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The Unseelie Court
The Unseelie Court by ©Brian Froud

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One of the meaner humans of the time, was a nefarious wizard, a student of the magicks of the nether world. Because of his particular hatred of the fae, he rallied his studious friends, and together they enacted a ritual to summon a horde of demons to the isles to fight and destroy the fae.

These demons were known as the Fomorians, and the wounds they caused the fae are still felt to this day. Like assassins in the night, these hellish fiends tracked down and slaughtered the fae.

Luckily for them, the fae had been planning a pilgrimage to one of their holy places, a land called Tir Na Nog, or land of Youth. They had been constructing a magical fleet of ships, which was half-constructed. The fae gathered at the beaches and ran to the ships.

As they began boarding an army of Fomorians spotted them and charged to the attack. It was then that the High General of the Unseelie Court called his troops together. Although disliked by the other courts because of the darkness of their pranks, and indeed their personalities in general, the Unseelie were fighters of no small skill.

The Unseelie made a valiant stand at those forgotten beaches, and managed to hold of the Fomorians, and eventually, to force them into retreat. Because of the fierceness of the fighting, the Unseelie suffered grave wounds, and were forced to flee into their underground sanctuary to rest, sleep, and heal their wounds.

Above ground, all of the fae had escaped except for several members of the Seelie Court. These fae again banded together in an order known as The Daoine Sidhe, and eventually settled back into their old life style.

After many moons had risen and fell, the Unseelie awakened, their wounds finally healed. Obyron brought his followers forward, and petitioned the Seelie Lords for admission into the Daoine Sidhe, hoping that their valiant defense would atone for any past wrongs.

Indeed, the Unseelie were accepted and they set about their task of defending their brethren from those that would harm them, while avenging old wounds done.

The Unseelie are notedly dark in nature and enjoy meaner pranks. They are also the avengers of the fae, seeking out and destroying known enemies of the Fae. Despite these traits, they are noted to be honorable and occasionally kind people, though to this day, they still despise humans for summoning the Fomorian army against them.

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