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Methodology of teaching:

The method of teaching foreign languages at DIFL is a totally unique one but indeed the most successful one.This technique has been evolved by the Directors as a result of constant research and continuous efforts for the improvement in the field of language teaching during past 25 years in the same field.

This has always been the desire of the directors to create such a technique and pattern of teaching the languages which may make language learning possible for even a person without any previous knowledge of English or even for a person practically without any sound academic track record.This means that DIFL has broken all the pre-requisitions, previously considered to be essential for learning foreign languages.

Such a generalised method of teaching is adapted that it suits all the students even if they have different educational / business / cultural backgrounds or are from different age groups.

Our method of teaching is inspired by a small child just learning to speak. Have you ever observed how a small child learns to speak without any conventional teaching and without any books? This is the reason why we don't use any books in the primary stage of language learning because the use of books makes language learning only bookish which reduces the fluency and constancy of the language. Thus all the notes are given verbally as lectures, covering each and every minute section in details so instead of just cramming up few words and phrases, a person has to constantly exercise his brain to attain the natural fluency under the supervision of a thoroughly trained teacher.

By this method, a student not just gains perfection in reading and writing the language but also attains a good fluency in a very short time period. Because language is for speaking and understanding and not just for writing or reading.

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