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Miles Mouth Guard

The sad day has finally come after a wonderfully fun run of around 2 years Miles Mouth Guard has deceided to call it Quit's. In the end it can all be traced to the fact that God has new and better plans for all of our lives. As has almost always been the case the position of drummer is not filled at this time so there is no need to say what our drummers future plans are. Jory our beloved bass pimp is joining the U.S. Army. He will be leaving in March so catch him before he is gone. Tyler has just released a full length on Pychadellic featuring 13 songs of acoustic bliss. Nate is current attending a leadership training school in Denver colorado. He has just finished recording a five song demo ep of acoustic songs as well. He will be joining a snowboard team and heading to alaska for 2 month come January.

"The Waisted Day's EP" is now out on Pychadellic Media Circus Records. pre-order a copy let me know and I'll email you back with more detail.

We will also be included on a compilation forthcoming in a few months on Pycadellic Media Circus also included on the compilation are Bitner, Insomniac Folklore (acoustic insanity), The Living Room Sessions and probley a few more local bands.

So now it is official we are taking at least the next 3 months off to concetrate on school.

You can read a review of the show on the 21 by logging on to

well that's it for now. later.

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