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Indy Wrestling in the Media

If any federation is showcased in the newspaper, magazine, radio or on tv please email me. Here I will post all news on the Indy Scene that is showcased in the media.

Indy Women star Sasha has been named to PWI's top100 women wrestlers of all time. It will be on newsstands until september 18th so check it out.

G.L.O.O.W. TV will go ONE hour in July 2001, with a new time and day slot on WGTW Channel 48. G.L.O.O.W.ís Television coverage will also be expanding in July

XPW, CZW, USA Pro, NWA Mid-South & the original MoonDogs are all featured in the October 2001 Wrestling World Magazine, in stores now.

Rampage Magazine July 2001 did reports on NWA Wildside going extreme, Phoenix Championship Wrestling and Donnie B. and his Big Buc Productions Company, and a report on Extreme Wrestling Federation School in Marion, IN.

WOW Magazine July 2001 launched a new Ranking section, devoted specificially to indies. New Japan Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling, Heartland Wrestling Association, National Wrestling Alliance & East Coast Wrestling Association all were featured listing their top 10 guys. Also posted in the magazine, a newsbit on Balls Mahoney being banned from Maryland for wrestling because he disobeyed the Athletic Commissioners request for no blading. Brad Perkins looks at Turnbuckle Championship Wrestling, Dusty Rhodes promotion. They have a four page report on the indy scene. And did a WOW spotlight on Rush of Ultimate Wrestling Federation.

Extreme Wrestling Federation in Marion, IN is featured in the July 2001 issue of Rampage Wrestling Magazine on pages 98 & 99. It features the federation and the school there run by Jayson Maples. To visit their site click here

TCW & GCW will be featured in the upcoming WOW Magazine.

If you have anything to add or contribute to this page, email me.