Special Commissions

These are other, as yet unpublished, works of fiction, usually written specifically for someone, sometimes just written when the whim takes me...

Playing with Fire
Axe Warrior
Femme Fatale *Adult Content!*
The Secret of Han Shirazz
A Vampire's Confession
Through Vampire Eyes *Adult Content!*
For the Love of Cassandra *Adult Content!*
The Immortality of his Soul
Blood Tears Weeping
Thus unto his own...
The Cell Beyond
Education is never a waste... *Adult Content!*
A Night to Remember part 1 *Adult Content!*
A Night to Remember part 2 *Adult Content!*
A Lesson in Manners *Adult Content!*
Trial by Fire *Adult Content!*
La Resistance *Adult Content!*
Upon Ambion Hill
Nunc Scio Quid Sit Amor *Adult Content!*
Well Met at Minster Lovell
After the Field