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About the Teachers:

The teachers of Dante Institute of Foreign Languages are very friendly and cautious about the content of course. Their soul aim is to teach the students in such a way that no student finds the language difficult to understand and does not only understands the language but speak, read and write it as fluently as his mother-tongue. For this, they are first trained by the directors of the institute as how to teach the languages by the unique method they themselves have adapted in teaching. This unique communicative method has been discovered by the directors, by a constant research and improvement evolved due to an experience of 25 years in the field of teaching foreign languages.

The minimum requirement for becoming a teacher at DIFL is a thorough knowledge of that language plus a stay for a couple of years in the country where that language is natively spoken / an experience of a couple of years in directly dealing with the native speakers of that language.

By this restriction to the recruitment terms of the teaching staff , the student does not only learn the language but also about its implementation, social and business ethics, cultural and geographical aspects of the country and the experiences of the teacher while his stay / dealings with the native speakers of that language.

Thus the student does not find himself alien to adjusting to the atmosphere totally different from his country, when he visits that country. He is already mentally and informationally prepared about the country and its people at the very moment he arrives there.

After the strict prepararory drills and tests of the teacher before the recruitment, the teacher comes out with a tremendous experience and confidence, necessary for satisfying the questions of the students and evading those confusions which may arise in the student's mind, much before they arise.


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