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Quotes by Joan:

for all your Joan-quoting needs

There are way more different character roles for men than there
are for women. With women, it's usually you're the babe or
you're the supportive friend, sort of brassy and obnoxious,
cracking jokes. I'm not the babe. óJoan Cusack

Runaway Bride Peggy (to Maggie): No, I'm weird, you're quirky

In & Out

Emily: I've seen all your movies.
Cameron: Both of them?

Emily: Does anybody here know how many times I had to watch Funny Lady?
Howard: It was a sequel. She was under contract.
Emily: Fuck Barbra Streisand, and fuck you!

Emily: I need a heterosexual male, CODE RED!

Emily: Is everybody gay? Is this a Twilight Zone?

"Joan Cusack is a genius, what she comes up with is fresh
and alive and fun - she is just astonishing, and a truly extraordinary person." - Richard Gere

Grosse Pointe Blank

Martin Blank: Did you go to your high school reunion?
Martin Blank: What was it like?
Marcella:It was just as if everyone had swelled.