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It has been two years since I put up this fan page for Joan Cusack. Things have changed in this site and in my life since then. I suppose now is a good time to get some explaining done and say where we are going with this page.

How this page started:

Honestly, it had less to do with Joan Cusack, and more to do with my wanting to learn HTML. I had been searching for a topic for a while, but really couldn't get into anything that I enjoyed. After seeing Gross Pointe Blank I looked up Joan's name and came up with a virtual blank. Yet another great actress snubbed because she happens to have talent instead of the looks of a Vitoria's Secret model.

Joan Cusack knows how to capture a character. I love a good story, and Joan really knows how to tell it. Gross Pointe Blank would not have been the movie it was with out her painting the character of Marcella to complete and bring life to the story. It is a shame that she has always been the supporting actress, and not the lead. Her Oscar nomination for IN & Out was more than deserved.

So, for Ms. Cusack, I never hope to offend you in any way. As a moviegoer, I look forward to seeing you tell the story of new characters. Sorry about the title of the sort of have to read it with James Earl Jones voice with the mechanical breath before and after.

I am not sorry that I used Joan to learn HTML. It is because I know HTML that I have been able to do my work here in the Philippines. Basically, I do advocacy for various grassroots organizations by writing articles, building networks, and creating web sites. The links page has one of these sites. When I have time, I'll add the others.

So in a round about way, Joan Cusack gave me the skills I needed to do development work. My work has grown from my original description. After I finish this session, I will be taking a motorcycle up the mountain to spend the weekend in an indigenous community where we have a growing partnership. Thank you, Ms. Cusack  
Where this page is at now:

Despite being somewhat outdated and limited in style, I really like this page. After two years, slow internet connection, and having not seen a Joan Cusack movie nor the ability to watch her show, I would like to hand the page over. I have a lot of pride wrapped up in it. But, with the new show, it is clear that viewers will want something more up to date. I don't think I can stay on top of it.

Anyone interested in taking over the maintainence of Joan Us Or Die, please email me. Thank you.