Rog had been delivering biological packets for Belcron Pharmecueticals at 20 credits a pop to the near-by Trinard Biomanufacturors all "day". They were developing a bacteriophage to destroy the naturally occuring earth bacteria theat was devestating the genetically manufactured "pool cleaners" that were used to eat all contamenants in a body of water used by people to swim in on earth.

Rog deftly sailed his magna-thupple into the bay of Belcron. The stasis locks of the inner bay caught hold of his craft and positioned him securely to the side wall with a "click" as the magnetics locks held it in place.

"Make sure the seals on the packages are secure Rog."

Rog could see the man attached to the voice through the view port as the bay filled with air. Miles Standish was waiting at the bay door to recieve the package Rog was carrying. Rog pressed the intercom key and responded to the message.

"Everything's secure. the bio meters are all registering normal. Will leave the thupple with the package as soon as the bay pressurises."

All of this was pretty routine. Rog was delivering a finished viral phage to Belcron for their approval.

"So what's this one do?" Rog asked half jokingly as he handed the container to Miles.

"Well, this one attacks the bacteria phage that attacks the foot fungus bacteria."