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Frequently Asked Questions

Hey! What's the deal? Are you a studio or a label? What's up with that, bitch?

We are a studio and a label. There are a couple different studios that we use with gear ranging from 24 track 2" tape, to 8 tracks to 4 tracks to our portable 2 track. Prices vary, call for a quote. We recorded the likes of Greg Brown, Charlie Parr, Both, Ol' Yeller, The Black Labels, Liz Zizzos, The Keepaways, YBP Crew, and many others. All kinds and all colors, we love to record. Not everything ends up being a Shaky Ray Release. But if the bands and me strike up a deal, then the bill becomes a law and an official release. Our only rule is that we don't record cover bands...

The label is located at 923 N. 12th Ave E., in Duluth, MN 55805. You can send your demos there. We usualy only work with bands we know on a personal level, but hey, send a demo anyway. That's how we were lucky enough to hook up with Crew Jones. Any style of music is welcome.

Hey! What's the deal? Can I order cd's from you? How do I go about doing that, bitch?

Most of our stuff can be found at The Electric Fetus or Barnes and Noble in Duluth. You can also send a check to the Shaky Ray address with a note of which merchandise you want (check out the discogrophy page) and we'll send it to you. If you have a question, email us.

Hey what's the deal? How do I get one of the Shaky Ray bands to play our wedding, party, club, coffe shop, etc.? Bitch!

Well, we don't really do booking...much. If you are looking for, let's say, Jamie Ness to play your graduation party, you can email us and we can mention it to him. But your luck would be better if you got ahold of these bands yourself.

Hey!, Wha't the deal with the MP3's? Can we download them and give them to others, bitch?

Yes, yes you can. And we encourage you to use any of the MP3's on this here web site for your listening pleasure. The song rights belong to the bands who wrote them, so don't get evil with the downloading music. But hell, yeah! Burn yourself a copy and play it on your hour indie rock college radio show.

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Shaky Ray Records
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