling a smoke outside
when the fantastic creatures came

two convertibles burst forth
scented angels like flowers
ghastly sight it was
to an unprepared heart

Hide my eyes behind a smile
give them the open collar, poker face
cool, slick, smooth, hello ladies
I'm a nobody, happy for the view

So go and slick back
the standard has been raised
retreat to reload in the john
reshape the package in the mirror

it's time to sell
it's time to pull one from the herd
strolling entrance with swing
every word must pop

as luck would have it
They were at the only table
in a sea of truckers, salesman stares.
I hit my marks and won a seat.

So it's their game, I'm game.
Let's play, four to a booth
and one lucky piece of desire
called me, unfolding a menu.


the edge of flesh
folded on danger
stare quickly
envious vines
tracing to darker
smooth in the night
lemon perfect
right down to heels
back to an origin
mine speaks to me


In memory of Aaron Keller

The pages curl
from moist days past.
The sunsets passing
until the last
whisper of breath
escapes to the blue
skies growing cold
remembering you.

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