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The Poetry Of.
Dan Gallik......................................

Gabrielle At Midnight

Jazz is nothing but a black
hole she said. I mean, it's
too much for me to get. He
lifted his glass to her and
giggled, sure, but the stuff
I listen to is kafkaesque &
swings hard at the same time.

Over and over they talked of
music, but never touched. He
said I'm an anatomy of songs
that Ellington did, and I am
as black as the Duke and his
tones. My love is becoming
taut as you. I'm tense about

who you are becoming. It's
like she wanted controversy.
She wanted to be obtrusive.
Injudicious. Almost Mexican
with her lack of words after
these last two statements.
He looked darkly into her eyes

and began to cry. She left.
He looked up, and through his
tears began to speak, I...
I... I am not a seven...I...
I am as plain as the Midwest...
I'm not jazz on a cold winter's
eve. I was not her King Kong.

And, So, He Married A Woman
...... With Golden Lips

Draping all his comments
he asked, I am a counter-
point, aren't I? Darla
opened her eyes, imperial
you are not and your views
are dull, mostly useless.

Twilight shone on their
embankment. The honed
edges of warfare made the
breakup easy. Finally, he
said something meaningful,
so, we went around a mul-

berry bush. Our blow-up
was meant to be. I am
after a zulu-panther, not
a simple white girl. She
ate a peach as she quieted,
my silver arms will never

enfold you again. Neither
will I lick you ear lobe.
And as far as boredom. No
afro will want to hear you
speak of counters nor YOUR
POINTS on 'lectual' milieus.

He Told Her To Shake
... Her Wicked Knee

Being black and white
was never the same
again he said as he
ate his dinner and
went to bed at 10pm.
Got up at six, left
for work at the Coke
factory, had a lunch,
and back home saying
again that being white
and black was never
the same. His wife

got tired of quotes,
left him alone and he
didn't even realize
this until two days
later when he used
the john and didn't
see her hose hanging
there on the curtain
to the shower. Steely
dimensions become words
that never expand he
said. He ate his genre.

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