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USA Independant Wrestling

Southern Championship Wrestling

Name: Southern Championship Wrestling

Location: 101 Cedar Ct/ Fuquay Varina, NC 27526

Phone Number(s): 919-567-2351



Promotional Radius: Eastern/Central North Carolina

Championships: SCW Heavyweight-Vacant/North Carolina-Otto Schwanz/SCW Tag-Too Damn Badd & Natrone Steele/SCW Brass Knuckles-Vacant

Wrestlers: CW Anderson, Lazz, Dewey Cheatum, Joey Matthews & Christian York,, Ali Steele, Toad, Q Sic, Caprice Coleman, Kross, Scab, Malaki, William Wealth, Seymour Snott, Brad Hunter, Shawn Alexander, Frank Parker, Jesse & Justin Drive

Drawn in Talent: New Jack, Julio Dinero, Barbarian, Jimmy Valiant, Ivan Koloff, Manny Fernandez

Founded: 1994

Style(s): old time hardcore (a little of the old with a little of the new)

Promotion Frequency: 3 times a month (last Thursday of each month in raleigh, NC at KINGS-the SCW Arena

Comments from Promoter: SCW has a little of something for everyone, the monthly bar shows at Kings in Raleigh are legendary, over the years The Hardys, Shane Helms, Christian & Edge, Chilly Willy, Steve Corino have passed thru here.

TV Coverage: Tues Channel 6 in Durham, & Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Sat at noon Channel 10 in Raleigh


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Live Report:

TV Reports:

Upcoming Shows:

June 27th - Kings - Raleigh, NC
July 20th - Stem Fire Hall - Stem, NC

Biographies: CW Anderson / Lazz / Dewey Cheatum / Joey Matthews & Christian York / Ali Steele / Toad / Q Sic / Caprice Coleman / Kross / Scab / Malaki / William Wealth / Seymour Snott / Brad Hunter / Shawn Alexander / Frank Parker / Jesse & Justin Drive