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Welcome to the home of Shaky Ray Records

This web site just popped up in late September. It's not done yet, so be sure to come back over the coming weeks to check out the progress. Thanks for your patience

Our little label located up here in Dullyouth, MN started off as a rejection letter from John Kass from Susstone Records in Minneapolis. "Dear Giljunko, please stop sending me your demos and just start your own label or something." Good advice, eh? So we did, and we named it after the legendary Hamline University Plaid Loungers, "Shaky Ray." Then we bought four track after four track in between trips to Flower Pot studio until we decided that we could record our budies' bands. And it just so happens we kept it going since 1995 until our gear got better, the bands got better, and the cover art got better. And now we have a web page; welcome to it. Download as much as you can from it and feel free to suggest ideas or ask questions and send your demos. All prices include tax and shipping.

Please send us your questions and comments about Shaky Ray Records and our new web site. If you choose to include your email address we'll add you to our mailing list

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