Adventures in the 24th Century!

Rog Snafu was an idependent delivery driver in the "Consortium Orbital Platform", an artifical sattelite in orbit around the earth in moon synchronos orbit. The C.O.P. measured 100 miles in length and 75 miles in diameter. "COP" orbited the earth like a bullet in flight, with the axis of the rotation of the giant coffee can in space being thrown like a football and continually sailing around the earth with the moon constantly motionless in it's vista. The sattelite was set at about 15 degrees off from the moon, so that if someone on earth were to try to find COP with a telescope they would look exactly 15 degrees away from the moon to the south-west. Rog Snafu had been a worker in one of the mettallurgy factories that specialised in "cold" nano impurity introduction one atom at a time. This process was used mainly for hand tool production and lef geggle formation. He had saved enough credits to purchase a magno-thupple, a vehicle specially designed to travel the geometrically perfect lines of the large field manipulators around each one of the rib-like completely circular rings of "COP". From a distance "COP" looked like "a section of snake skeleton".

Rog helps manufacture bacteriaphages

Rog studies moon fossils