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Here are as many indy federations websites as there are out there, if I am missing any, please email me. New listings for the week will be in red. *Reminder: Not all email addresses belong to the wrestlers, many are webmasters of the sites, but are in direct contact with the wrestlers themseves.*

Snakemaster Abudadein/Email

Scotty Ace/Email

Afa and the Wild Samoans/Email: I, II, III

Afa Jr.

Nikita Allanov/Email

Dirty Dennis Allen/Email: I, II

Jason AllGood/Email

Amazing N8/Email

Bill Anderson/Email

CW Anderson/ Email: I, II

Kamikaze Ken Anderson/ Email

Roger Anderson/Email

Angel the Hardcore Queen/Email

Spazman Anthony/Email

Rocky Apollo/Email

Yutzak Arafat/Email

Army of Darkness/Email


Brad Attitude

Donnie B./Email

Mean Marcash/Email

Backseat Boyz/Email

The Baldies/Email

The Blitzkreig Kid/Email

Dino Bambino/Email

Nicole Bass/Email

Brandon Baxter/Email

Peter B Beauitiful/Email

Nick Berk/Email

Dan Bidondi/Email

Bigg Dawg/Email

Billy Fives/Email



Damien Blade/Email

Bryan Blade/Email

Johnny Blade/Email

Ric Blade

Bulldog Blanski/Email

Brian O

Joey Bravo/Email

Shawn Blanchard/Email

Blind Rage/Email

Butcher Boey/Email

Blonde Bombers/Email: I, II

Blade Boudreaux/Email

The Bouncer/Email

Jess Bradley/Email

Tom Brandi/Email

Goth Brimstone/Email

Big Daddy Kahuna/Email

Mr. Big Stuff/Email

Hot Rod Biggs/Email

B Brian Blair/Email: I, II

Mr. Biggs/Email

Black Diamonds/Email

Tim Blaze/Email

Blue Meanie/Email: I, II



BrickWall Bradley/Email: I, II

Nite Stic Eddie Brown/Email

Dagon Briggs/Email

Slyk Wagner Brown

Cocky Little Brats/Email: I, II, III, IV

Todd Bullet/Email

King Kong Bundy/Email: I, II

Colt Cabana/Email

Steve Cain

Cajun Kid/Email

Chris Candido & Tammy Lynn Sytch/Email: I, II, III, IV



Rasta Cartel

Kenny Casanova/Email

Rockin Rico Casanova/Email

Chad Casey

Casualties of War/Email

Chris Cody/Email

Frank Cody/Email

Caucasian Latino Connection/Email

Shawn Cook/Email

Ice Angel Jakob Cole


Chad Collyer/Email

Steve Corino/Email

Joey Corman/Email: I, II

Max Cortez

Pirate Pete Cove/Email

Hardcore Craig/Email

The Market Crashers/Email

Sweet Daddy/Email


Jon Dahmer/Email

Dakota/Email: I, II

"Maverick" Mark Dallas/Email

The Damaja/Email

The Damned/Email

Lucky Dane/Email

Lou E. Dangerously/Email

Christopher Daniels/Email

Dr. Darin Davis/Email

Hang Tyme Jessia Dayne

New Dr. X/Email

Corry Davis/Email: I, II

Joel Davis/Email

The Dawg House/Email

Dragalis Demone/Email

Dave Desire/Email


CC Develine/Email

Alexis Devine/Email

Lou Diamond/Email

Simon Diamond/Email

Jay Diego

Mike Dimuzio/Email

Nick Dinsmore/Email: I, II

Velvet Divide/Email

Steven Dixon/Email

Bali Djaka/Email

"Sheik" Sensual Dobashi/Email

Bobby Doll/Email

Discount Dewey Donovan/Email

Danny Doring/Email

Shank Dorsey/Email

Colin Douglas/Email: I, II

Shane Douglas/Email

Black Dragon/Email

Damian Dragon

Chris Drasin/Email

Chris Draven

Hacksaw Jim Duggan/Email

Damian Darkside/Email

Dark Side of the Moon/Email

Destiny /Email

Dirty White Trash/Email: I, II, III

Dylan Knight/Email


Corey Edsel/Email

E-Generation (Shawn Nova & Eric Aurora)/Email: I


Elements of Suicide/Email: I, II, III

Grappler Jon Elias/Email

Robbie Ellis/Email

Chris Evans/Email

Eric Extreme/Email: I, II

Catt Fanelli/Email


Eddie Fantastic/Email

El Demonio Demente/Email

Eric Everlast/Email


Tommy Fierro/Email

Alexander Figgs/Email

Michael Figgs

Filthy the Clown

Flexx Offender/Email

Sylvester J. Fox/Email

Chief Jay Foxx/Email

The Flying Jobber/Email


J.T. Freeze/Email

David Fuller/Email

Lexie Fyfe/Email: I, II, III

Jake Garrett/Email

Garret Dominance/Email

Gator- Email

Gemini Kid

Gentleman Johnny D/Email

Joel Gertner


Crazy Luke Graham Jr./Email

Supreme Lee Great/Email

Lucifier Grim/Email

Vic Grimes/Email: I, II

Randy Hales/Email

Big Studdhammer

Straight Edge Eric Hammers

Chris Hamrick/Email: I, II, III

Dan Haney/Email

Max Hardcore

Kevin Harvey/Email

Sam Hayne

Tommy Hawk/Email

Johnny Heartbreaker/Email

Hellena Heavenly/Email



Shane Helms/Email

Doctor Heresey/Email: I, II

Chris Hero/Email

Hit Squad Connection/Email

Honky Tonk Man/Email: I, II

Hooch Hollar Boys/Email

Ariel Hope/Email

Barry Horowitz

Damian Houston/Email

New Outlaw Jesse Houston/Email

Lord Humongous

Bad Brad Hunter/Email

Missy Hyatt/Email


Sabastin Ice/Email


International Playaz Club

JV Insanity/Email

Eric Isaken/Email


Ricky Jackson/Email

Beau James

Kingdom James/Email

Jason Fury/Email

Jason Knight/Email: I, II

Bobby Jay/Email

Jeff the Ref/Email

Johnny Jett/Email: I, II

JJ Johnson/Email

John "The Bod" Johnson/Email

Jonas The Giant

Pledge Jones/Email

Tony Jones "The Shooter"/Email


Chris Kanyon/Email

Miss Kara/Email: I, II

Kid Kash/Email

Frankie Kazarian/Email

Kidd Quick/Email


Allen King

Derrick King

Kristy Kiss

Kevin Knight/Email

Sean Knight/Email: I, II

Kodiak Bear/Email

Killer Kowalski Jr./Email

Tony Kozina/Email

Krash the Milkman

Jason Kronan/Email

Krull the Deathstalker/Email

Big Vito Lograsso/Email: I, II

Buddy Landel/Email: I, II

Brad Lamen/Email

Lenny Lane/Email

Jake Lawless & Deanna Caine/Email


Simply Luscious/Email

Jerry Lawler & The Kat/Email: I, II

"Tasty" Travis Lee/Email: I, II

Gabrielle Leigh/Email

Lash Leroux

Miss liberty/Email

Scott Lime/Email

Rick Link

Don "The Rajin Cajun" Lirette

Loverboy Steve/Email


Low Life/Email: I, II


Ms. Lightning/Email


HC Loc/Email: I, II


Latin Lover/Email

Adrian Lynch/Email

Luxurious Lynne/Email

Alexis Machine/Email

Mad Man Pondo/Email: I, II

Nick Maddox/Email


Dave Magnum

Mr. Main Event/Email

Mat Maniac/Email

Mean Mark Manson/Email

Moondog Manson/Email

Dawn Marie/Email: I, II

Mashall Law/Email

Masked Superstar/Email

Rik Matrix

Mark Mattis/Email


Matt Maverick/Email

Maximum Capacity/Email: I, II

Ryan McBain/Email

Punchy McGee/Email: I, II

Brandon McGrath/Email

Billy Meyers

Bad Brad Michaels/Email

Chris Michaels/Email

Primo Robby Mireno/Email


Michael Modest/Email

Jim Molineaux/Email

Sick Nick Mondo/Email

EZ Money/Email

Tiffani Monroe

Don Montoya/Email

Moondogs 2000/Email

Michael Mooney

Donovan Morgan/Email

Ricky Morton/Email: I, II, III

"All That" Matt Murphy/Email

Ramblin Rich Myers/Email

Devin Nash/Email


Naughty by Nature/Email: I, II, III, IV

Necro Butcher


Ron Niemi/Email

Nikita Koloff/Email

Rick Noble

The Nomads/Email

Kevin Northcutt/Email: I, II

Notorius TID/Email: I, II


Big Bubba Nucklos/Email

Brian 'O'

Patti O' Brien the Giant Leprachaun/Email

Danny O'Hannon/Email

Randy Orton/ Email: I, II, III, IV, V, VI

Overweight Lover Biggie Biggs/Email

Billy the P/Email

John Paisano/Email

Chris Parys/Email

Hotshot Scott Patric/Email

BJ Payne/Email: I, II

Scrap Iron Adam Pearce/Email

Templeton Peck/Email

Penniwize The Court Jester

Perfect Creation/Email

Mortimer Plumtree/Email

Polynesian Kid

Jim Pope/Email: I, II

Alex Porteau/Email

Powerhouse Hughes/Email

Brett Powers

T.J. Powers

P. Roc/Email

Dave Prazak/Email

Chance Prophet/Email

Psycho Mike/Email

The Punisher/Email

CM Punk/Email


Mike Quackenbush/Email

Iceman Buck Quartermain/Email

John Rambo/Email

Johnny Rayz/Email

Rockin Rebel

Reckless Youth/Email

Lex Reed/Email

Jayson Reign/Email: I, II

Jerry Reiner/Email

Dusty Rhodes/Email

Road Rage/Email

Jake "The Snake" Roberts/Email: I, II

Justin Roberts/Email

Blair Rogers/Email

Doomdsday Danny Rose/Email

Sebastain Rose/Email

Richie Rotten/Email

Danny Royal/Email

Robert Royal/Email: I, II, III, IV


Joe Rules/Email

Scotty Sabre/Email: I, II




Don Juan De Santo/Email


Frank Savage/Email: I, II

Dan Sawyer/Email


Bull Schmitt/Email



Dan Severn/Email

Shadow Warriors/Email

Seth Shai/Email


Shark Boy/Email

Eddie Sharkey/Email

Neil Sharkey/Email

Larry Sharpe/Email


Josh Shea/Email

Shawn Sheridan/Email

Showstopper, Inc./Email

"Stunning" Shawn Shultz/Email

Rick Silver/Email

Killer Khalsa Singh/Email

Brock Singleton/Email


Bloody Bill Skullion/Email

Kevin "The Menace" Slater/Email

Matt E. Smalls/Email

Shorty Smalls/Email

L.A. Smooth

Paul E. Smooth

A.J. Sparxx/Email

Chris Del Sol/Email

Ric Solid/Email

Soul Brothers/Email

Southside Playas/Email

Johnny Spade/Email: I, II

Skull Ganz

Referee Craig Smith/Email

Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka

SS Express/Email

Striker/Email: I, II

Super X/Email

Jasmine St. Claire/Email

Phillip Stamper/Email

Jimmy Star- Email

Lana Star/Email: I, II

Shooting Star/Email

Apollo Starr/Email

Rick Stardom/Email

Brianna Starr

Danny Steele/Email: I, II

George "The Animal" Steele/Email

Jared Steele/Email

Mike Steele/Email

Lincoln Steen/Email

Patricia M Steinman/Email

Seth Stevens


Amanda Storm/Email

Storm Rider/Email

Glen Strange/Email

Frankie Starz/Email

Michael Stryker/Email

Rocky Styles/Email

CJ Summers/Email

Tully Summers

Justin Sync/Email


Sweet Daddy/Email


Sherman Tank/Email


The Texas Outlaws/Email

The Thrillbillies/Email: I, II, III

DA thunder/Email

JD thunder/Email

Mark Thunder/Email




Dale Torborg "The Demon"/Email

Red Tornado- Email

Oman Tortuga/Email

Total Eclipse/Email

Tower of Torture/Email

Trailer Trash Tim/Email

Mack Truck/Email

Twisted Tate/Email

The Big Unit/Email

Jimi V/Email

Vinnie Vain

Jimmy Valiant/Email

Eddie Valentine/Email: I, II

Quinson Valentino

Rob Van Dam/Email


Chris Venom/Email

Mr. Venon/Email: I, II

Ms. Venom/Email

Dave Vicious/Email

Lady Victoria/Email

Vinny V

Mike Violence

Violent Flame/Email

The Vixen/Email: I, II

Vladimir VamPyre/Email

Arick VonErich/Email


Bryan Wayne/Email

White Lotus/Email

Marcus Wentworth/Email

Wild Shane West/Email

Wyld Chyld Jaymie Knight

Wyld Chyld Wenzel

Whip Dog/Email

Mikey Whipwreck/Email

Todd Wimbelton/Email

Ryan Wing/Email: I, II

Wolverine & Danger Boy Alfredo

Idol X/Email

Christian York & Joey Matthews/Email

Judas Young/Email


Tom Zenk Z-Man/Email

Ron Zombie/Email: I, II

If you have anything to add or contribute to this page, email me.