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Jaime T. Licauco
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Jaime T. Licauco
Official Homepage

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Comments and Sayings of Mr. Licauco's works

Mr. Licauco...

      Jaime T. Licauco is considered the Philippines foremost authority on inner mind development, creative and intuitive management, paranormal phenomena, and Phillipine mysticism. He has written 12 best selling books and numerous articles on these subject for the last 17 years. He is also co author of Intuition at Work, a book published in San Francisco , California.

     He was born in San Juan, Manila, Philippines on July 25, 1940. He is married to the former Yolanda Campos. He and Yolanda are blessed with three children: Yvonne Sophia, Jolan Alexander, and Jaime Rafael.

      Columns and Magazine Articles Since 1982, he has been writing a column entitled Inner Mind which currently comes out every Sunday in The Philippine Daily Inquirer (Lifestyle Section). It was renamed Inner Awareness in 1996. In the past, his work has been published in major publications as regular columns: Inner World in Lifestyle Asia (a magazine of international circulation); came out monthly for three years The Third Eye in Astrocope Magazine; came out monthly The Awakened Mind in Mystery News Magazine; came out weekly for over a year Intuitive Management in Freeman Magazine (published in Cebu City, Philippines); came out monthly

He has written articles that have come out in the following local magazines:

Mr. & Ms. ,MOD,Women's Journal ,Prime ,Woman Today ,Miscellaneous ,Panorama ,Sunday Chronicle ,Free Press ,Sunday Times ,Magazine ,Saturday Mirror ,HR Magazine ,Metro Magazine ,Sunday Inquirer ,and many others!

Just some of the foreign magazines he has written articles for are:

Odyssey in South Africa ,Planeta in Brazil ,Bio-Energia in Italy ,The Journal of Gifted Children in England ,Newsletter in Malaysia , Curare in Germany ,His articles have been reprinted in Russia, Germany, Australia, the United States, Japan, France and in other parts of the world.