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Personal Information

The Pioneer

  • 1978 Wrote a best selling book Understanding the Psychic Power of Man at a time when no Filpino has ever dared to write on the subject before. This was followed by seven other books on psychic phenomena, faith healing and mind development.

  • 1982 Taught Parapsychology for one semester at the De La Salle University under the Behavioral Sciences Department. This is the first time in the history of Philippine education that this subject was included in a university curriculum as a separate course. The enrollment in his class was the highest in the entire university for that year. Time constraints prevented him from continuing to teach the subject, despite the strong demand for it.

  • 1986 Founded, together with a few scientists and businessmen, the Philippine Paranormal Research Society, Inc., a non-profit, non-stock corporation engaged in the systematic investigation and documention of paranormal phenomena. This society published the Philippine Psychic Journal and conducted regular forums on psychic phenomena. It also provided funds for studies in the field.

  • 1988 Established and became President of Silva Mind Control Philippines, Inc., which is engaged primarily in conducting the Silva Mind Method of Control Seminar in the Philippines. He was the first Filipino to conduct the course publicly in the Philippines. In May 1991, he resigned as President and lecturer of the Silva Method to devote time to other activities.

  • 1988 Formally left the corporate world and embarked on full time activities in the fields of parapsychology and education. But even before he did so, he had already made a mark in the field of psychic research, mind development and bookwriting both here and abroad.

  • 1988 Established the Inner Mind Development Institute which conducts seminars on mind development, whole brain management, ESP, creative thinking and related subjects which are not covered by the Silva Method of Mind Control seminars. This Institute has pioneered in developing and conducting courses not offered by any other institution in the Philippines. During this year, he conducted the ESP course in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

  • 1988 Developed and conducted the first Creative and Intuitive Management module for graduate students taking up Master in Development Management at the Asian Institute of Management. It easily became one of the most popular modules of the entire course, that it has already become a course staple.

  • 1989 Founded the New Age Breakfast Club which met every Friday morning to discuss various topics of a metaphysical, paranormal and spiritual nature. It was a loose aggrupation of professionals interested in human development in all aspects: non- religious, non-sectarian and non-political. It was open to the public. The forum lasted for four years.

  • Present Mr. Licauco currently conducts various seminars and consultancy on mind development and related topics for the public and for the business community. He is a visiting faculty member of the De La Salle College of Medicine in Dasmariņas, Cavite and of the Rosebridge Graduate School of Integrative Psychology in Concord, California. He is a member of the International Board of Advisers of the Global Intuition Network based in San Francisco, California.

The Writer

Mr. Jaime T. Licauco was author of the following best selling books that are available in local bookstore and some books are produced internationally, he is also a writer in various Local and International newspaper and magazines.
Here is the list of his books:

  • Exploring the Powers of your Inner Mind by Jaime T. Licauco, Inner Mind Institute, 1992.

    A brilliant expose and comprehensive consolidation of his vast personal explorations of the human mind, this book is replete with valid and authoritative quotations from scientific sources and credible testimonials. Also presented are vivid examples of dramatic events drawn from Jaime Licauco's more than 20 years of involvement in psychic phenomena and parapsychology.

  • Jun Labo: A Philippine Healing Phenomenon, by Jaime T. Licauco, 1984.

    Jun Labo is the most powerful and controversial figure in the Philippine spiritual healing scene since 1982 controversial because of his jetset lifestyle and glib tongue, uncharacteristic of a faith healer. This small volume details the life and works of Jun Labo, presenting him as he really is, and with all the contradictions in his complex personality.

  • Soul Mates, Karma and Reincarnation, by Jaime T. Licauco, Anvil Publishing, Inc., 1996.

    Is it true that we have lived before this lifetime? What is karma? What are the rules governing it? Do each of us have a soulmate? These and many other fascinating questions about human relationships, universal justice and multiple rebirth are discussed in this much awaited book on soul mates, karma, and reincarnation.

  • The Magicians of God: The Amazing Stories of Philippine Faith Healers by Jaime T. Licauco, National Book Store, Inc., 1980.

    It is easy to dismiss faith healing and psychic surgery as just clever tricks. One cannot go about opening up the skin with bare hands, extracting tissue and blood from the body, then closing the wound with hardly a trace of the operation AND healing the patient in the process. This book tells of the incredible stories of some of these wonder healers who have astounded the world.

  • The Psychic World and You by Jaime T. Licauco, JMC Press Inc., 1982.

    Answering to one-sided and short-sighted writings about the occult, the author speaks with understanding, sensitivity and expertness. He presents what he thinks with all his heart and the truth; and the reader can go on from there. This book is an essential introduction to the vast and inconceivable world of the occult in the Philippines, the impact of which has urgent and far-reaching implications in the lives of all peoples everywhere.

  • Intuition at Work: Pathways to Unlimited Possibilities, Featured writings by Jaime T. Licauco, New Leaders Press/Sterling & Stone, Inc., 1996.

    Where does intuition come from? How do we access and apply it? These are just some of the questions addressed in this comprehensive collection of essays. These demonstrate that intuition is much a process of self-discovery as it is a tool for decision-making. The collective wisdom represented by this anthology is a milestone in the exploration of the complete human being at work. It addresses the "natural knowing" we are all blessed with.
  • The Truth Behind Faith Healing in the Philippines by Jaime T. Licauco, National Book Store Inc., 1981.

    Philippine faith healing with its fantastic and controversial bare-handed, painless operation ("psychic surgery") has become a worldwide phenomenon. Psychic surgery is a fact. Although belonging to an order of reality not fully understood nor accepted by present-day science, it is not to say that such a reality does not exist.

  • Understanding the Psychic Powers of Man by Jaime T. Licauco, National Book Store Inc., 1978

    True Encounters with the Unknown: The Psychic, the Mystical and the Strange by Jaime T. Licauco, National Book Store Inc., 1986 (Out of Print) Coming face-to-face with unknown powers, mystical events and strange beliefs (so because they could not be explained easily by science), the author describes some of his most dramatic encounters with these mysterious people, places and events. The discovery that many of these are NOT supernatural, but kept hidden from the public because they were unorthodox, is inevitable.

  • More Encounters with the Unknown by Jaime T. Licauco, Anvil Publishing, Inc., 1997.

    In this fascinating volume on his continuing personal encounter with the unusual powers, the author takes the reader to a mind-boggling journey into the realms of the unknown. He introduces the reader to the the sorcerers of Siquijor Island, the prophetic message of former Senator Ninoy Aquino from the grave, the former President Marcos' spirit sightings in the Malacanang Palace. He takes the reader further to Brazil, Argentina, and Germany to learn more about well-known psychic personalities like Uri Geller and Olof Jonsson, among others.

    Adittional New Release Books True Encounters with the unknown Beyond ordianry reality When the impossible happen Beyond ordinary reality volume 2

His weekly column, Inner Awareness, comes out every Sunday in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

The Academian

Teaching Experience
  • San Beda College Mendiola, Manila (1962 -65) - Philosophy and Sociology
  • Trinity College Magsaysay Blvd., Quezon City (1965-66) - Sociology and English
  • De La Salle University Taft Avenue, Manila (1982) - Parapsychology
  • Asian Institute of Management Makati City (1984-94) - Creative and Intuitive Management, MBM Program
  • De La Salle University College of Medicine, Dasmarinas, Cavite (1995-96) - Visiting Faculty Member, Holistic Medicine and Alternative Healing
  • Rosebrigde Graduate School of Integrative Psychology Concord, California USA (1995 to present) - Visiting Faculty Member, Parapsychology and Paranormal Healing Inner Mind Development Institute, Makati City (1988 to present) - Intuition and ESP, Inner Mind Development, Strees Control, the Psychology of Peak Performance

The Family Man

He was born in San Juan, Manila, Philippines on July 25, 1940. He is married to the former Yolanda Campos. He and Yolanda are blessed with three beutiful children: Yvonne Sophia, Jolan Alexander, and Jaime Rafael. His Father is Eladio Licauco (deseased), a real estate businessman from Manila and his Mother: Estela Teotico-Licauco,a good housewife, from Pampanga.

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