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Hoosier Pro Wrestling


Name: Hoosier Pro Wrestling

Location: Columbus, Indiana

Phone Number(s): (812) 375-9163 , (812) 375-0434


Email: ,

Promotional Radius: Tri County

Championships: Heavyweight Championship, Mid-American Championship, Cruiserweight Championship, Tag Team Championship

Wrestlers: The Big Dada, Bobo Brazil Jr., "Psycho" Sam Cody, Diablo, "Downtown" Dave Dynasty, The Fabulous Muvich, "Dangerous" Doug Gilbert, Jason "Pee-Wee" Harding, "Hardcore" Ox Harley, Jake "Wild" Hogg, The Hollywood Swingers, "Outlaw" Jesse Houston, Terry "The Toad" Jones, Johnny Law, The Loose Screws, Gator McAllister, Mercedes, Mr Big, "Bad Ass" Ricky Murdock, Psycho, Pyro, The Renegade, "Wildfire" Tommy Rich, Tommy Ray Sands, The Wampus Cat, Barlow Whatley,
Jerry "The King" Wilson

Drawn in Talent: “Wildfire” Tommy Rich, “Hardcore” Ox Harley, “Dangerous” Doug Gilbert, SABU, Tracey Smothers, Steve Dunn, Ricky Murdock, Grandmaster Sexay

Notes: Lowest draw 75 people, Highest draw 400 to 500 people

Founded: 1998

Style(s): Old School, High Flying, Technical, Hardcore

Promotion Frequency: Once or Twice a Month

Comments from Promoter: Hoosier Pro Wrestling offers training for individuals in the Columbus, Indiana area who are looking to get their start in the business. We give our fans one of the best and exciting shows in the mid west with a verity of different wrestlers and wrestling styles.