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- l a u r e n ' s (b o r i n g) h o m e p a g e -

ok, this page is definately going to suck, i am warning you now... if you hold things up to moderately high standards, are judgemental, critical, or have any taste at all then i suggest that you immediately go to another webpage. this page is going to be all about me and the stupid things that i do. the most important thing for me is probably music, i spend most of my time listening or dreaming about being able to sing again... i love rawk shows more than almost anything else. my repetiore is small, but not too shabby. it consists of one ska show with kate and matt at the wetlands with catch-22, cooter, turbo ac's(sucky!), and agent orange who we didn't stay for because we had midterms the next day. my next show was hot water music with alkaline trio and strike anywhere-- best show i have ever *EVER* seen in my life, perhaps even the best experience! alkaline trio is, hands down, my favorite band. if you have never heard them, then download something already!! (i suggest "bleeder", the song that got me hooked, and "as you were"). they are coming back to new york on april 7th, and i'll be in the audience holding up two metal signs on my hands (and perhaps a middle finger for 'fuck you aurora'). a few weeks ago i saw face to face, H2O, snapcase, and dashboard confessional, that show was kick ass as well. i have also seen ani difranco twice, dave matthews band four times and various other shows that i would rather not discuss publicly. the past can haunt us all. [tom penny haunts me in my sleep] another thing i do with my time is dabble in skateboarding. mostly i *think* about skateboarding and drool over those who have mastered it. i got my very own board around christmas (birdhouse logo team deck, 58mm birdhouse wheels with venture trucks) and now i am working on my ollie. yes, i am a 19 year old female and i'm just picking up this hobbie, give me props not dirty looks, PLEASE. kate (roommate and best bud) is with me on very beginning of a long path to learning to skateboard... we do it with style, confidence, and BALLS... kind of. i apologize to our neighbors who live below us because i'm sure they are sick of hearing our failed ollie crash to the ground. my background picture is of bam margera, my favorite skateboarder [and most bangable] hopefully whenever i discover how to work this darn thing i'll be able to link up a fan page all about him and then i will slobber all over and kissy kissy and tell you why bam rules. until then you will be in the dark. unless of course you are cool enough to already know. some of my other favorite skaters are elissa steamer, kerry getz, mike maldonado, arto saari, and chris aspite'. thanks for withstanding my poor html skills and boring subject matter. if you really love me you won't say that i suck [to my face] and *maybe* you'll even come back again :) and by the way, welcome to my world!

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