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USA Independant Wrestling


WCWO: Wee Willy d. The Black Cat in his pro wrestling debut; The Black Widow & Drucilla Davie batled to a double dq; Jazz Hoyt d. Dozer; WCWO Heavyweight Champion Sgt Eddie Wilson d. "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher by dq; Johnny Blaze d. Indiana Kidd Jr; Charley Boy d. The Wrestler; Wee Willy & Sgt Eddie Wilson were declared the winners when W.O.R. members Don Basher & Indiana Kidd Jr walked out of the ring.>WCWO<6/30

Star Pro Wrestling: Jamaica Joe d. David Lads; Vinnie Vain d. Steve Michaels, Psycho, & Ray Ruckus in a 4 way hardcore match; Nemesis d. Cage; Rampage d. Max Cortez w/Ms. Felony; Flex Phenom d. U.S. Champion Mean Marc Ash to win the belt; SPW champion The Bounty Hunter d. Pro Pain>SPW<6/30

EWA Maine Wrestling: Hardcore Champion Frankie Armadillo d. Damien Houston; Adam Booker d. Steve Ramsey; The Damned (Madd Dogg/Draven) d. Tag Team Champs Elements of Suicide (Onyx/Cinna) by DQ; New England Champion El Tornado d. Chris Venom; EWA Champion Don Juan DeSanto d. Larry Huntley; EWA Championship No. 1 Contender Royal Rumble: Entry: Dr. Heresy and Adam Hastey hit the floor at the same time and were declared co-winners.>EWA<6/30 SHOW 1

EWA Maine Wrestling: Bubba Worthington/Domahick d. Damien Houston/Steve Ramsey; The Asian Contigent d. the Elements of Suicide to become the new Tag Team Champs; New England Champion El Tornado d. Rukkus; The Damned d. the Shooters (Booker/Aaron Morrison); Rick Fuller won a Fatal Fourway over Frankie Armadillo, Larry Huntley & Mike Steele; Dr. Heresy d. Don Juan DeSanto & Adam Hastey to win the EWA Championship after pinning DeSanto>EWA<6/30 SHOW 2

Extreme Wrestling Federation: Dusty d. Anaconda; Insane Wayne d. "Funkmaster" Robbie D by DQ (interference by Justin Fury, Lance W. Prescott III, & Hank); BMF Title: Ryan Paradise d. Shane Michaels (c) to win the title; Bob d. Hank; Eden vs. Grizzly - No Contest due to interference by Cheez & King; Extreme Title: Justin Fury d. Drago (c) to win the title; Tag Titles: NC 17 d. Cheez & King (c) to win the titles; Hacksaw Jim Duggan d. El Vato>EWF<6/30

World of Hurt Wrestling: Maxx Burton d. "White Lion" Jim Tanner; Shotgun Steve Hunter & Tony Militia d. The Players Club: "Spanish Fly" Ricky Dominguez & "Millenium Millionaire" Scott Scarsdale; Hoss d. Punk in a weapons match; Danger d. Jeff Starr and Sledge; Core & Demonica d. The Moondogs to win the Tag Team Titles; "Puerto Rican Nightmare" Diablo Santiago d. Oman Tortuga; Cranky Candy d. JP Black to win the Heavyweight, US, and Hardcore Titles>World of Hurt<6/29

Monsters of Wrestling: Menace d. Legacy; Rick Lightning d. Steve Michaels & Brad Steiner in a 3 way ; Dave Renegade & Smokescreen d. Bubbalicious & Frank Savage; "Mean" Marc Ash d. Flex Phenom to win the hardcore title; John Thundercloud & Mr. Unique d. Tre-G & Legacy; Mr Unique won a battle royal>MOW<6/29

Galaxy Championship Wrestling: TJ Maverick & Redneck Bill d. Madd Chef & Prodigy; Joey Corman d. Samir; Joey Dreamer & Kevin Douglas d. Moondog Hank & Michael Cook; Brickhouse Brown & Bull d. Robert Gibson & Ko Ko B Ware; Reddawg Begnaud d. Luke Grahm Jr for the GCW Brass Knucks Title.>GCW<6/28

LAW: Thrill Kill Kult d. Backseat Boyz; Chris Krueger d. Rapid Fire Maldonado w/ Alison Danger; James Proper w/ Lucky Larn d. Chris Petra; The Rev Ron Starr w/ Lucky Larry d. Dr Ruthless w/ Mr Hood; Maverick d. Nicky Benz; The Krash Krew d. Iggy Rose & the Rough Ryder; The Rockin Rebel d. Cujo & Glen Osbourne; Ty Street & Mongoose d. Patch & Jimmy Jannetty>LAW<6/23

CWF: Sexton Tyler d. Nemesis; "Nite Stic" Eddie Brown and the Southside Playas (L.A. Cash and J Money) d. "Playboy" Bert Tripp and Los Latinos Locos (Kozmo and Super Kozmo); Amber Holly d. Lelani Kai; Madd Maxx d. Jeff Justice; Mikael Yamaha d. Gemini Kid; Cham Pain d. Shannon Moore>CWF<6/23

NWA West Virgina/Ohio: Rocky Reynolds d. Johnny Hard; Tyler James d. Star; Magnum d. The Patriot; Doink d. Johnny Hard; Blue Meanie d. Magnum; Horace Hogan d. Rocky Reynolds; New Jack d. T-Rantula>NWA WV/Ohio<6/23

World League Wrestling: Wild Wade Chism d. Daniel Flynn; Bull Schmitt and Trevor Rhodes wrestled to a time limit draw; The Drill Instructor d. Josh Besore; The Harris Brothers d. The Gold Exchange W/ Johnny Gold; Che' Physique d. Miss Natural to retain the WLW Ladies Title; Hacksaw Butch Reed d. Curt Hennig to retain the WLW World Title.>WLW<6/23

Extreme Wrestling Federation: Ruin d. Funkmaster Robbie D; Pheonix d. Ryan Paradise via 450 splash; Johnny Law d. Insane Wayne; King & Big Cheese d. Lance W. Prescott III and Hank; Drago d. Anarchy; Jack Hammer d. Grizzly; Bob & Eden d. Justin Fury, Lance W. Prescott III & Hank.>EWF<

NWA East: Brandon K d. Paul Atlas; Dirk Ciglar d. Homycyde; Brandon K d. Dirk Ciglar to become the first NWA East Triple Crown Champion; The Mon Valley Monsters (Cory K & Big Poppa Gator) d. Armageddon to capture the NWA East Tag Team Titles; Paul Atlas d. Kid Ego, Kid Cupid, Jimmy Anjel, and Scott Venom to capture the vacant Triple Jeopardy Title; Nikita Allanov d. White Trash Hero; Dale Price & Bison d. Quinn Magnum and Boomer Payne; Crusher Hansen d. Dyanamite Dean Jablonski and JB Destiny to capture the vacant Three Rivers Title>6/23

United Wrestling Federation: Manslaughter d. Smiley Robinson; Cruiser Lewis d. Shane Austin; Country Boy Jr. d. Abel Atoms; Black Angel lost to Maxx Mayhem; Mack Truck d. Steve Carlton by dq; Carolina Hwt. Champion Scar Stevens d. Country Boy Sam; "Warlord" Artemues Grey, Deon Johnson, & Mack Truck fought Big Money, Vincent I. Pain, & Mikael Adrian to a no contest. Truck turned heel on his partners. US Champion Nighthawk Neil d. Christopher Dream by dq>6/23

Jersey Championship Wrestling: Judas Young d. Ryan Wing; Low Ki' d. Xavier; "Superstar" Dave Greco d. Supreme Lee Great; Joel Maximo d. Jose Maximo; Dixie d. Felipe, the pool boy; Shark Boy d. Dylan Cage; Queenan Creed d. White Lotus; Mike Quackenbush d. Red; Shark Boy d. Judas Young; Low Ki' d. Joel Maximo; Quackenbush d. Dave Greco; Creed d. Dixie; Low Ki' d. Shark Boy; Creed d. Quackenbush; Low Ki' d. Creed; Julio Dinero d. Rik Ratchet.>JCW<6/23

World Wide Wrestling Alliance: Wolfman d. I.C Champ, Armageddon by Count Out; Wolfman def. Thorn by DQ due to outside interference; Bodacious Brad wins by DQ over Sam Desperately, due to Outside interference; Jack Hammer def. Montana to retain his World title; John "The Paisano" Balsamo pins "Drinking Buddy "Johnny Walker for win in his WWWA debut; Tag Team Match. Wolfman & Sam Desperately d. Hollywood X; H.W Champ, Demitrios Arion d. Heart Breaker to keep his title.>WWWA<6/23

Tri State Wrestling: Core d. "Canadian Heartthrob" Brian Immaculate to retain the Cruiserweight Title; TV Title Tournament Qualifier Chamleon d. "Millenium Millionaire" Scott Scarsdale; "White Lion" Jim Tanner d. Oman Tortuga; "Puerto Rican Nightmare" Diablo Santiago d. Lars Larson; Weapons Match Punk d. Thornn; Brock Sawyer d. Shotgun Steve Hunter; Shockwave d. Sledge; Candian Rules, 2 out of 3 falls. "Canadian Heartthrob" Brian Immaculate d. "Spanish Fly" Ricky Dominguez Immaculate by DQ & pin. TSW TV Title 3 Way Dance Elimination Match "Puerto Rican Nightmare" Diablo Santiago d. Chameleon and "White Lion" Jim Tanner; Tag Team Elimination Match "Exceptional Icon" Eric Everlast & J.P. Black def. "Bad Religion" Maxx Burton & Hoss>6/23

Texas Championship Wrestling: TCW Tag Tourney- Joey Corman and Samir d. Mike Thunder and Jeremy Young; Epi and Seth Shai d. The Brown Brothers; Hellraiser Hark and Kevin Dark d. Pendragon and Kevin Duncan; Chronic and Stryker d. Dynamite Extreme; Joey Corman and Samir d. Epi and Seth Shai; Hellraiser Hark and Kevin Dark d. Stryker and Chris Chronic; Finals- Hellraiser Hark and Kevin Dark d. Joey Corman and Samir to become the TCW Tag Champs>6/23

World League Wrestling: Marc Godeker d. War Cloud; Trevor Rhodes d. Bull Schmitt; Wild Wade Chism and the Drill Instructor wrestled to a lime limit draw; The Gold Exchange w/Manager Johnny Gold and Bull Schmitt D. The Harris Brothers and Trevor Rhodes; Che' Physique d. Miss Natural to retain the Ladies Title; Hacksaw Butch Reed d. Curt Hennig to retain the WLW World Title>WLW<6/22

NWA Southwest: Brett Bones d. Ministuff; Larry Green and Rebel wrestled to a draw; Macdaddie Mike Anthony d. Mike Caos; Paul London and Mike Thunder d. Joey Corman and Samir; Hotstuff Hernandez and Hellraiser hark wrestled to a no contest>6/22

American Pro Wrestling: Rex Rumble d. Danny Gold; Krazy K d. The Zebra by dq; Hardcore Champion Nick Fury d. The Warden; Velvet & Tommy Feathers lost to DL Kool & Carolina Pitbull; Black Angel lost to US Champion Blade; Nick Fury, Terminator Rex, & Thunder fought GQ Powers & The Power Crew to a double dq>6/22

NWA East: Armageddon d. the Premiere Players; Cory K & Big Poppa Gator d. Boomer Payne & Crusher Hansen; Dirk Ciglar d. Dynamite Dean; Jablonski Homicyde d. Vince Kaplack via forefit; Quinn Magnum & Powerhouse Huges fought to a double countout; Paul Atlas d. Jimmy Anjel; White Trash Hero d. Nikita Allanov; Scott Venom d. Kid Ego and Bison.>6/22

Pennsylvania Wrestling Federation: Brian XL d. ZBarr; Danny Rose & Adam Flash d. Oxx Hogg & James Proper; Tony Balboa d. Maverick; Mad Dog of Damned d. Trent Acid of Backseat Boyz & Johnny Kashmire of Backseat Boys d. Draven of Damned. As a result, Mad Dog and Johnny Kashmire are forced to team up to wrestle the PWF tag team champions on July 11; Guillotine LeGrande d. Slambo The Clown with a pie to the face; PWF Tag team champions The SAT (Jose & Joel Maximo) d. Gino Giavanni & JD Powers w/Fun Athletic Guy; PWF Junior heavyweight champion Red d. Nicky Benz & Billy Bax; NWA World champion Steve Corino d. Minori Fujita; Rapid Fire Maldanado w/Allison Danger beat Jack Victory w/Lou E. Dangerously in a Xtreme Bullrope Match; PWF Heavyweight champion Dylan Night w/Candi beat The Sandman 2 falls to none to defend the title.>PWF<6/20

New Age Wrestling Alliance: Drunk Adam d. Joey Corman; Kevin Kincaid d. Kahn; Cajun Kid d. Rip Van Damage; Samir d. Sassy McBottoms with Gavin Arlis Young; Epi Tha Phat Samoan d. Gemeni by DQ when Joey Corman interfered>NAWA<6/19

SWA Tag-team champs "The Ace" Rick SOlid and "The Prodigal SOn" Devon Divine d. Potentially Dangerous "Supreme"; Brett Powers d. Brad Sharp; Jake Bishop d. SWA U.S. Champ "Jumpin" Johnny King by DQ; Big John Holmes d. Psycrow; Fred Killips d. "The Ace" Rick Solid by submission; SWA Hardcore Champ Buckshot Gravelle d. C.J. Esson; SWA Champ GUy Pyle d. Big John Holes>6/17

Global Championship Wrestling: Joe Hogan d. Sweet Daddy; Mason Fury d. The Inferno; Guff Grayson d. Vinny V for the GCW Heavyweight Championship; Major Payne d. Mad Dog Dan Sawyer via DQ; The Inhuman Fly def. Sinister Seth Stephens for the GCW Intercontinental Title in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match.>GCW<6/16

SWA: "The New Solid Gold", "The Prodigal Son" Devin Divine w/ Big John Holmes and "The Ace" Rick Solid w/ Katrina d. "Potentially Dangerous", Buckshot Gravelle and F.P. Killips for the SWA World Tag Team Championship, but were later stripped of their titles; "Supreme" Brett Powers d. Big Brad Sharp; Jake Bishop d. SWA United States Heavyweight Champion, "Jumpin'" John King via disqualification; Big John Holmes d. Psycrow; F.P. Killips d. "The Ace" Rick Solid w/ Katrina; Buckshot w/ Miss Riley d. C.J. Esson to retain his SWA Hardcore Championship; Guy Pyle d. Big John Holmes to retain his SWA World Wide Heavyweight Championship

AIWF MidSouth: JR Rich d Zane; 'Marvelous' Mike Kelly d'Sexxy Boy' Mark Justice w/The Bomb; The Soultaker d former partner Blaze; Kilo w/Auburn Thunder retained Intercontinental Title against Buckwild Bill w/The Bomb; The Ex Mighty Duck James Arnez & The Extreme Machine w/Attitude defeated The Dynamite Kid & Sexxy Boy Mark Justice; Easy Rider did what no one's been able to do recently, he defeated 'The Real Australian' Miles Long!>AIWF MidSouth< 6/16

RCWF: Scorpion & Chris Deal d. Major Havoc and Michael Sexton when they handcuffed Sexton and drove Havoc through the table; "The Savior" Michael Sexton d. Slacker when Deal aided Savior, only for Scorpion to destroy Sexton in an eventful run-in; "International Superstar" Mitch Blake w/ Dynamic-D d. Azrael by submision; The Mental One d. The mighty Yankee who came out on crutches; Rage/J.Marcus Lawson, Thunderfoot 1&2, Wicked Cash no contest; Chappel d. Dynamic D; The Bounty Hunter d. Steven Idol.>6/16

Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws: Indiana Kidd Jr defeated The White Warrior with the Jr-driver "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher pinned Sgt Ed Wilson; Gay Guy Lombardo rolled up Itch Coma Weider; The Zombie defeated Cousin Otter; Whipme Spearz pinned Charley Boy; Drucilla Davie defeated The Wrestler; "Dangerous Bull" Don Basher and Indiana Kidd jr battled to a double disqualification and in the finals, Guy Gay Lombardo and The Zombie were both knocked out and referee Mr B fell on them to win the WCWO Midwest Championship...and become the oldest man in Pro Wrestling History to win a championship>Wild Championship Wrestling Outlaws<6/16/01s

Texas Oultaw Promotions: WOW Lonestar Cruiserweight Championship Match Fast Eddie d. Hobo Joe to retain the title; Tommy Angel d. The Punisher; The Cowtown Kidd d. Joey Corman w/ Mike Paige by DQ do to outside interferance; TOP's Texas Title Match Shea Wright d. Sensei by countout (Sensei retains the title); World Tag Team Title Match The Alliance ( Wade Walker & Justin Walker) d. The New Last Resort to retain the titles; Extreme Rules Match The Counterfeits d. The Mercenary & Mr. Venom (The Counterfeits then unmasked to be The Douglas Brothers).>Texas Outlaw Promotions<6/16/01

NWA Southwest: Brett Bones beat Duffy-- Beast beat Johnny Roofy-- NWA World Jr Champion Mike Thunder beat Joey Corman by DQ-- Samir beat Paul London-- Chris Young beat Hotstuff Hernandez and Hellraiser Hark by DQ>NWA SouthWest<6/15/01

CWF Super 8: Chuck Mosely beat Kenneth Shepard; Trevor Evans beat Crazy Jay Dangerously; Kevin Culp beat Samir; Joey Corman beat Devillock; Kevin Culp beat Chuck Mosely; Joey Corman beat Trevor Evans; Keith Swendson beat Michael Lewis by DQ when Jason Kelly interfered; Playboy Joey Corman defeated Kevin Culp


June 1-June 15

Thanks to David Webb, Mike Willette, John Johnson, John Larance, Kevin Cronan, Rob Teet, Dan Haney, Danny Paris, Marcus Watkins, Damon Moorman & Amber Jackson for their help.

If you would like your results posted here, email me..