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Welcome! This site is devoted entirely to the relationship (however implied) between Lex Luthor & Chloe Sullivan on the WB's show, 'Smallville'. If that couple doesn't interest you (or you have no idea who they even are) this is not your site. Everyone else, please enjoy.

This site is under-going a transition. It will be in a state of disarray for a while, but Chlex fics are still being added. Soon to come: art, pictures, more fics by other people


**(1/29/03) I'm back from a Smallville-break, and I wrote a new fic: 'Lex's Confidante, Lex's Business Partner' is up.

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It's not so much my personal page as an excuse for me to plug all my other interests.

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New stories are always being added. Come back often!

If you have a story you'd like to submit--I'll post it here and give you credit--Email mefor details. (Comments are welcome too!)

Disclaimer: I owe absolutely nothing related to Smallville or the WB. (But if Michael Rosenbaum were mine...) The photos are from The stories belong to me.

(Much love to Bridget for making the banner.) Take it from someone who knows (I'll tell you what condition I suffer from, only if asked; I don't like discussing it.) --mental illness can be hell. If you, or someone you know, think (or know) you have a mental condition, GET HELP!


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